Okay this may be a little bit evil BUT IF you are a Game of Thrones fan…

Tormund Giantsbane is obviously very interested in Brienne of Tarth. Brienne is a little repulsed by the Wilding’s affections. Its fun, awkward and dare I say it “cute”.

The usual culprit “Progressive outlets” have peddled crap about Game of Thrones and its “misogyny” and “sexism” and such. Whilst there was barely a raised eyebrow when Theon was tortured and castrated, there was a veritable uproar when Sansa was raped. The same when Danaeyres was raped. Yet Oberyn having his eyes gouged out and his head crushed slowly in the Mountain’s hands seemed mundane in comparison, apparently.

There were of course the usual whines of weak and submissive female characters and strong dominating male characters. They all said how great Sansa was and anyone who saw Sansa as ordinary and average were sexist. She was underrated.

That too was crap. Arya and Dani are two of the cast favourites up there with Tyrion and John Snow. Tyrion, Bronn and Arya are my favourites.

There may be a small window of a possibility for a bit of fun. The progressive outlets are having a bit of fun “shipping” Tormund and Brienne.
They are doing the usual “get a room” and talking about the “couple” and in very mushy romantic terms.

By their own “values” and “rules”, we would be obliged to ask them why they are treating Tormund and Brienne as a couple. I mean IF Brienne is showing no interest in Tormund and they are treating these two as a couple and telling them to “get a room” and such, then aren’t these people disregarding Brienne’s lack of interest? In fact they are treating her as a disempowered object to be acted upon and therefore if they are encouraging her to be part of a “couple” of who she has no wish being part of and get a room to have sex in….then is this no encouraging rape?

Hey…we did not make the rules. If these SJW outlets are going to apply stupid standards, we really ought to stick it to them when they fail with consistency. So why do it? Because simply IF you morally virtue signal along these lines you may get a few nibbles in the SJW camp if you link it to a few SJW outlet articles. Get a few more bitesĀ and it COULD result inĀ landing some real fun as SJWs start eating each other.

I love seeing them fight each other. So find a few articles and go fishing on social media. Good luck