Its all about me….

To be honest I had not known about this page and we are a few months in. This ought not be a surprise for many of you as I am exactly the type of guy who does not mess around with tagging the blog entries or putting adsense on or ads or prettifying the blog in any way.

So who am I?

Well I am a Gamergate supporter. I am a staunch Anti-Feminist. I am an Atheist. I am a middle-aged man from Australia. I am a single Father. Politically (though Australians generally are not that identifying as to Conservative and Liberal generally), I would say that I am “generally” pretty centrist between Conservative and Liberal. I am more Libertarian than anything else.

I am not one to cringe in abject fear from someone disagreeing with me. I do not rage. I am combative by nature and up for a debate or argument any time. But more than this I enjoy throwing my values out there. Want to tell me I am wrong? That is fine. Tell me why you are right too. Let’s thrash it out. Sometimes I will end up agreeing to disagree. Sometimes it turns into a textual slap-fest. Occasionally I will say “You know that is actually a pretty interesting way to look at it. I had never thought of that before”. Values and beliefs are not sacred and protected. Test them and see their worth.

I don’t believe that anyone person is unable to be wrong in anything nor unable to be questioned or called out. I may like you. You may be “on my side” in things, but I will call out shit things when I see them or I see the necessity in doing so. No sacred cows.

If you hadn’t worked out, I am a crotchety, cantankerous old bastard.

I do appreciate you taking the time to see who I was and what I am about. Enjoy the blog. Please believe me I plan to do the site up a bit after my inertia and apathy alleviates.


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