Kiva Bay’s Feminist Deck

Very quick one.

Anyone remember the Feminist Deck/ It was a Kickstarter by a self-promoting talent-poor artist called Kiva Bay, who wanted to pander to SJWs for money to draw some playing cards of her favourite Feminists?

I do. She was approaching the stage where she was going to reach her target. I saw all the usual candidates fawning all over her. It was pretty distasteful. I decided to give them a little poke in the eye.

She at that stage was promoting that she was going to give $150 payment to the people she was drawing pictures of on her cards and most of them were refusing, to which she replied that she would give the money to charity.

I happened to notice the rules on it said:

“Projects can’t fundraise for charity, offer financial incentives, or involve prohibited items.

We’re all in favor of charity and investment, but they’re not permitted on Kickstarter. Projects can’t promise to donate funds raised to a charity or cause, and they can’t offer financial incentives like equity or repayment. We also can’t allow any of these prohibited things.”

Funny stuff so I wrote about it and reported it to Kickstarter. She freaked out. She removed that stipulation.

For me it was no biggie. If NOTHING happened it would have been worth it to try for a reaction. If her Kickstarter Project was removed, that would have been hilarious BUT the next best thing was her being forced to kowtow and go back on her own conditions to do what she was getting paid for. Which is what happened.

Then to spite me, idiot SJWs started giving her more and more money to show me up and that “my plan did not work”. I loved it. She was forced to change things as to my demands and then more people I loathe were wasting their money and throwing money at a stupid project, because of me.

I laughed my arse off.

That was a year ago.

I just found out that she scammed them all. $30 000 GONE!!!

She is naturally like all victim peddlers claiming sickness, harassment, mental illness and whatever she can.

Her supporters? Rather than cave to the rather logical but humiliating conclusion that they were scammed again, are all wishing her well and the brave girl can keep the money .

I am a very happy man. I so hope the SJWs keep throwing good money after bad into unconstructive projects that go nowhere and scam them. I want them to lose all their money at a bare minimum. What do they say about fools and money?





The Ideologically driven social parasites called “The Progressive Left”.

I talked at length about Feminists there I touched on these Social Progressives and mentioned that the line between the two is pretty thin.They are both pretty terrible.

But there is a few things I want to mention about the Progressive Left (“Regressive Left”). I will set the stage to exactly how to look behind the curtain at these ideologically driven social parasites.

You see a black person in the street, you meet a gay person at a party, you work with a female colleague, or you sit next to a Muslim on the bus, what do you know about: them, their hopes, dreams, upbringing, ideologies, taste in music, favourite sports teams, prejudices, fears or…..anything? If you say “Nothing”, congratulations, you have proved you are the majority of us. If you say that race, gender, sexual preference or the like have very little unto themselves to inform us about who someone is or is not, then personally, I believe you do not met the definition of a bigot. So if a person is a person and a blank slate for you until you form some kind of knowledge of them as individuals, then great.

This is NOT the default position of the Regressive Left. To these people everything is sexist and homophobic and everyone is stack on a rigid Progressive Stack. Can anyone see how insidious this mindset is? You see a black person, you are not seeing a person but a black person and as such a category of person with specific designated social baggage that they MUST own, inform their being and identity and NEED you to defend IF you are to considered a decent person. Same goes with a gay person, a Muslim person, transgendered person and so on. IF you are deemed higher on the Progressive Stack, you damn well better be willing to supplicate yourself and not risk upsetting or offending this person.

THIS IS BIGOTRY. Before you blow this off as anything less than bigotry, remember we have all agreed that we know NOTHING about the person. The only thing we have is this one detail. We still don’t know if they are nice or nasty or whether their opinions are good, bad or indifferent, or even whether they share any opinions or experiences with us or not. So in fact at this stage our liking or disliking of this person is going to be based on what our impression is from here. IF you find they are an asshat then why not dislike them and how does that make you a horrible person or a bigot? IF you like them an have a connection with them then that does not make you a moral person, that is simply two people connecting.

So why the confusion? Why do these social parasites called the Progressive Left, think that you must pander and supplicate to all people deemed as less privileged (or is it more oppressed? I have trouble following this ideology)? Are people all equal and all people and can you respect them in people to treat them the same irrespective of things such as their genitals, who they are attracted to, or colour of their skin? IF so, you are NOT a Progressive Leftist (Social Justice Warrior) and not a bigot. If you feel you must, then you are bigoted. Hate someone for their personality or their actions but not their skin colour, religion, age, sexual preference or gender or whatever else.

The Regressives can’t have that. You must be willing to treat all people in a particular way but not only that (and here is the kicker) all positions emulating from this ideological position of social pandering and social activism to cater to their imaginary Progressive Stack, MUST be completely uniform. All people in these categories are to be viewed in the same way and all positions in respect to these people MUST be the same. Conformity and uniformity are the requirements and any deviation will be suppressed.

It is all moral virtue signalling. “I am so moral and intellectual that I know the Progressive Stack and where different people exist on my abstract concept of Oppressive Hierarchy and who has what Privilege and treat people accordingly”

It is neither moral nor intellectual. It also shuts down any sense of examination of issues, if you feel morally obligated to never consider any other facts than what your rigid ideology has prescribed. For example, gay marriage, is a topic that can be more complicated than first impressions. It is not so simple as a moral or intellectual gay people should have the same rights and if non-gay people have the right to marry then so must gay people. That was always my default position. Who gives a damn if gay people get married, how would it affect me one way or another? But I am open to other opinions and I WANT to hear them. I have heard three alternative positions on gay marriage which would be against gay marriage and none of them are homophobic (which is the default position of the Regressive Left “You MUST agree 100% without deviation to the ideological narrative…..or you are a bigot AND therefore I am morally superior and your intellectual better”).

The first position I heard that was anti-gay marriage was “Marriage is a religious ceremony. Religion has been instrumental at condemning gay people. Why seek a religious ceremony as a gay person?”

The second position I heard was “Marriage is a crap institution and no one should get married”.

The third was from Milo “Marriage is the dull, domesticated conformity that is expected of heterosexuals and that being gay allows a present a licence to be non-conformist that heterosexual people do not have. Marriage for gay people would make gay people conform to social mores they do not have at the moment.”

