Kiva Bay’s Feminist Deck

Very quick one.

Anyone remember the Feminist Deck/ It was a Kickstarter by a self-promoting talent-poor artist called Kiva Bay, who wanted to pander to SJWs for money to draw some playing cards of her favourite Feminists?

I do. She was approaching the stage where she was going to reach her target. I saw all the usual candidates fawning all over her. It was pretty distasteful. I decided to give them a little poke in the eye.

She at that stage was promoting that she was going to give $150 payment to the people she was drawing pictures of on her cards and most of them were refusing, to which she replied that she would give the money to charity.

I happened to notice the rules on it said:

“Projects can’t fundraise for charity, offer financial incentives, or involve prohibited items.

We’re all in favor of charity and investment, but they’re not permitted on Kickstarter. Projects can’t promise to donate funds raised to a charity or cause, and they can’t offer financial incentives like equity or repayment. We also can’t allow any of these prohibited things.”

Funny stuff so I wrote about it and reported it to Kickstarter. She freaked out. She removed that stipulation.

For me it was no biggie. If NOTHING happened it would have been worth it to try for a reaction. If her Kickstarter Project was removed, that would have been hilarious BUT the next best thing was her being forced to kowtow and go back on her own conditions to do what she was getting paid for. Which is what happened.

Then to spite me, idiot SJWs started giving her more and more money to show me up and that “my plan did not work”. I loved it. She was forced to change things as to my demands and then more people I loathe were wasting their money and throwing money at a stupid project, because of me.

I laughed my arse off.

That was a year ago.

I just found out that she scammed them all. $30 000 GONE!!!

She is naturally like all victim peddlers claiming sickness, harassment, mental illness and whatever she can.

Her supporters? Rather than cave to the rather logical but humiliating conclusion that they were scammed again, are all wishing her well and the brave girl can keep the money .

I am a very happy man. I so hope the SJWs keep throwing good money after bad into unconstructive projects that go nowhere and scam them. I want them to lose all their money at a bare minimum. What do they say about fools and money?





Gamergate has survived to the New Year

So what does that mean in real terms?

Well, the hashtag is still being used and there is still a core of people identifying with gamergate.

So as to identify, where we are, it has to be in context of both where we have come from and what we faced.

How long have “Progressives” (Hereon named Social Justice Warrior) been in the Gaming industry? That is a bit of a “How long is a piece of string?” type question. No, idea. Nor could I hope to know. What I can say is that from within the communities around gaming, it became increasingly clear that many people were Social Justice Warriors OR supportive of such people. A few in the gaming press were happy to write a few articles to shore up ideological positions and signal to the SJW populace, then the ideological push was ripe to begin.

It was ready and ripe to push aggressively into the gaming community. A nice little test run was Atheism community. No real cash benefit but a great test run before the push into the multi-billion dollar industry. There are such similarities that are so very blatantly obvious between the gaming and the Atheism push from SJWs. The modus operandi is close enough to identical. (No seriously, the “don’t mind us, we are just here and think that your space should also be about Feminism and feminist and Social Justice Warrior sensibilities. No? Well actually, we now INSIST on you being predominately driven by our ideology and if you do not hold our precise views, you are misogynistic, sexist, racist, homophobes and we will bring in media and look to take whatever means to censor, ban, expose, shame, humiliate and co-opt your space. I think you better join us”. Elevatorgate/Quinnspiracy, PZMeyers/Anita, Rebecca Watson/Zoe Quinn)

Hey they were well prepared an had media megaphones at the ready and with Quinnspiracy went Hell for leather. This was their push and they went hard. They wanted to take a 70 Billion dollar industry for what they could. They wanted to sink the claws in as deep as they could. Then they ran into a brick wall called gamergate.

But the stage was set. One one side was a Social Justice Warrior contingent. A large swathe of Social Justice Warrior gaming outlets (backed by the cousins in mainstream media), The IDGA and various large boards and think tanks and public relation companies and conventions and Indie funding corporations and developers….and on the other a small handful of mainly independent developers and a couple of youtubers and a stack of gamers.

They should have rolled us. They poisoned the well rather well. We were literally overnight all a bunch of misogynist, sexist, homophobic basement dwelling neckbearded cisgendered white males. They in one day had 30+ articles telling us so and in came the Social Justice Warriors to “finish us off”.

