Liberals have NOTHING!


Liberals you are irrelevant. I know truth hurts, but its true.

The really funny part in all of this is that the Democratic machine has nothing. Nothing at all. Protesting and rioting in the streets.- gets them nothing. Stomping their foot and petulantly demanding Steve Bannon resign – gets them nothing. 3 on 1 gang ups on CNN – gets them nothing. The attempts at fearmongering to Trump supporters about what Donald Trump MAY walk back ONCE he is in office – Gets them nothing. Calling Trump, Bannon and every person associated with his election every shade of bigot – Gets them nothing. Stating that Trump is not ready and not up for the task, before he gets into office – Gets them nothing……..and asking HIM and Trump supporters to heal the divide (what the Hell THAT is supposed to look like or mean, I have no idea. Its sounds suspiciously like making a whole bunch of people who have let their own bigotry and prejudices colour through confirmation bias, everything about Trump in a negative way. They are going to resist EVER – and I will repeat – EVER viewing Trump neutrally. Nothing short of him personally shielding their children from gunfire or rescuing them from drowning would get a modicum of respect from these zealots) – They get nothing.

Sorry people but All I hear is “Well I hate Trump and if you do not make me feel good ( AND you can never make me feel good) I’m gonna scream and thrash and then hold my breath until I die”.

“He is not MY President”

You do not get a special President JUST for you and catered to your needs. He won. Its over. He does not HAVE to do anything more to heal the divide. He will lay the pathway but he is not going to chase you each individually as you run away from him. He will lay that pathway and say “Now I am going to exert my energies in NOT appealing to you individually but doing what I said I would do and Making America Great Again. IF you do not care for me and want to sulk, that is fine. If you want to continue to protest, that is fine. I am busy and have a lot of work to do. You have me for another 4 years, you do not have a choice. You are not entitled to anything more.”