I do not believe ANY of these positions are bigoted nor hateful. I just do not agree with them. That is okay. I want these things to be discussed. I do not care for exclusionary, close-minded totalitarian approach the Regressive Left has in social critique.

Transgenderism I have already discussed here and again it is not so simple.

It is the irony with these Social Activists and “Progressive” people is that they are not intellectual and have not the intellectual rigour to examine alternative positions and see anything more than black or white on issues. Complexities are lost on them.

For all their moral signalling, they lose the high ground here because of their willingness to identify people and treat them according to their race, sex, sexual preference or whatever, rather than treating each person as a human. (Of course to pile hypocrisy on top of hypocrisy, IF you are one of these people on the Progressive Stack that allows you a “greater voice” due to your deemed oppressive non-privileged status, and you choose to actively denounce their positions, you are treated as an apostate.

These people are neither morally nor intellectually superior and I would say that to a person they are the exact opposite. In fact I will go further, scratch below the surface on each of these people (and the louder and more prominent the more likely you will find this) and you will find broken and morally bankrupt people. Alison Rapp? Sarah Nyberg? Hannibal The Victor? Varis77? Nafedude? Hey the truth is out there on each of these people and I do not need to spin anything or make anything up. I could keep going too. But shake the closet and skeletons will tumble. I honestly believe that MOST of them are either psychologically compromised or they are simply bad people looking for atonement of sorts and acceptance as “good people” because they know that they are not.





Zoe Quinn wrote an awesome fiction piece

It was a captivating piece. The lady can write. I bet the memoirs are a rollicking ride too. I certainly see the tragic heroine in her piece as being a forlorn Marianne type of heroine, cut from the Jane Austen novels (of course a Marianne that is a ex-sex worker and wears more metal than Master Chief). As for “Creep Throat”, he is naturally the worst of men. He is a Mr Wickham type character.

She has a moving writing style and her emphasis on her litany of woes and the framing of said woes is perfectly measured to tug on the heartstrings.

The irony is that her story telling would do Mr Wickham proud in both its delivery and believably.

This is Zoe Quinn.

Its Zoe!

…and Zoe Again!

More Zoe!

…and yeah I am done

We are no stranger to her. But this virtuous victim is hard to reconcile against the Jane Austen type tragic heroine she writes about. That is because they do not, under closer inspection marry up to be the same person.

It is a great line of false misrepresentations, spin and propaganda that is design to sell a point of view to those well disposed to her.

Poking easy holes in her tumblr post is easy enough. It will not matter to those that are inclined to believe her. To them I am inhuman and a shitlord and such.

But why NOT call bullshit when you see it? Why not challenge it?


“if I’m going to write about denied humanity it needs to be like this”

Cool, Zoe. You are going to write about how you and all your Progressive friends and media contacts were able to talk crap about Eron whilst he was unable to respond and defend himself. Right? Great, let’s see what you say there.

“If I’m gonna get hurt for an update in my court case”

No idea what you mean by hurt. If you mean being absolutely caned by the judge for wasting resources and making a wrongful charge (as well as embarrassing the original judge who gave you the dodgy gag order) then all up for that hurt. I hope you ARE punished.

“told me that I’d conducted myself with grace through this whole nightmare” 

Doubt it. If she did, it was likely to shut you up get you off the phone. I’d have love to have been a fly on the wall of her office to hear what she said immediately following hanging up on you, Zoe. I am betting it was not stifling tears back and saying solemnly “Poor girl”.

“seeing his name makes a knot of anxiety rise in my throat”

I actually do not find this hard to disbelieve. He was not a good victim was he? He was supposed to be unable to defend himself against you nor maintain his composure. Now he is going after your credibility and stands as a roadblock of potential libel against memoirs and movie deals. He does not choose to back off when you hit him with what amounted to no less than a strategic lawsuit against him in SLAPP style. But he did not crawl away and lick his wounds and cower from you. He came back at you just as hard. Now you play the damsel. I BET you are anxious in your inability to control him. Good!

“I’m sure he’ll launch another salvo of flat out lies and spun truths to make it seem like the last year and a half was a byproduct of me “asking for it”, that the courts saw through it, while making him seem like a downtrodden hero of free speech.”

Oh you kidder! Projection is thy name. Firstly, both you and we know that he would have got NOWHERE victim blaming and I would LOVE you to show evidence that this was his legal platform. No? Did not think so.

Next let’s look at exactly WHO is spinning lies and spun truths? You say him. I see him knocking down each of your legal defences. He can’t do this IF he is spinning illegal bullshit to the court and ESPECIALLY not against your 4 Wilmer Hale lawyers.

“One of the biggest myths that needs to die is that your first response to being abused should be to go to the police and seek justice”

Zoe, is THIS your Crash Override advice? Is this what you tell victims. If you are fearing for your life or have been genuinely abused then going to police is bad advice? Its retarded, Zoe. It shows your inability to be able to do what you are being paid $40,000/year for. You are not qualified or experienced in dealing with victims.

“it started a hate movement that’s swept up my industry and hurt dozens of bystanders, and got international media attention.”

Except it didn’t. I joined the Gamergate tag in October 2014. I was about a month short of starting at its birth with Adam Baldwin’s tweet. You started a “hate movement”? No let’s be honest. Given EVERY possible chance to debate our grievances and our issues your “side” seeks to censor us? How come you will NOT allow us to self-identify? But more tellingly if you talk of a hate mob, who are you ACTUALLY talking about? You CAN’T be talking about #Gamergate at the same time as you are talking about the people that were party to your gossip about your love life. Gamergate did not exist back then. It is dishonest to say it did. The IRC chat of Burgers and fries was a completely different platform. It was at a different time. The numbers of people interacting with you on IRC compared to the number of people using the Gamergate hashtag are completely different. The focus is different. Burger and Fries is concentrated on salacious gossip and Gamergate is not.

