Kiva Bay’s Feminist Deck

Very quick one.

Anyone remember the Feminist Deck/ It was a Kickstarter by a self-promoting talent-poor artist called Kiva Bay, who wanted to pander to SJWs for money to draw some playing cards of her favourite Feminists?

I do. She was approaching the stage where she was going to reach her target. I saw all the usual candidates fawning all over her. It was pretty distasteful. I decided to give them a little poke in the eye.

She at that stage was promoting that she was going to give $150 payment to the people she was drawing pictures of on her cards and most of them were refusing, to which she replied that she would give the money to charity.

I happened to notice the rules on it said:

“Projects can’t fundraise for charity, offer financial incentives, or involve prohibited items.

We’re all in favor of charity and investment, but they’re not permitted on Kickstarter. Projects can’t promise to donate funds raised to a charity or cause, and they can’t offer financial incentives like equity or repayment. We also can’t allow any of these prohibited things.”

Funny stuff so I wrote about it and reported it to Kickstarter. She freaked out. She removed that stipulation.

For me it was no biggie. If NOTHING happened it would have been worth it to try for a reaction. If her Kickstarter Project was removed, that would have been hilarious BUT the next best thing was her being forced to kowtow and go back on her own conditions to do what she was getting paid for. Which is what happened.

Then to spite me, idiot SJWs started giving her more and more money to show me up and that “my plan did not work”. I loved it. She was forced to change things as to my demands and then more people I loathe were wasting their money and throwing money at a stupid project, because of me.

I laughed my arse off.

That was a year ago.

I just found out that she scammed them all. $30 000 GONE!!!

She is naturally like all victim peddlers claiming sickness, harassment, mental illness and whatever she can.

Her supporters? Rather than cave to the rather logical but humiliating conclusion that they were scammed again, are all wishing her well and the brave girl can keep the money .

I am a very happy man. I so hope the SJWs keep throwing good money after bad into unconstructive projects that go nowhere and scam them. I want them to lose all their money at a bare minimum. What do they say about fools and money?





When the carousel stops & when the ride DOES end…

…where will we all be?

I smile when I consider what we have done and for how long and how well we have done it.

The anti-gamergate side is all driven for short and medium term results. They are outrage merchants and professionals at spin doctoring and PR pushes. They are not made for long term campaigns and gamers are grinders. Even non-gamers like me have come to respect this necessity.

Steadfast in the “knowledge” that, like other fandoms before, gamers will roll over once they are faced with an onslaught of hitpiece after hitpiece of A grade propaganda and are accused of being misogynists. They set it all up. All short-medium term goals.

A year later and the blockbot of RANDI HARPER is a joke. It has actually given US breathing space and time to build a community and culture. The absolute WORST thing they could have done is blocked us. So Randi’s short term plan of starving us of attention and killing us, was an abject failure.

FEMINIST FREQUENCY stuffed up too. Short term pushing the Kickstarter and getting momentum behind her tropes videos is great but what happens when three years later they have not fulfilled all their rewards (in completing all the videos promised)? Their videos nowdays have lost their spark. They are preaching a tired message which I doubt even Anita believes (Jon McIntosh believes every word I have no doubt). The veracity of their claims is being doubt by more and more people and they are seen (since E3) increasingly more like ideological kooks, a claim which could not have been said a year ago.

ZOE QUINN did well in her machinations and in particular, in gagging Eron and allowing her in the short term to benefit from defaming him and spinning a narrative. Again, this long term is not going to be successful. Who would have thought that Eron could procure the resources to fight this out and get the gag order submitted to legal investigation for its lawfulness…and what then? Perhaps he may be able to put HER under scrutiny for the things SHE has said and done to him this last 12 months? Short term it was a winner, long term its just going to get worse.

It had all the hallmarks for ushering in a new Indie revolution for “Progressive Feminists” wanting to make their mark in Gaming. BRIANNA WU must have thought so. She threw her lot in 100% and gambled that by the time her game was set for release on steam that the road to success would have been paved. Damn, she guessed wrong. (In her defence she was not the only one thinking this. Let’s have a moment of silence for Sunset). Quite simply there was still no “Progressive” market and her game was not great. Worst still she had to rely on the goodwill on the gamers on steam. Gamers that she had been busy non-stop insulting. They were not co-operative or welcoming to her. Then she tried to troll the community to generate faux outrage at her….and forgot that she was still logged into her account. She fled in embarrassment and released Revolution 60 on IOS only. How has it done? Not great. Look at the downloads and tell us where you think it will be by December? Ask how keen the marketplace may be for her next effort?

It simply boggles the mind why anyone with the types of alleged skeletons in the closet as SARAH BUTTS has would take a long term position in fighting Gamergate as vocally as she has. The only reason that makes sense to me, is that it was always supposed to be a short term option and it just never worked. Of course the long term effect is that a year later and she has her own skeleton paraded around and these may in fact potentially get the police to put her away.

GAWKER media is a big corporation and powerful and so short term maligning the “nerdy gamers” may have seemed like a pretty cool idea. Look at where they are now. Advertiser after advertiser has left them. Gamergate has cost them millions. They have had to update their code of conduct policies. They have had the public turn against them and look like they may well be taken out by Hulk Hogan.

One of the nastiest pieces of work in journalism was BEN KUCHERA. Very vocal and prominent and always ready to spit venom at Gamergate supporters…..then suddenly shitcanned and has been very quiet ever since. The same can be said for LEIGH ALEXANDER. “I am games Journalism” she stated and look at her now. How IS Offworld doing? Oh dear.

So whilst I chuckle at all these developments I have to say, I do not believe that this will be the last of the falls from grace or breaking of narratives. The main reason why is that the type of people that tend to be drawn to the “Social Progressive” type causes tend to be either of three types of people

  1. Fraud/hucksters/charlatans – People that are looking to “cash-in” on the latest trend. The latest outrage. Thrusting themselves at the forefront and becoming the big noise and the big victim. Finding ways to use this cause to generate fame and money.
  2. Bad people. People that are morally weak or tainted and are looking for salvation in their morality. Trying to make themselves feel like better people by doing and acting out in ways they believe will appear to others as morally good. Meanwhile they are self-aware enough to know that they are scumbags and so the defence of the cause is doubled down and fought for because they are trying to save their soul in their hypocritical projection of their worst traits and tainted morality on others.
  3. Useful idiots. These people are fickle and ignorant. Quite often stupid to complete the trifecta. At best they are outraged because they have just not understood the situation or have believed a load of unmitigated bullshit. At worst they are stupid and ignorant and unlikely to research. When shit hits the fan and the smarter ones run for cover, they are the ones caught dumbfounded without alibis and any real defence. On the plus side, neither of these groups are loyal to any real degree. They do not really understand the issues and are likely to flip flop on any issue that is too hard.

The longer the ride goes on, the better it will be for Gamergate.

I want to see Feminist Frequency taken to the cleaners by the IRS and by FTC. I want to see Zoe done for perjury and her lies cause every article she has been referenced in, cast in doubt as to her “truth/fact/honesty”. I want to see Brianna Wu fail as a game dev and be laughed out of the industry. I would like to see all of Randi’s nasty harassment be the cause of her downfall. I want to see Offworld fail. I want to see Sarah Butts locked away. I want to see Gawker be Leg dropped by Hulk Hogan and taken for $100 million or close to.

But the best part is I KNOW there will be other happenings and other wins in the next 12 months. I see this as all natural justice. I want to see what other justice will be dished out.

I want to see if the first stringers go, who will race in to fill the ranks and what will happen to them? This is a fantastic ride and I want to see what comes next