But we held them. Gamergate did not move nor buckle. We countered their assault and gave away little. They had only lies and inference and we hit them with gotcha moment after gotcha moment. Not that gotcha moments are necessarily going to sink your opponent. Exposing lies to their side that does not care, and your side that was aligned to you in the first place, does not strengthen your cause BUT it takes away THEIR ability to smear without being checked with the truth.

Throughout this drama the Blockbot queen (Randi), The I hate video games but I’ve been a lifelong fan (Anita), Zoe “Its all about me and always will be about me. Please keep talking about me”Quinn and Brianna “I abuse myself on my steam account and make and screen capture a 1 sec old tweet of a sockpuppet account of my dying dog because…reasons” Wu, have attached themselves like flies on shit to Gamergate. Why? Because by doing so they monetise their oppression. They need only to fall onto their virtual fainting couches and say “I got so much hate tweet and it absolutely came from Gamergate and it is actual violence like a physical assault and therefore I need money. Money they got. Sympathetic Feminist Women trying to bolster these brave women who seemed to poke the bear they supposedly feared whenever attention on them dwindled. In fact for some of them receiving $3000-4000+ per month AND convention circuit fees, this was an actual livelihood. The empowerment of being a victim.

But the push started becoming a little more desperate. The allusions to Social Justice Warrior game success and marketplace acceptance could only be falsified for a short time. The “Social Justice Warrior Indie Cabal”, in the same way they could give a non-gamer and non-industry figure Anita, an Ambassador award, they COULD give awards and great reviews for really bad Indie games. IF the gaming industry could just be tricked into thinking these games had worth and that the  awards meant anything, the gaming public might be tricked into accepting sub-par indie games.

Unfortunately, the Social Justice Warrior games marketplace did not back the allusion. Things started going wrong. Gamergate was pushing back hard enough that by petitioning against the Social Justice Warrior media, they started costing millions of dollars. Worst still, they were able to counter many of the Social Justice Warrior thrusts (such  as the attempt to petition to ban Adam Baldwin from Supernova). Some independents crossed the floor to gamergate. Gamergate meetings being evacuated due to bomb threats did not look good for the narrative. Sunset (an independent Social Justice Warrior game) going bankrupt was an eye-opener as to the lack of marketplace. (In fact many Social Justice Warriors started dropping the pretense that THEY could make Social Justice Warrior commercially successful games and DEMANDED that successful developers make the Social Justice Warrior games for them – at THEIR risk and expense and without any support from the demander).

A year down the track and many battles later, the anti-Gamergate league tried a desperate push. But at this stage they were out of gas. Their force and credibility was restricted, their  nails clipped and the headlines that were so cutting edge a year ago were not newsworthy now. Besides now they had the FTC on their backs in respect to their inability to be ethical. They had poisoned the wells well, but they were unable to sink their claws in and no ability to sustain their push forward.

Gamergate too suffered. There were people bailing quicker than we could replace. Crappy moderate Gamergate allies took great effort to tone police, nanny and PC police their allies whilst looking for compromises and defence of the other side. Some too went very extreme on conspiratorial on anyone in their midst being too SJW for them. More became split between ethics only or SJW invasion only OR Left vs Right. Ally vs Ally.

So where they started is where they are now. So if both sides are, after all of this, stalemate to where they are a year ago, who is the winner in this situation? For all the efforts of thousands on both sides, if neither side made any real ground, who won?

Gamergate did (has). That is right. Gamergate was there to resist the push into their space and they did. Sure they were branded unfairly as misogynists but no biggie, they have been branded before. The co-opting of this juicy, resource rich space, was nullified. The incursions and the industry’s adoption of Social Justice Warrior values and Social Justice Warrior gameplay did not eventuate.

So what of the big names on the other side that I mentioned? Anita has lost stacks of followers and whilst Feminist Frequency earns  good deal of cash, her star is falling and she seems to be re-branding. Zoe is perhaps the big winner. She monopolised her victimisation into a memoir and a possible screenplay (possible in the “unlikely to ever happen” due to the likelihood of being sued), Randi at her peak – two months ago, reach $5200.month on Patreon and has since dropped to $4500/month. Brianna Wu cannot help but shoot herself in the foot to the point of toelessness.

Gamergate itself? I think the days of mass action and mass campaign and cohesiveness are behind us. We are going to be a somewhat activist/watchdog/provocateur mob keeping the other side honest.  We did enough though and we kept them at bay. Their effort after the success at Atheist spaces, proved to be a failure.