You may well have got harassment and death threats. Who by? Your Helldump buddies? People you pissed off whilst you were trolling with them? What about people you pissed off in the modelling/sex work industry (and we know you did piss off people)? What about the depressed people you attacked and harassed in Wizardchan, or people sympathetic to them? What about The Fine Young Capitalists or people sympathetic to them? What about run of the mill third party trolls looking for a stir up? No? No idea….just blame Eron and Gamergate for “reasons”? Go fuck yourself, Zoe. Enough of “Hate Movements”. Make a case. We see accusations and no substance.

“The mob would respond by going after me, my family, and anyone else they decided was involved”

“The mobs”. WHAT MOBS? No seriously, you relate this to Eron and to Gamergate. Where is the connection? Where is the association? Where are we collectively conspiring to go after you? I know for certainly you use the blockbot and that blocks approximately 10,000 of us. Moreover this CANNOT be the sum of the people that were on Burger and Fries chat. You are simply dishonest if you say so.

So IF we can agree to this. We see that there are people that may well be going after your family or yourself that are not “Gamergate” or “Creep Throat” YET that is who you blame. Why are you a liar?

“conspiracy charts would “prove” I am secretly rich”

No, we know that you bought tickets for months long trip to Europe, you have $40,000/year in Patreon, speaking engagements, Have been dating a son of a multi-millionaire AND have had 4 Wilmer Hale Lawyers employed at fantastic rates (up to $750/hour each). You are NOT scrapping by. Stop being disingenuous.

“I even vacated the order myself once he appealed, hoping to make it end. I gave him the legal relief that he’d asked for”

He asked for that? Arrogance! He did not ask for that. He was unfairly (and he believes unconstitutionally) gagged by you. He wanted that “legal relief”? NO! He wanted not to have had a year of being maligned without being able to defend himself. He wanted to have not endured that. You were happy when he actually pressed you to be “gracious” enough to withdraw it? (And lets be real, we know you tried to back the gag order in another state and lost that….right? Get real and honest here!) So no, he was not after you to simply withdraw it, but as he and Eugene Volokh believed that it was unconstitutional, he wanted to make sure it was never going to be used against another guy.

“trying to escape her abuser”

So YOU say. Why should I believe you?

“It wasn’t about him fighting a powerful evil woman, or gaining his oh-so-crucial right to sic a mob on me, it’s always been about punishing me.”

Oh I think you are a sociopath or possibly you have Narcissistic personality disorder. He did not “sic a mob after you”. Did YOU “punish him”? No right to defend himself, spinning your side of the story unchallenged to every Progressive outlet that would listen to you for one year? That is not “punishing him”? What about you? What did he do to you APART from defend himself from you? Nothing.

“chumming the waters about the oral arguments they’re hearing on a nonexistent order next month.”

You mean being completely transparent to the people that were kind enough to pay to allow him to contest your ridiculous gag order. (Out of interest how are YOU affording four Wilmer Hale Lawyers . Do YOU have some rich benefactor? That would be kind of hypocritical of you wouldn’t it?) Why would you call THIS “chumming the water”? That sounds suspiciously like YOU are telling “flat out lies and spun truths”. Why would you be THAT hypocritical?

“And they’ve done nothing to protect me”

Protect you from what? But more importantly from who? IF you are getting harassment, it is not seeming to be from Eron NOR from Gamergate. Therefore no action against Eron is likely to do anything. You cannot be this stupid to conflate both. So why ARE you conflating one with the other. It is transparently dishonest.

““if eron goes to jail, I will hunt zoe quinn down and rape her””

And….you went after THAT person for writing that, right? Great idea. Oh, no, you went after Eron for it.

“sick crusade my ex started against me”

As we see, this “sick campaign” is really some people do not like you and you have no idea who they are and blame and try to punish him and Gamergate collectively. That is stupid, dishonest and pretty weak.

“Why, then, would I ever want to sign up for more years of my life spent flying back to Boston, a place where it’s not safe for me to be, to continue another chapter in this nightmare? Why would I want to keep digging at a giant scar?”

Oh clearly you don’t BECAUSE Eron has been exposing the weakness in the charges you put to him. Yes you give OTHER reasons and they are dishonest.

“how domestic violence manifests online”

What? I mean….what?? Online violence? Online Domestic violence? Excuse me but this is complete bullshit. Not only do I not see how it would get through your blockbot BUT if it does, delete, block, mute, report, log off or watch cat videos on Youtube. Don’t try relating domestic violence or violence with online interactions. You do a disservice to men and women who have been physically abused domestically or not domestically. On the internet? Pathetic.

Steph Guthrie and her co-defendant lost their case

So they fucking should have. They were MORE abusive than him and he went three years without being able to work. Why? Because they did not like him being critical of their tweets. It was even more retarded than your circus.

“Going to court is like rolling the dice”

Four very high priced lawyers from Wilmer Hale? Roll of the dice. Liar.

“When you seek charges, you’re on trial as much as the other person, if not more. The “asking for it” defense is alive and well even in 2016, and you have to be a “good victim” in order to give your case the best shot it has”

Bullshit. When you make serious charges against someone there is a presumption of innocence. They don’t say “Oh you have a charge. Great let’s just ratify that for you.” That would be fucking stupid wouldn’t it Zoe? So drop this unfair dealing court and “good victim” bullshit.

“The courts do not favor a lot of women simply for being who they are – women of color, trans women, sex workers, I could go on”

Favour? Why the Hell would they “favour” anyone? What a stupid bloody thing to say. Everyone is equal under the law regardless of their race, gender or sexual preference but you want favouritism? Ideologically driven unreality.

“The defense, so far, had hung a hat on trying to prove I deserved all of this.”

Straight out lie. This would NOT fly in a court of law. Why ARE you lying….again.

“open about my depression”

Gee, I wonder if you gave any thought to those poor people suffering from Depression? When you are hurting others with Depression it seems okay

In fact you seem to have fun doing exactly the kind of harassment and abuse you project on others, huh?


“history in sex work”

I am really pleased you bought this up but not for reason you may guess. As a sex worker you will need to be able to play a part. Whether we are talking a roleplaying part (naughty nurse, cheerleader, stripper, etc) or whether we are talking putting on a fake persona to their personality or even simply pretending to be enjoying themselves more enthusiastically than they feel . The underlying aspect is they are putting on a performance piece and giving the client what they need.

