Donald Bloody Trump!

Okay, who was triggered!

Okay so there are some VERY good reasons not to be a fan of Donald Trump. He is not very Presidential. He has no experience. He talks in sound bytes and absolutes and appeals to the lowest denominator. He says a lot of things that on the face of things are pretty inexcusable and beg for some context or clarification to save him from bigotry.

So is he a saviour or Hitler? I know this is an outlandish view, but I see him as something somewhere inbetween. He annoys and captivates me. I WANT him to get to 1237 JUST to stick a finger up to the force which tried every trick in the book to stop him. Both side of the debate (GOP and the Democrats) have done everything in their power to mock, ridicule, smear, misrepresent and lie about him and yet he has hung in there. He DESERVES a chance to run as the Republican Nominee.

So I hope he wins? Yes!

But hang on, am I a closet trump fan? No I am pragmatic. GOP needs to be taught a lesson and so establishment Conservatives I am not interested in, Cruz and Kasich are ball-spoilers, Hillary is EVIL, and that leaves someone who is unlikely to win nomination and is nice, affable and ultimately deluded.

The thing that most people fail to register is that Sanders has a VERY clear idea of politics and its mechanism and has been a staunch Socialist all his life and his Progressive agenda is something that he would push like Hell in the White House. Hillary is a Career Criminal. No exaggeration. What about Donald? Okay let’s look VERY closely at him. NON-POLITICIAN. So when you strip away is bluster and bullshit….what do you get when he enters the white house? An empty shell. Does this scare shit out of you? It shouldn’t. Trump will not be surrounded by Yes men that scurry off to do his bidding like some minion of an arch villain in any cheap Hollywood movie. He will be surrounded by competent advisors. He will grow into the role. I thin his will be a moderate leadership not out of will but the lack of ability, experience and knowledge to do otherwise.

That sounds okay to me.

Let it NOT be Hillary.

I am watching this bloke closely and even as an Australian with no “skin in the game” I find myself watching the Primaries and seeing him win and mentally pumping my fist at his every win. For me he is the embodiment of the pushback against political correctness and the social justice police. The identity politics crowd and the neutered establishment on both sides, I want to see him do damage to it all. I do not care the reasons or who gets hurt or upset. I do not care if he is lynched. As long as he does shake up the status quo and make them adapt, all good


Go Trump. I am on the Trump express and I will happily ride it off a cliff for the “greater good”.




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