I have a theory

Hillary is ahead on the general election polls.

She has beaten Bernie and his supporters have not got the result they are after. They are unhappy now and will be more angry after tomorrow and more angry after July convention when she becomes the Nominee.

Then what you will find is that the percentage difference between her and Trump will increase as she secures her base and starts winning over the disenfranchised Bernie supporters. (many will NOT vote out of principle and a few will drift to Trump).

If you are a Trump supporter, this consolidation will be a HUGE hurdle.

There is an unconventional answer. It is a little bit left field. Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. It is a strange choice. I third party neither democratic nor republican. It will draw heavily from the democratic party and a little bit from the Trump side. In actuality their policies are about 75% Sanders. They are also likely to have a base of around 10%.

If we are to break this down into approximate terms then at present we would be nationally looking at, maybe:

5% donkey votes

10% Libertarian

41% Trump

44% Hillary.

If we concluded that few in the pro-Sanders would drift to Trump and that MOST would not vote with the next greatest majority casting their vote at the democratic nominee, then you are seeing that the benefit to Trump is minimal.

IF you convince the Bernie supporters to vote for the man who is pushing 75% of their man’s policies, it is like a watered down way to keep their dream alive somewhat AND be a thorn in Hillary;s side. It would not mean they would be forced to discard their vote or put it into a candidate that they actively disliked. What is more, at 10% base BEFORE Bernie supporters, it would have the potential to shake up the campaign.

If Hillary slightly edges out Bernie in total votes and Hillary slightly leads Trump, then what would a slight deficit (Bernie) PLUS 10% look like?

I am thinking that would look more like:

5% donkey votes

25% Libertarian

34% Hillary

36% Trump

Remember Libertarians steal votes off Trump at a rate that is LESS than Democrats. It would be a much more exciting race and would make the Libertarian party a force in America. No more two party system, Donald Trump for President, Hillary denied the chance to be the criminal President she wanted to be, a weakening of the Liberal base.

IF you ARE a Trump supporter, consider this. Libertarians WILL NOT win. No more likely than Sanders winning. Though 3% seems like a small percentage lead, when you talk in terms of millions of voting Americans, it is HUGE. 2% difference may be a protracted scandal. The percentage gains within a primary race will NOT happen in the general election especially along political differences.

Therefore you need a third alternative that will rob your opponent of more percentage points than you. The obvious choice is the Libertarian Party and the obvious source is the most easily converted voters, are the disenfranchised

THIS is the kind of comment “I” will peddle:

Get the word out. IF Bernie is robbed, then don’t reward Hillary, don’t not vote. There is a third alternativehttp://www.theblaze.com/stories/2016/05/31/libertarian-presidential-candidate-i-agree-with-sanders-on-73-percent-of-the-issues/
It may sound left field, BUT Gary Johnson represents the Libertarian movement that can already lock in 10%. of the election vote. Imagine if every Bernie voter after the election DID NOT go to Hillary and did NOT abstain in protest or waste votes in donkey votes?

Do the numbers Donald Trump is just shy of Hillary. Bernie just shy of Hillary.
Now add “just shy of Hillary with 10% in the bag and you have a three way contest!

But more than this. Libertarians are NOT establishment and are NOT republicans. Gary Johnson is right about three quarters of the policies align with Bernie.

Bernie pushed so very hard even though it looks as though everything was against him and rigged, because he wants attention and consideration to his policies.

Support Johnson after the primaries (Bernie WILL lose the establishment WILL make sure of it) and allow the majority of his policies to survive the lose through Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party. Get the numbers up and make the other two parties bend the knee to them, to Bernie’s policies!

Vote for Gary in the General election and keep team Bernie alive. Do it for Bernie

Up to you guys. Tell me what you think.





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