Because I see lie after lie and misrepresentation after misrepresentation. I think that is PRECISELY what you are doing here. You are allowing yourself to be “pimped” by Progressives and you are playing your part and getting fat Patreon coin for it.

“I don’t know what would have happened if I had kept my mouth shut when I was targeted two years ago”

I have I pretty good idea. What WOULD have likely happened is that the relatively few people Burger and Fries would have soon dropped the gossip about you. You would have been perhaps a little embarrassed and your credibility might have taken a little knock. YOUR victims such as Wizardchan and The Fine Young Capaitalists may have had a sense of karmic comeuppance. New drama would have come out and you would have been forced to make your own way in the Indie Game Development world as a person with one game (I will do you the courtesy of calling your Vine storybook a game) under their belt and a little bit of notoriety.

What would NOT have happened is you would not be going to the United Nations, nor Google, Nor Twitter to censor people disagreeing and criticising your lies and bad behaviours and you would not have been given a platform. You would not be getting a memoir written nor movie rights and would not be getting $40 000/year and tens of thousands of followers.

If I could get that in return for some trolls saying bad things about me, sign me up

“The spin is even more successful in these cases, because of how disconnected judges, lawyers, police, and juries often are from the internet. One told me to simply give up my career and stop going offline if I didn’t like the abuse. He barely bothered to look at my huge stack of evidence before declaring he had no idea what the internet was about and didn’t want to know.”

Sounds tragic EXCEPT that YOU did not have to go a year without being able to tell your side of things and to defend yourself BECAUSE the system worked in your favour and NOW is being questioned whether the system in fact actually overstepped its capacity for YOU.

I mean this is not even spin or different point of perspective. Its just outright lying by you.

“the man who did this to you?”

Damn him to Hell for standing up for himself, huh? Did what more than that. He is not a leader or a spokesman for anyone but himself regardless of who may or might sympathise with him (In exactly the same way that YOU do not “represent” anyone or anything).

“What good does any of this do for anyone? It’s been almost two years now, and I desperately want to move on with my life. Even if I did win, I doubt locking Creep Throat away would do anything. Even putting aside my huge misgivings with the US prison system, he’s not going to change. The people who support him would see him as a martyr”

Not suggesting of course he ACTUALLY DID anything that is jailable, right? Why on Earth would they “lock him up”? Why is he able to get Eugene Volokh paying interest to this and how was he able to have the OTHER gag order thrown out that you filed in another state and why would they allow him to contest the vacated order?

Locking him up? WHAT? Why are you being dishonest.

I REALLY believe you DO want to “move on with your life”. If I have big coin from memoir and movie rights and $40 000/year and was famous the last thing I would want is an embarrassing court case proving I had misused the court, being pursued by an ex-boyfriend I cheated on and applied an unconstitutional gag order on, to try to stop him countering my lies.

“I’m tired. I have been trying to pick up the pieces of my life for almost two years at this point”

Is this a joke? “Pieces of my life?” I can’t even….

“I have less energy to do casework at Crash, less energy to meet with tech partners to tell them how to do better and the ways they’re fucking up, less energy to make my goofy video games about feelings and farts”

Sure , Anita. Isn’t this HER line? I cannot do the busy schedule of a couple of hours of videos per 6 months or so because I am Depressed. Now I will have to “slow that busy schedule”, so keep giving me victimbux and expect I will do less work than what a little I did before.

$40 000/year and WHAT exactly do you DO? I know that you want to do less but what DO you do and what do you imagine that is worth?

Personally the idea to get $40 000/year without having to commit anything and with a ready excuse of I have little energy to do more than I feel motivated to do, sounds really sweet.

Reminds me somewhat of this:

Great con Zoe

“it’s not time yet. I’m not the right person to win this fight or set this precedent.”

Depends entirely on what fight and what precedent. You correlated trolls that are not Gamergate and are not Eron with a fight against both NOT against those particular trolls. So what fight are you likely to win and how?

In a analogous example, If you were getting bullied at work by people in one department and then decided to start bullying people in another department, then do not be surprised when you are not winning the “fight” when it goes to Human Resources. Zoe, you are being both disingenuous and retarded.

Set what precedent? You bought charges against Eron. He defended himself very well and now you had one charge fail, vacated another and HE is still pursuing it and your last one you tried on, has been withdrawn by you very shortly after you made it. What on Earth are you talking precedents for. Its fucking stupid.

“I’m less useful to the world”

Without any qualification and without any context I can only agree with this statement.

“That’s even assuming the process doesn’t kill me – I’m still someone who was already living with depression, that now has complex PTSD on top of it.”

Bullshit! Complex PTSD. This is a slight to people that have gone through ACTUAL physical trauma. You had some very bad things said to you online, and have complex PTSD? You did not get everything you own way and that gave you PTSD and Depression.

What a load of crap.

“I’m scared of posting this, but I’m tired of hiding and keeping my head down and plodding along. I know it’ll kick some shit up, everything does, but I also know he’s going to try to twist this stuff like he always has. I’m tired of letting him control me. I’m tired of being afraid of being honest. I’m tired of watching people hand out “just go to the police they’ll protect you” while I silently scream and bite my tongue, because I know the advice-giver is giving horrible, ignorant advice. It’s so much more complicated than that, and if someone decides to go to the cops about their abuser they should be doing it with a more informed and prepared plan than I ever did. They shouldn’t have to have their lives hijacked for years to find out that that’s what they were even risking in the first place. I wish I had those two years back. The least I can do to make that right is to be honest and open with the world while trying to reduce the cost of maneuvering through these systems. The least I can do is try to succeed at getting my life back where the courts have utterly failed.”

Where was all this concern for the victims of internet bullies when you were harassing shit out of Wizardchan and TYFYC or even Georgina Young

IF you are being harassed then how fucking dare you erase YOUR part in participation of the same kind of shit. You are no savoir nor no victim.

“Hopefully the next girl won’t have years stolen from her in the first place.”

Hold up. Life stolen? What….? How is your life stolen? Speaking engagements, $40000/year stipend, Memoir and Movie coming out, European Vacations, some of the biggest companies in the world clamouring to hear what you have to say.