This year we can be very proud of what we did and where we came from and why. Long live Gamergate


Abandoning the Gamergate hashtag

You know I can understand when someone is burnt out or has had enough. These are fine reasons to give up on being in the hashtag.

BUT there are other reasons I hear being bandied about. Reasons like:

“Gamergate doesn’t need a hashtag”

“We can do exactly the same without the hashtag”

“Gamergate is not needed any more.”

These are stupid statements. Any statements inferring the same are equally stupid.

I came to #Gamergate as a non-gamer, with no insight into the gaming community or industry . I knew one thing though. The very same kind of SJWs that had infected and ruined the Atheist communities online, were now trying it on in gaming communities and I was there to help in efforts to prevent them.

Now, Gaming media has to put disclaimer on their pieces if they have a relationship (unless they conveniently forget – and they often seem to forget), so therefore the “ethics battle is won” and we can retire from the hashtag?

Or maybe you are of the opinion that you can still do activism but just not under the tag?


Here is what you MUST consider. If we drop the hashtag completely, what is the problem? Well, imagine this:

Tag is gone. No one posts there.

You are a person with 500 followers. You have an idea in respect to gamergate style activism. You want to let thousands know. on Twitter. You can only let 500 know.

You are a newbie. You have come late to the party. You want to join in and don’t know who to follow. You see the tag is dead. You don’t join.

Shit goes down. We need a rally and a call to arms. You start a hashtag, another ex-gamergate clique find out and with no rallying point, they start a different hashtag (never the two meeting), 2 other similar sized cliques did not get the news at all. The defence instead of being the combined sum of those four cliques, was two cliques acting independent of each other.

With the tag gone, the value of the ex-members can be measured directly by their influence (ie followers). If you want something “boosted” you better hope that your idea appeals to the bigger names you follow…..

BUT better than this, IF they determine what ideas gets more coverage, then they control what ideas are valuable….to a large extent……..

BUT better than this, if they “team up” with other popular friends then collectively they could further influence this. Therefore gamergate by degrees becomes what a handful of Gamergate notables want.

IF we give up Gamergate, the few Indie Devs that stuck their necks out in supporting the tag will feel exposed and rightly so and will NOT buy the “we are still all supporting you but without the tag” AND they will not forgive you OR ever do this again for us.

Progressives will tighten the screws. The will know that individuals attacking not as part of a larger whole is not as it was. They will sink their hooks in finally and we will never unsettle them.

They will tout an end to Gamergate, only this time they will be right.

It is such a shit reason to give up on the hashtag. I will be here until it crashes and burns and then I will look to a new community and see if there is any other community sticking up against the SJWs.



The upcoming movie based on Zoe Quinn’s memoirs

Okay everyone has said something and I feel compelled to say my bit too. My original reaction was “Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me”. But I am thinking it through and I am starting to chuckle a bit more.

Consider about what her memoirs will say and how explosive they are. Got that? Good now consider how much of it will be removed in light of the legal situation she is in with Eron? Now think on how much will need to be removed because it will show her in terrible light. Next comes the specific claims she is possibly making that she cannot back or that would look petty.

Even so, I am sure she will have a sad tale to tell. One that will be able to be contested at every step. “I had to go overseas to run away”

“No you didn’t you had planned an overseas vacation”

“Financially I was struggling”

“No you weren’t. You were getting paid $35000-$40000/year with Patreon and more with your speaking engagements. In addition to this you had a boyfriend of rich parents”

There are many things she can spin but the internet never forgets. She believes this to be a win, and in a way it is, but it will not be what she thinks it is.

So it is no knockout blow to us.

Hats off to Zoe though. No, seriously well done. Just when Randi Harper pulled out in front of her and seemed to clown her over the UN thing, she comes up with this. I mean this IS big. (Okay, I don’t think a movie WILL happen and the book will not be what she would have wanted). Seriously, this pushes her out ahead of Randi Again. Anita is having a bit of a fall from grace too. Zoe is closing in on her. Brianna Wu is becoming Brianna Who.

So Zoe is getting bank and cashing in her chips. Its clear as it has always been that the Crash Network things was a con and simply a vehicle for attention and milk for a few dollars. She clearly has no talent for making games and I think if she can get this Memoirs thing published she MAY get good coin and have exhausted what she can extract out of gaming. Not fucking bad for a talentless game dev, huh?

