Countering the SJWs

David Auerbach is a man I sometimes agree with who writes for a site I mostly loathe (Slate). He wrote about the Social Justice Warriors recently and said that they were losing force (paraphrased). I disagree. Entirely.

We can look at things like the false rape claims on US campuses as a pie in the face for Progressives. We can see the colossal tear-fest with the Donald Trump campaign. We can see the Mizzou and Yale meltdowns and the Black Lives Matters nutcases and say “Now everyone sees what they are like”. we can also see the inability for Progressives to take responsibility for the inability to examine immigration policies and accept where the issue with Cologne comes from.

But Progressives are not on the outs. Not even nearly. The pandering in schools and academia generally has not abated despite law suits and bad publicity. Donald Trump is not going to win and I don’t know whether I am happy about that or not. Germany and other European countries are doubling  down on immigration and the Progressive stack seems to finally place a certain minority above the majority minority of women.

But here is where it gets even worse. Facebook and Twitter have thrown their lot in with the Progressives as much as the Progressives Press has. When the light is shown on the Progressives and we see them at their very worst, they double down and the media, academia and now the social media platform, no platforms “bad ideas”.

When private (non-Government) platforms are run by people with a specific ideology and they choose to run their platforms in a manner that is not fair and dishonest and biased….that is actually their right, AS LONG as they don’t break laws.

They WERE losing on one front and they has readjusted the power balance. Now comes the aggressive censoring and then using their clout to push away any dissenting opinions and push into other areas.

With HUGE public information channels under their sway. Academia, Wikipedia, Progressive Media, Social media juggernauts and other less influential channels all poisoning the general public and pushing into other spheres such as UN, politics and the like, what hope have the rest of us got?

Well….none, we are finished and over.

Not, really. We do have a fight on our hands though. What Gamergate faced (and I believe faced down) is what society at large is facing. Last year was about shining the light on the situation and making everyone aware. Any one saying now “What Progressives?” or “What authoritarianism?” is ill-informed to the point of being under a rock or are a complete liar and being deliberately disingenuous.

It is there and too difficult to pretend it does not exist. It is simply a matter of choosing a side. It is a pivotal time in Western civilisation. If you think this sounds at all melodramatic….it really isn’t. The problem is that these ideologues have made every effort NOT to be constrained by such elementary considerations as reason and rationality. They are the entitled middle class that write platitudes to the woes of privilege on their latest Mac Book Pros, whilst sipping their latte. They have never had tough times or had to draw on inner resources. As a result, they are thin-skinned and given to being “triggered”. They have never been told that they are not exceptional and so they are smug, arrogant and absolutely convinced of their moral and intellectual superiority. Without tough times they focus on mindlessly unimportant fantasy of microaggressions.  Because they are ineffectual human beings with no internal fortitude and are effectively infants in their ability to handle criticism, they NEED an Authoritarian to protect them from things that may leech into their world and possibly upset them.

The obvious example of this is what I believe was their test case, their “canary down thew coal mine”, Guthrie vs Elliot. Now many of you will possibly still be rejoicing. Elliot won. Really? What was the net effect on both parties. How much did HE suffer compared to them (taking away the fact that IF he lost it would be undeniably worse)? They charged him of a bogus crime and did far worse for him. He won and they got more supporters, more publicity and he in turn was made unemployable in his industry, incurred $100 000 debt and banned from the internet for 3 years. He won though, so yay!?

You HAVE to believe there is NO line these ideologically driven shitheads will not step over. THAT is their one downfall.This is their BIG weakness. Like the Puritans who religious zealots who defend their ideology too far, do not know (or care when they do) that they transgress laws and what will be excusable in public conversation.

An example is the supposed rapes Bill Cosby has allegedly committed. I was taken in initially by the proliferation of media citing Bill as a despicable rapist. However the more I look into this the more it is simply trial of public opinion. This will not likely make it to court before it implodes. If it does make it to court, it will not survive his lawyer Monica Pressley. The number of these people who have given false testimony (Such as one witness claiming that they saw him at certain time at an airport and he looked at her with disgust…..only he was not in the airport at that time and is functionally blind). Doesn’t stop the Progressive Press “believing the victim” without ascertaining who IS the victim (appears more and more to be Bill Cosby). Now Cosby is filing lawsuits for defamation. GOOD!

I think this is how to deal with these scumbags. Hulk Hogan is going for it. Honey Badgers too. Eron Gjoni is and Hulkster is. They cannot help but be too arrogant and zealous to push the boundaries. To them the allure of virtue signalling their moral and intellectual superiority and their dedication to the cause is greater than their want to comply strictly with the law and pay attention to whether they incur on these laws.

Call them on their shit always. Always look for where they cross the line as they will continue to do and punish them. Sue them and DON’T give them let-off retractions. Report them if they do what they would report us in a heartbeat for. Grind crap out of them. Have fun whilst doing so. Mock them. Counter their bullshit with fact and do not be apologetic.

Oh and if you are American, vote for Trump. No, I am not a Trump fan (I think he is an entitled, arrogant, boorish, blowhard bully who would not be able to lead a country) because it will send a very clear message to the Republican and Democratic establishment that they have ignored your concerns too long. No other candidate will spur them both into action like this bucket of cold water to the face.




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