If THAT is a life stolen. Sign me up.

Jesse Singal is an idiot BUT……

…he did write a terrific article on Dr Zucker and the Progressive ideologically driven travesty surrounding Dr Zucker’s dismissal.

I do not like Jesse and you will not hear me say much good about him. I will not link that article (No doubt a quick Google of his name and Dr Zucker’s will find it for you quick enough). I think that the beatdown by Progressives that he is getting is misrepresented and dishonest (usual fare for the Progressives). I do also think whilst there are other people in their camp, I would love to see getting textually slapped around by their peers, he certainly rates up there somewhere.

What I hope to talk about is the Transgender issue. There is most certainly an issue. That issue is that Progressives have unilaterally decided that they know what is best for all Transgendered people.

“Transgenderism is to be celebrated and those that identify are to be considered brave. They absolutely should be allowed and encouraged to transition. They are absolutely born in the wrong body and shame on you if you say otherwise. You are not allowed to have a differing viewpoint and IF you do, you are transphobic”

Of course the big problem here is that we don’t know. At all. It could be that Transgenderism is inflexible or flexible state of being. Transgenderism  may be informed by psychiatric conditions or simply a neurological difference. Transgenderism could have elements of the nature and nurture. Transgenderism may mean that someone who identifies one day as more feminine may perhaps decades later suddenly identify as more masculine (or  visa versa). It may even be that different “types” of transgenderism exist or that it informs itself in different ways with different people.

The Progressives have made those calls already. They advocate for their view to be THE view and will rail against anyone who disagrees. But there are a few real problem with this.

Do you remember being a child or even a teenager for that matter? We did not think as adults do and you only need to listen to a couple of children on the bus to know that their worldview is not particularly informed and they are not ready to take on the mantle of adulthood and the responsibilities and decisions that come with this. It is OUR role to look after those interests. Let kids slowly evolve into the adults they want to be with just enough boundaries and protections to keep them safe.

When you start suggesting hormone blockers and readying kids for transition, that scares shit out of me. I am a Father of two children both teenagers and to me that is not letting them evolve or keeping them safe or finding their way. That would be me forcing my idea of what and who they ought to become and having an adult conversation with a child. As a parent I second guess myself constantly because I do not want to be 10 or 20 years down the track and have my children say “You did me wrong. I needed something other than you were giving me and could not tell you because I was a kid. You ought to have stepped up to the plate, but you did not take the lead.”

As you may know I am not a Christian. I am an Atheist. My kids believe in God. I naturally, have spoken to my children of my beliefs and heard them out and made sure what they believe is not harmful or distressing to them. I find nothing “wrong” with their beliefs. They are not mine but okay. We can co-exist with different views and experiences. Now if my kids were gay. I would hear out why they thought what they thought and explain how I felt. As long as they were safe and protected that would be okay (I would not want them distressed, self-loathing, getting bullied or being hurt). My job as parent would not be to force my view of sexual identity on them. But rather give them a safe and protected environment to grow up AND be gay. The same too would be if my children were transgender.

Forcing drugs and delaying puberty and getting surgery is forcing an expectation and as damaging in my mind as forcing the child to be an adult or in fact forcing a cisgender person to be transgender or a transperson to be cisgender. That is not our role as parents and adults in society.

The “Oh your so brave” for being transgender and giving Transgender people a platform. In almost all cases I am suspicious of it. Why? Some Transgender people are likely brave. Others perhaps not so much. Some will be intelligent and worth listening to and others as dumb as a rock. Some will be good people and others terrible. Giving undue credit to anyone BECAUSE they are Transgender is a concern.

I DO think there are brilliant people who happen to also transgender. I can’t see that one would inform the other. Same as we will have brilliant black, white, Asian and whomever else. You will have brilliant gay and straight people. The fact that someone is Transgender ought not be a platform, unto itself. I would hope most people are not that shallow.

What is Transgenderism and what causes it? We still don’t know. I have heard arguments from Progressives and from people like Milo Yiannapolous but I think that it is likely a complex issue and that many, many people are born with a solid belief that they are in the wrong body and of the right temperament to undergo transitioning and evolve close to self-actualisation. BUT there are many who are not and don’t. Suicide rates are astronomical. This is a BIG problem.

I am not sadist nor a cruel person. I do not want for people who may be in a bad place or unwell to be forced into radical surgery and find at the end of it, they are not happy and want to “transition back”. Or little kids to grow out of a gender opposition phase and find that those pills they had for years radically altered their bodies and they were now not going to be quite the men their peers were or women their peers were.

I think the Progressives leave no measure of gray for these people. What happens when the celebration and support and lack of questioning from the Progressives has transitioned people saying. “I got it wrong?”. Is it a case of accepting the praises when they get it right and ignoring them if they do not fit the mold and if they get it wrong?

I personally think that there is likely room in the Transgender spectrum for:

  1. Mentally unwell people who are not Transgender in any real sense.
  2. Children and Teenagers experimenting with identity and discovering themselves.
  3. Gender Fluidness of some degree. Where people may identify as one gender or another throughout their lives.
  4. People with hatred of their body not specific to Transgenderism.
  5. People who are neurologically wired to a different gender. Transgendered people as we stereotypically perceive them.

So transitioning and drugs and surgery all potentially works really well for the last type of people in the Transgender spectrum but I worry that if we treat everyone identifying as Transgender as if they were that last class, then we are being both irresponsible and dangerously harmful and the rates of suicide will remain high no matter how many times we call Caitlyn Jenner brave or plaster her on magazines.

We need a serious conversation about this and more research. It is dangerous, harmful, and so very stupid for any ideology to take hold of this and push it like Progressives do and like Dr Zucker’s employers did.

I want what I think most people want and that is for Transgender people to get the best that they can out of life and rise to their fullest potential. I don’t give a damn if that ultimately means they have surgery or don’t, or take blockers, or decide not to transition. I don’t give a damn. As long as collectively we all evolve  our understanding honestly and openly, the suicide rate drops and we can stop treating them as either freaks or special snowflakes. Normal is good. Moving from “Hi I am a Transgendered person and my name is Mary” to “Hi my name is Mary, and by the way, I am Transgendered” to “Hi my name is Mary”.