I see such potential for this to all go bad for her. Especially and ironically if it all goes well. IF she doesn’t have editing and it is published complete and unedited. If too they do a movie based on her perception and bias. It will go so very badly. If she has the watered down version it will be bland. The alternative, a film “loosely based on” that will likely be comedy gold like the SVU episode.

What I WANT the end to look like for Gamergate. (The end it deserves)

But what I want to happen in no particular order:

Gamergate supporters launch VERY active long protracted campaign at the non-Gawker Deepfreeze gaming media sites. Advertisers start pulling out in disgust. Smaller sites start closing their doors like Joystiq did.

Sarah Butts is put away for whatever pedophilic law enforcement charge, SJWs try to distance themselves from her unsuccessfully. Gamergate goes to town on them. Salt flows.

FTC finally goes after Feminist Frequency for not completing their Kickstarter rewards promises. IRS also goes after Feminist Frequency for both not proving their non-profit status when requested and general dodginess.

Zoe and Randi Harper both get investigated by IRS for all monies earned under the non-profit banner. They have to give account to where all money earned from talks and interviews that they did as CEO/founder/Running of CON or OAPI. Their answer of “Oh I used that on Rent/Bills/Meth” does not go down well.

Gamergate funds a massive campaign for Deepfreeze and both boosts the rankings of each dodgy journalist on there but also adds every journalist including overseas that is unethical in their dealing that is Gamergate related. More salt flows.

With no one talking and reporting on the victim propaganda and with IRS taking down both CON and OAPI, Patreon backers start withdrawing pledges. Zoe and Randi go insane and the effect of this on top of the Sarah Butts drama, causes them to go into a feeding frenzy. Its brutal and great watching.

Gawker goes to court with Hulk Hogan. They are smugly secure in their idea that the public hate him now for his horrible and racist comments. But then they find out that because this is out of character and he has such support by his wrestling peers that are black and because he lost his legacy over this, it makes Hogan a sympathetic figure…even more so than before it all came to light. Hogan does not get $100 million but a large enough percentage of this to sink Gawker completely. Sell off of assets leave Gawker with one small website left. Massive staff layoff ensue.

With all the smaller Gamers are dead set and the Gawker Media empire “journalists” losing their jobs (and being prominently featured in Google as unethical), they find that they are now freelancers in a big pool of other freelancers with a public who doesn’t want to buy what they are selling and no outlet wanting to work with them. They go crazy. They not only cannibalise each other and write clickbait hitpieces aimed at each other but also aimed at their former handlers, the SJWs. They try to get back in favour with the Gamergate crowd.

League of Gamers and GameDevsLife go from strength to strength and People in the industry slowly snub and erode influence from IGDA and the like, in favour of these things

The meet ups going and start becoming bigger and open more to gaming public. Eventually turning into conventions and overtaking and overshadowing the ones that were so critical of Gamergate

The small pro-GG sites are seen as the better choices for advertisers and essentially pick up all the non-GG games sites custom. They in turn grow in size and stature (in many case, merging with one another).

The gaming public move away from the non-Gamergate side and they see the anti-Gamergate people as crazy. The public never actually understadns the process and what Gamergate was. Many that will still say “That is about sexism in gaming and misogyny in the gaming industry”, whilst still snubbing conventions that were Anti-GG supporting and attending pro-GG conventions that evolved from meet ups. They will stop reading the Anti-GG sites in favour of the pro-GG media. They will still take their cues in every respect from pro-GG people without understanding the whole thing.

It will not matter. Gamergate supporters never get the kudos for all they had done but it won’t matter. Most will get back to playing vidya. Some of us will follow the last of the SJWs as they drag themselves bloodied and bleeding out the back of the gaming industry and onto another industry or fandom. There we will draw swords again.

* Satire* Imagine this exchange (This is a fictitious and a not impossible future) *Satire*

Read this

Jeff panders to an alleged pedophile by sharing pictures of his OWN child (Hell, do we even need to say alleged?)

Imagine the scene, Jeff is bought in for questioning with a couple of detectives. They sit him down and make sure he is comfortable and his lawyer is present.

“So Jeff, do you know why you are here?”


“Okay. You are here because we are following up on a pedophile that we have now locked away. Do you know who we are talking about?”

“Sarah Butts”

“Yes, Sarah Butts AKA Nicholas Nyberg AKA SRHButts. Very good.You admit to knowing Sarah”

“Yes. Not very well. I did not know that they were into that kind of thing. It was a big shock.”

