Open Letter to @jack

Okay @Jack. So now you have decided that we could do with a bit of safety and have set up the “Trust and Safety Council”.

Great! How the Hell you have gauged what constitutes Safety for someone like me, I have no idea? But let me give you some assistance in this.

I do not want the platform to be driven by people that support leaders of organisations that support racist behaviour and violent protests

Does this guy help drive Twitter?

I also understand that you are firm on your position that threatening tweets will result in banning if reported. I know THIS was reported

But his target was on the wrong side of Twitter’s bias

The instances of YOUR platform’s ability to turn a blind eye from abuse doled out by people of the same ideological and/or political persuasion is vast and being a Progressive/Feminist inclined user seems to give one carte blanche.

Even against old men and their families. Shame on you!

But it gets better (depending on your perception) than this, you actually give cover and (if I understand correctly), partner with people like this

No ban for this

Wow. No banning here either

Nor for this Goddamn trainwreck of malice

Oh and here is the punchline, Jack

How much did you feed this serial Abuser, Jack? No wonder she’s not banned

Bet it was a lot, huh?

Secret contacts are great for abusers sharing your ideology, right? What about their victims though?

Okay but that is just one person and the relationship not THAT strong. Its not like its Feminist Frequency or anything , right?

So….bigoted against the Japanese But maybe this was simply a one off and just a slightly inappropriate slip of tongue. Its not like she said similar bigoted things about other groups right?

Segregation of black people is great? What does Deray think of that? You are his mate, you could ask him

Oh, and directly after a tragic gun shooting, what did this “lady” have to say about half the population?

Bigotry, thy name is Anita

And THIS is your partner? Anita and Jonathan McIntosh to make us safer??? We are to Trust THEM?

Dell Harvey is who I keenly suspect is the one behind the “extra support” given to Randi Harper above (whilst Randi attacked others on Twitter with impunity). But this is not the totality of Dell. She used to be very big in the fight against pedophiles. In fact her very profile and platform was based around this identity. Her anti-pedophile work was in Perverted Justice and To Catch a Predator. I do not know much of either the website nor the show. What I DO know is that going hard after pedophiles is not a BAD thing. I don’t like Dell but I DO like this particular aspect of her character.

Twitter must have liked this too.

So then why do you partner with someone who employs a pedophile (and no I don’t know if he is paid for his work or not but it is semantics in either case, because he works for her).

Remember that bigoted Anita who keeps visiting and having photo ops with you?

So Varis77 is a known and convicted pedophile and Feminist Frequency’s Chat Moderator

But then Feminist Frequency is not the only one having chats to you about how to make Twitter “Safe”.

Zoe Quinn was so SAFE going after The Feminist Group “The Fine Young Capitalists”

You think we should trust her?

Maybe THIS was a one off?

No she likes harassing vulnerable suicidal people

So @Jack you have a bit of a road ahead of you before you can convince anyone that you are either SAFE or TRUSTWORTHY or that your council is anything more than  another instance of you pushing your personal ideology on your platform at expense of anyone with differing views. You are not “protecting anyone” and you are certainly not diverse if you can not hear views differing from your own.

You are NOT a free speech advocate. You are a censor, and you should be ashamed trying to spout anything to the contrary whilst taking these actions.

Oh and there is a VERY good reason your stock is tanking. You are self-sabotaging your company with your actions. By allowing Progressives/Feminists to run around abusing with impunity and jumping over anyone that has a differing opinion, you poison your own company. Yes your stock price will drop and your earnings will drop. Yes I know your cash reserves will insulate you for a good long time, but is it worth it to sell your Progressive vision of Twitter?

IF it is… honest. Don’t call it a Trust and Safety Council, call it “Big Brother”.






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