In closing. Jesse Singal is an idiot. He supported Progressives until he did one dangerous misstep, in telling the truth, and was unpersoned. He deserves every bit of vitriol for his past indiscretions. The research and understanding of Transgenderism is not all understood and Progressive are arseholes when they claim this. They are worse than this when they pile on and insult non-Jesse Singals for proclaiming that we need to know more and understand more.




Open Letter to @jack

Okay @Jack. So now you have decided that we could do with a bit of safety and have set up the “Trust and Safety Council”.

Great! How the Hell you have gauged what constitutes Safety for someone like me, I have no idea? But let me give you some assistance in this.

I do not want the platform to be driven by people that support leaders of organisations that support racist behaviour and violent protests

Does this guy help drive Twitter?

I also understand that you are firm on your position that threatening tweets will result in banning if reported. I know THIS was reported

But his target was on the wrong side of Twitter’s bias

The instances of YOUR platform’s ability to turn a blind eye from abuse doled out by people of the same ideological and/or political persuasion is vast and being a Progressive/Feminist inclined user seems to give one carte blanche.

Even against old men and their families. Shame on you!

But it gets better (depending on your perception) than this, you actually give cover and (if I understand correctly), partner with people like this

No ban for this

Wow. No banning here either

Nor for this Goddamn trainwreck of malice

Oh and here is the punchline, Jack

How much did you feed this serial Abuser, Jack? No wonder she’s not banned

Bet it was a lot, huh?

Secret contacts are great for abusers sharing your ideology, right? What about their victims though?

Okay but that is just one person and the relationship not THAT strong. Its not like its Feminist Frequency or anything , right?

So….bigoted against the Japanese But maybe this was simply a one off and just a slightly inappropriate slip of tongue. Its not like she said similar bigoted things about other groups right?

Segregation of black people is great? What does Deray think of that? You are his mate, you could ask him

Oh, and directly after a tragic gun shooting, what did this “lady” have to say about half the population?

Bigotry, thy name is Anita

And THIS is your partner? Anita and Jonathan McIntosh to make us safer??? We are to Trust THEM?

Dell Harvey is who I keenly suspect is the one behind the “extra support” given to Randi Harper above (whilst Randi attacked others on Twitter with impunity). But this is not the totality of Dell. She used to be very big in the fight against pedophiles. In fact her very profile and platform was based around this identity. Her anti-pedophile work was in Perverted Justice and To Catch a Predator. I do not know much of either the website nor the show. What I DO know is that going hard after pedophiles is not a BAD thing. I don’t like Dell but I DO like this particular aspect of her character.

Twitter must have liked this too.

So then why do you partner with someone who employs a pedophile (and no I don’t know if he is paid for his work or not but it is semantics in either case, because he works for her).

Remember that bigoted Anita who keeps visiting and having photo ops with you?

So Varis77 is a known and convicted pedophile and Feminist Frequency’s Chat Moderator

But then Feminist Frequency is not the only one having chats to you about how to make Twitter “Safe”.

Zoe Quinn was so SAFE going after The Feminist Group “The Fine Young Capitalists”

You think we should trust her?

Maybe THIS was a one off?

No she likes harassing vulnerable suicidal people

So @Jack you have a bit of a road ahead of you before you can convince anyone that you are either SAFE or TRUSTWORTHY or that your council is anything more than  another instance of you pushing your personal ideology on your platform at expense of anyone with differing views. You are not “protecting anyone” and you are certainly not diverse if you can not hear views differing from your own.

You are NOT a free speech advocate. You are a censor, and you should be ashamed trying to spout anything to the contrary whilst taking these actions.

Oh and there is a VERY good reason your stock is tanking. You are self-sabotaging your company with your actions. By allowing Progressives/Feminists to run around abusing with impunity and jumping over anyone that has a differing opinion, you poison your own company. Yes your stock price will drop and your earnings will drop. Yes I know your cash reserves will insulate you for a good long time, but is it worth it to sell your Progressive vision of Twitter?

IF it is… honest. Don’t call it a Trust and Safety Council, call it “Big Brother”.





Concerns about transparency at SPJ Airplay 2

Well SPJ Airplay is half way funded and its our chance to get a bit more interest from the media (hopefully without the bomb scare to go with it).

We have a panel of Gamergate spokespeople ready to stand up and tell the world, on our behalf, what Gamergate is. It sounds brilliant. It sounds like an opportunity of great potential. Transparency.

I have very real concerns about one of the panelists. @CultofVivian. Now I know you are probably saying “That is no surprise”.

Yes I really don’t like her…

At all…

But I tried to let things go. She is a member and a popular one. My opinions are rarely her own. I find her annoying and yes here there niggled me. BUT something came up all to recently and I need to know whether or not she can be trusted to represent us and who and what we represent.

You may know (unless perhaps you were living under a rock) about the latest drama in Gamergate. If not:

Trying to take down Ralph Retort and the shitty article of Goose’s

And for more fun

Terribly exciting and altered chat logs of Ralph’s chat

Now for those of you who want me to give you a biased view for one “side” or another, NO. Goose’s writing was revolting and inexcuseable. Ralph made a terrible call in allowing it to be published and doubling down on freedom of speech was bad judgment. Now on the other side taking down his Adsense, his Youtube channel and so on? Pretty low. None of these acts were great and none of these things gives anyone the moral righteousness.

Now things have gone to Hell in a handbasket. Especially with release of altered chatlogs. As I mention in the article above IF you want to read them, take them with a grain of salt and read through them with the shameless glee of reading through someone’s diary or love letters or computer file or bank statements. Then laugh, cry, rage to your hearts content BUT then move on.

People are still holding onto shit. Shannon seems to be in the crosshairs now. Why not? Ralph is persona nongrata and she associates with him and so that makes her a terrible person. (And do not for a moment tell me about how she mocked or was horrible about suicide. Everyone has strong individual opinions about euthanasia, abortion and suicide. If you have been affected recently by any of these things, you are likely to react strongly. So….anyone asked Shannon what her experiences have been around this? No? Too invested in yourself and your feelings to ask? Did not care? Wanted to demonise her instead? Why not?)