“Jeff I want us to be very honest whilst we are here. We will be honest and respectful to you and we expect the same courtesy. You started off very honest and now you are going off track. We have seen your support. You are not the only one, and there seems a lot of supporters we have to look at. So can you promise me you will be honest because we HAVE read your tweets from your twitter account”


“Good, I prefer that.  So…were you sharing photos of children with Sarah for her pleasure?”:

N..well…not “for her pleasure”, just posted a picture. You make it sound worse than what it was”

“Oh. Okay. So you did not address the tweet to her specifically and write  “Hope it cheers you up”?

“Umm…Yeah but that was to…because Sarah was upset”

“Okay. You were trying to cheer up an accused pedophile by sending her photos of children?”

“No, just A child”

“Indeed. Who’s child?”


“Posting photos to an accused pedophile of your own child, to cheer up the pedophile?”

“No. You are making it all sound bad. Worse than what it was. I did not know she was accused of that stuff”

“Yes you really did. You were trying to cheer her up after an article came out accusing her of this”

“But, no…I mean yes…I did it because Sarah was sad about the articles and Goober Grapers hassling her about being a pedophile”

“Goober Grapers?”

“That is what we call Gamergaters”

“Oh so you were using your child as a way of spiting Gamergate Supporters for reasonably, and on basis of good evidence, venting over the now incarcerated pedophile, Sarah Butts, by sending photos of your child to cheer up Sarah Butts?”

“You make it sound really bad when you say this. Look Gamergate supporters are the bad guys. Have you investigated them?”

“I would be more worried about you right now. They were not supporting a pedophile or sending cheer up messages or photos of their children to pedophiles”

“So they get away with harassment”

“Oh we looked into harassment and found only internet debate and arguments. We did investigate bomb threats made AGAINST them in both DC and Miami. They have been very helpful in offering information exposing this pedophile and on other matters”

“Other matters?”

“Oh yes, Pedophilia is the start of it. So don’t worry about these Gaming Industry supporters. How far has your pedophilia support gone with Sarah Butts?”


We have all the pieces in place. Let’s put them all together join the next 12 months

One criticism that the antis LOVE to make is “What have YOU done in 12 months? You had us update some ethics so what?”

I mean the automatic comeback may well be “How is the audience for Progressive games? Plenty of buyers?”

But outside this tit for tat approach, let’s look at what they have and what we need to win.

They have the narrative, the IDGA, DIGRA, Gaming Press, IGF, IndieCade, Indie fund, and various conventions.

So that is a pretty big list and at first glance can seem a little overwhelming. But let’s go back to that question

“What have you guys done in the last 12 months?”

The answer is much more than meets the eye. We were fighting a stronger, more seasoned enemy with media that poisoned our wells from the outset and attacked our industry and fandom as they have many others before (last one being Atheist spaces). We were supposed to capitulate. So that in itself is something we have done. Making a community and culture is another. A sustainable culture that will be able to last another 12 months or another. That is huge. But there is something far more important. We are starting now to set up ourselves to actually win this. Not to just hold the line and the blockade, but to actually  march over the top of the opposition.

So, how do we do this?

They have the narrative, the IDGA, DIGRA, Gaming Press, IGF, IndieCade, Indie fund, and various conventions.

Narrative: We will never completely wash out the stain of their narrative smearing. But we really do need to repair some damage caused.. If we can show enough things to cast reasonable doubt on the bullshit they created, that is what we need to do

I have already mentioned SPJ Airplay and some of my thoughts on this. I also mentioned some of the possible effects of Eron’s case.

One of the big things I did not mention is that If Eron takes it further and the court assesses or states that Zoe lied, misrepresented or fabricated any part of her affidavit, we win. She does not even need to be convicted of perjury (though this would be rather nice too).

The reason why we win is that for all the Progressive’s value of “feelings over facts”, and the public’s want to coddle their feeling based narrative, there is one place which is an authority on this. On which “truth” has validity. That is the courts. If the court says you perjured yourself, that perjury is not “subjective truth”, it is a lie, and no spin can free you from that.

IF this is proven then any time any Gamergate supporter has any opposition to anything related to Gamergate, and they raise any issue remotely associated with Zoe Quinn, the fact that she is dishonest opens up the door to the question “She lied to you about that, and you bought it lock, stock and barrel, what else did she lie to you about and why are you defending her?”

The impact this would have on the narrative is palpable. Other organisations trying to address Gamergate will have a harder time trying to reference her as a credible source for any accusations make. If this all comes to pass, she will be our “Jackie Coakley”

Of course this alone will not be enough but it is something substantial.

Gaming Press: What can I tell you that you do not already know as to why these people are bad? We need to make great use of Deepfreeze and Operation Disrespectful Nod. The perfect and complimentary combination of “trapping” the unethical journalists in the company that they work for (by exposing their unethical violations through Deepfreeze), fundraise for campaigns to drive up search engine rankings on Deepfreeze entries, so anyone searching theses unethical hacks or their comany names can know exactly what unethical hacks they are, THEN hit their company with Operation Disrespectful Nod. Once the advertisers pull out en masse, the companies will either close or downsize. The effect either way is that these hacks that are unethical and now unemployable anywhere else BUT the company they worked for, are punished when the company closes or downsizes.

I still say we should focus away from Gawker and hope that Hulk Hogan finishes them off and IF not him maybe Quentin Tarantino could refile his suit or whatever. I hope that instead of chasing down Gawker for another year and giving the other smaller sites breathing space, we should share the love and take more of them down instead.

If we do these things and at the same time support some of the brilliant alternative gaming media sites we have (That is right, visit these places and donate if you can) such as Techraptor, Nichegamer, GamesNosh, Christ Centred Gamer, Attack on Gaming, Adland and others. In the future these are to be where we get our among news from NOT the crap and corrupt sites.

IDGA: Is power without any doubt. They hold tremendous sway over the Gaming Industry. We need a counter and an alternative.

So what do we have? We have League for Gamers. Yes it is only just released and hardly a match for IDGA but everything starts somewhere, and we have it now. It is up to us to build this up and make it a legitimate counter and opposition to the IDGA. For people who dislike IDGA but do not see any viable alternatives, we need to make it viable and sustainable. Something that others can say “You know what this League looks like it can do far more for me than IDGA”

Big boots to fill but I think we can do it. We are awesome.

IGF and Indiecade: These are circle jerks and has been for a long time. They do not deserve an audience. I think that Based Gamer and the various Youtube personalities will provide a bit of a counter to this. A mixture of various Youtube playthroughs and good play based user scoring on Based Gamer (free of ideological tampering or cronyism), should provide a fairer and more positive alternative.

Indie Fund: I say that for now the existence of Kickstarter, IndieGogo and other crowdfunding campaigns, allows for a better alternative than any reliance or hope for being noticed by these people. A game you promote well enough to the Gamergate legions, should stand or fall on its own merits.

DiGRA: I always think of the Dharma Initiative from the Television series lost. It is the same kind of pseudo-intellectual identity politics masquerading as serious intellectual discussion. It is pretentious twaddle.

That said, they are a nebulous and enigmatic organisation with seemingly many fingers in many pies.

@Grimachu last I heard, was wishing to create an alternative to DIGRA. I have no idea how he plans to do this or what that may look like or what it entails but I am all for it.

Other conventions: Important, fun and a great way to meet people, discuss the industry and celebrate your part in it. These things as we saw from The Calgary expo, are very much aligned against us.  (By the way, I hope the Honey Badgers kick their arses so hard that they will be wearing their arse cheeks as shoulder pads. I hope too that Calgary Expo gets onto The Mary Sue and says “We trusted what you said and based our decisions on what you published. It was bullshit, and now we have been sued successfully. Why would you do this?”)

That is okay. Don’t be mad. We don’t need them. Why? Because we have us. There is NOTHING stopping us from having more and more meet-ups, (like we have been having) and cement relationships, whilst also having Airplay-like conventions. In time maybe they WILL morph into these bigger conventions. But for now they are now simply an alternative that we can build up.

We have many varied defences and weapons with which to press forward. My hope is that those who are scared of the Social Justice Warrior Insurgents, and are feeling that the influence is of these crazy ideological zealots is more fearful than the benefit that they will get from Gamergate Supporters, will be convinced otherwise.

IF we can develop each of these things I mentioned here an importantly the networks and channels (the very infrastructure) connection and interrelating between them all, then we have a alternative that will eclipse and eventually overshadow the Social Justice Warriors and their toxic cabal

I am proud of you guys. We have this guys. We really do. We just need to dedicate the energy and enthusiasm we came to defend Gaming with 12 months ago. We have the tools and the direction, we just need the push now.

They really picked the wrong fight and we will win this we just need to consider what to do next.