One of Shannon’s most vocal critics was the aforementioned @cultofvivian

SO the whole bitter “We helped get you a stairlift so we own your values and opinions now, cripple” is not really here nor there. It is an argument. Hurt feelings no doubt on both sides.

BUT look here

Two accusations PUBLICLY on Twitter to Gamergate supporters on both and neither side of the conflict, making a claim that Shannon was crying and complaining that she did not get enough money after getting the $5000.

I remember that time well. Shannon was stoked and over-joyed. It was happier times and no one was miserable or angry.

But Shannon too strongly denies EITHER of these two separate claims.

They are big claims. They are not the general petty squabblings as you saw above them. They are big claims and strike me as two rather ugly lies.


So what? So, IF @cultofvivian is lying over small inconsequentials in Gamergate (and that WAS a Gamergate charity, supported by Gamergate supporters, to a Gamergate supporter) then how can we sincerely trust her with bigger issues? Or how much would be truthful? 95%? 50%? 5%?

Now when I did raise this, I had an orbiting beta called Forrest say this

Now, I am not offended by this. It does strike me as a bit disconcerting. Why? Look at what he leaped to as a default defence. I questioned @cultofvivian lying and in return, I “celebrate making fun of suicide victims”. My request to show any such example fell on deaf ears. The truth is I was mortified by Goose’s article and have NEVER defended that. I have never supported a defence of that. I liked Ash, I still do.

So why this default insult? The answer is simple and worrying.

“If you support X then you must believe Y”

“If I support holding @cultofvivian as accountable to lies she tells, I celebrate making fun of suicide victims”

“If I support Gamergate, I am a misogynist who wants all women out of gaming”

Why are we going down this road? Especially when it is abundantly clear I was NEVER about celebrating making fun of suicide victims?


We need to be able to address things a little more honestly and less Ideologically as the three statements above are. Be less emotional.

If Shannon did make the two claims that I accuse COV of lying about (AND I DO)I will apologise on Twitter and my blog and it will be unconditional.

If not and on the basis of moral standards

I would hope that she steps down and allows room for someone a little more honest. Maybe too for someone who sees more worth in our side and less in Gamerghazi. I want to have an honest Gamergate proponent going in to bat for us.

It could it was merely frayed temper or whatever but loose cannons is not what I want either. There is a time to shut your mouth as CoV knows

Oh and for those that say that others lie. And? Don’t have THEM represent you either. We want good, solid, smart, reliable and honest people to represent us. We ought not settle for second best.



What to be proud of and what legacy not to leave

So 16 months later, I think a bit of taking stock, may be in order for #Gamergate.

Our opposition I express as: Bigger Anti-GG names, The wannabees, The Progressive Press, The institutional backers, and the hordes of ideological SJW followers.

Let’s look at the Bigger names.

Feminist Frequency

Jonathan McIntosh and Anita Sarkeesian have been the biggest success story after 16 months. (All teary stories of harassment and depression aside). They cleaned up in donations, conference circuits, trips to developers, trips to Google, talks at the UN.

That said…..JMac has constantly come across to pretty much everyone as a milksop and unabashed Marxist authoritarian. There is no pretense and his ideological lens is magnified to the point that he comes across as a radical nutjob on first impression to anyone

That leaves the “face” of Feminist Frequency, Anita. I have nothing against larger women. Nothing at all. But damn, it is an issue such rapid weight fluctuations. Its unhealthy. It is a bad mindset.

But then we are talking about the mindset of the brainwashed Feminist Progressive (or blatant ideological fraud if you are less charitable). Personally I think JMac is the bigger issue in Feminist Frequency. I think she is a fraud and con artist. I think she is using Fem Freq to further her notoriety. I think she is a very clever lady.

You may consider that she is stupid because she constantly gets video games wrong and makes errors en masse. Of course she does. She is not REALLY interested in games. She wanted an “in” and she got that. She has manipulated her way into the position she is now and making money hand over fist and will now use that to platform to being a cultural critic, rather than JUST a video game critic. THAT is smart.

That all said, some rather stupid comments  have damaged her a little. Her impact from a year ago is not “quite” what it was. JMac for all his ability to make her look great cannot do the same for himself and is dragging her down a little. The UN talk was a laughfest.

She has done well and we have not seen the last of her. She is rebranding and looking to redirect her efforts. I think the end game may well be in the political arena.

Zoe Quinn 

She has done well out of this ride. From ex-stripper/porno star (?) or was it nude model, I forget? To Hell Dump Something Awful Troll, to Twine Adventure Story sensation (Hahahahaha) to potential memoir-based Autobiographical Screenplay. Not only this but for the last 16 months she has been making a shitload on Patreon ($3000+/month) for doing NOTHING…..and no doubt appearance fees. She has also been hitting up Google and UN to sell her weird perspective.

What about her “homelessness”. She has 4 Wilmer Hale lawyers on her case against Eron. They charge individually up to $750/hour (you do the math). I think it is safe to say that Zoe is a liar.

Now here is where it all goes south a bit for her. The initial charges and gag order against Eron is in serious danger being slammed, to the point she tried to void the charge to save it getting adjudicated on. Her Patreon is falling March 2015 – less than a year ago  and Now

Furthermore her risk of liable for reasons that are blatantly obvious, are REALLY high in respect to both the memoirs and the potential movie.

BUT Zoe looks to me to be doing the smart move. After coming into an industry that she has no skills or talent for, she has won awards, “earned” heaps of cash and sold rights for a fictional novel and rights to a film and is looking to move on like she did when she poisoned other workspaces.

Randi Harper

Like an unflushable turd, Randi has managed to stink up the gaming space and by harassing everyone whilst somehow (words escape me) being oppressed or victimised or some other buzzword.

But she found it a lot tougher than Zoe or Anita or Jmac. Having a face like Spanky Ham and a body like Ummm…this guy? She did not have social capital with respect to appearance. Nor did she have personality or charisma. She also could never stray too far from harassing crap out of someone.

But she had the blockbot. It was something. How she could string this out over 16 months, was an indicator of how “good” she was at hustling. She is very, very good. Are you kidding me? $60 000/year+ For What? (But that is falling dramatically now – Dropping like a rock)
So what does she have now?

Nice Patreon income that will eventually dry up and a blockbot. What about her fall back? She has build her identity around a blockbot and her FreeBSD community connections. Recently she was in effect thrown out of the community, unceremoniously on her bulbous arse.

So her talking circuit will fall. Unlike Zoe she did not cover an end of days fallback position to cash out on and the community that she identified with threw her out. So mixed bag really

Brianna Wu

Hahaha. What a trainwreck. Lie after lie. Attention whoring after attention whoring. How Brianna has stayed relevant enough to warrant attention, is not a testament to her efforts (as it was with the other three) but rather the desperation of Anti-Gamergate to swallow lies and promote a transgender personality, no matter how poisonous their choice was. (Make no mistake Ashley Lynch would have been as poor a choice but Katherine Cross at least has “some” substance to her). But such is the Progressive mindset.

Brianna wants to be two things.

  1. A respected and successful Video Game Developer
  2. A Socio-political Feminist talking head

Maybe she realises now that she should have picked one. She has fucked up both. Now late releasing her failure of a game Rev 60 and a shrinking Patreon, she is in much worse a position than Randi.

Progressive Media

After shitting on their fanbase for so long, what they did NOT expect was for gamers to hit back. Gawker (who happily led the charge against #Gamergate) got a bit bloodied for the experience. It cost them millions.

Now with an imminent lawsuit in the wings against Hulkster and other smaller ones against smaller figures, they are in danger of falling completely. Lay offs HAVE happened and sites in the corporation have been closed down (Valleywag for example).

Will Hulkster fuck them up completely? I don’t think so but I really hope so.

But what about The Mary Sue and The Honey Badgers? That has potential too. Not bankruptcy or liquidation but at least being given a bloody nose for their dishonest ideological bullying.

How is Leigh “I am games journalism: Alexander doing lately? What about the once opinionated and slimy, Ben Kuchera?

We have not even discussed the effect of the ethical compromises having to be made by journalism sites in listing conflict of interest rather than risk trouble.

Big Institutional backers 

Here is the bad news. We have no hurt these guys AT ALL.

The SJWs did not spring from a vacuum. They were well entrenched in the community. IDGA backed a certain Indie developers and this clique was the ones that got/get Progressive Gaming Press’s ear, and awards and grants through the IGF and Indie Grant funding, make for a powerful SJW stronghold.


So in the wash how did we do?

They were already in their strongholds and they went out on the offensive and considering what we were up against with the initial shock and awe and the later siege and war of attrition, we did well.

We dug in, repelled the invaders again and again, then sent them back to their strongholds. We did not have the organisation, finances, structure or numbers to take them on in the strongholds at the home base, but we did not need to.

We got many more runs on the board than they did (as we see above).


However, NOW I see real issues. Not from without BUT from within. People like Devil’s Advocate (Twitter) and FSMhelpsusall (from KIA – same person, maybe?) are trying to have all of Ralph’s advertisers taken down. How? Well by defending things said against certain Anti-GG pedophiles/child rape fantasists. (No there really is not a position to argue this). So they are doing an “enemy of our enemy is a friend”.

Yes its hypocrisy 101. When Ralph was fighting against the people they were and in the way that they approved with and writing and accepting the right articles, it was all good BUT when he made a HUGELY bad call (as I believe he did in allowing the article to be posted when it was – Yes I agree it was repulsive and inappropriate and disrespectful) then suddenly the people THEY and HE were fighting against will be defended by THEM to get at him. Yes you were happy to fight against those people and condemn them until Ralph upset you and you would cite him attacking those people as a defense of those same people.

Its not just that, not nearly. We collectively rallied to strike out at big journalist corporations that chose to condemn gamers collectively and force a Progressive agenda into gaming. Big journalism sites that tried to censor us collectively. They used unethical practices to push their Progressive ideology and authoritarian practices in gaming spaces. We struck out at their advertisers.

Now people like the aforementioned Devil Advocate and FSMhelpsusall are doing exactly the same thing to Ralph and justifying it because “it is just the same”

Except….He isn’t “big journalist corporations”, “condemn(ing) gamers collectively”, “forc(ing) a Progressive agenda into gaming”, “Big journalism sites that tried to censor us collectively”, “use(ing)unethical practices to push their Progressive ideology”, “(using) authoritarian practices in gaming spaces”

SO basically asserting it is similar or the same is a lie and what it REALLY amounts to is more similar to THIS:

“Wild Goose wrote a repulsive article that should never have seen the light of day. Ralph made a very bad call. Whilst not agreeing or excusing the article, chose to print it, as he has done with friend and foe, on his site , and without censor. He doubled down and made this a freedom of speech issue. It was a bad call…………BUT that means he is morally terrible and because he is, he is a monster, and because he is a monster he is not subject to humanity, and nor is anyone who associates with him, including his girlfriend (because she should have had better taste than to date a monster). Because he is a monster, who cares how we treat him or those he cares for or those that care for him. Fuck it. Let’s use those same tactics against Ralph, that worked with Gawker $100 mill corporation vs a blogger that we had a different position than and whilst we are at it let’s defend one of the people we have been fighting against for 16 month…in fact let’s defend one of the most morally reprehensible of them. If it gets him to lose his livelihood, its so worth it. Gamergate is now: an Authoritarian movement which we do not allow personal liberties; we are not concerned with Anti-GG journalism sites but GG blogs; we are not considered with people pushing Authoritarian Progressive agendas on us, but rather we are anti-libertarian and free speech (If it is speech we find reprehensible); we are no longer fighting Anti-GG but using articles on them to strike at people within our movement; Our measure is now who offends us.”

Congrats. Next step is to adopt a blockbot and chum it up with Anti-GG and use new words in our vocabulary like “triggered”, “safe spaces and “goobergraper” (unironically)


Becoming the very thing we fought against for 16 months. Own it and take a bow.

*and to those  that are not dishonest nor stupid, do not back this idiocy. We achieved a lot and for good reason. It was NOT to turn into a caricature of what we were, nor simulacrum of what we fought*