Jesse Singal is an idiot BUT……

…he did write a terrific article on Dr Zucker and the Progressive ideologically driven travesty surrounding Dr Zucker’s dismissal.

I do not like Jesse and you will not hear me say much good about him. I will not link that article (No doubt a quick Google of his name and Dr Zucker’s will find it for you quick enough). I think that the beatdown by Progressives that he is getting is misrepresented and dishonest (usual fare for the Progressives). I do also think whilst there are other people in their camp, I would love to see getting textually slapped around by their peers, he certainly rates up there somewhere.

What I hope to talk about is the Transgender issue. There is most certainly an issue. That issue is that Progressives have unilaterally decided that they know what is best for all Transgendered people.

“Transgenderism is to be celebrated and those that identify are to be considered brave. They absolutely should be allowed and encouraged to transition. They are absolutely born in the wrong body and shame on you if you say otherwise. You are not allowed to have a differing viewpoint and IF you do, you are transphobic”

Of course the big problem here is that we don’t know. At all. It could be that Transgenderism is inflexible or flexible state of being. Transgenderism  may be informed by psychiatric conditions or simply a neurological difference. Transgenderism could have elements of the nature and nurture. Transgenderism may mean that someone who identifies one day as more feminine may perhaps decades later suddenly identify as more masculine (or  visa versa). It may even be that different “types” of transgenderism exist or that it informs itself in different ways with different people.

The Progressives have made those calls already. They advocate for their view to be THE view and will rail against anyone who disagrees. But there are a few real problem with this.

Do you remember being a child or even a teenager for that matter? We did not think as adults do and you only need to listen to a couple of children on the bus to know that their worldview is not particularly informed and they are not ready to take on the mantle of adulthood and the responsibilities and decisions that come with this. It is OUR role to look after those interests. Let kids slowly evolve into the adults they want to be with just enough boundaries and protections to keep them safe.

When you start suggesting hormone blockers and readying kids for transition, that scares shit out of me. I am a Father of two children both teenagers and to me that is not letting them evolve or keeping them safe or finding their way. That would be me forcing my idea of what and who they ought to become and having an adult conversation with a child. As a parent I second guess myself constantly because I do not want to be 10 or 20 years down the track and have my children say “You did me wrong. I needed something other than you were giving me and could not tell you because I was a kid. You ought to have stepped up to the plate, but you did not take the lead.”

As you may know I am not a Christian. I am an Atheist. My kids believe in God. I naturally, have spoken to my children of my beliefs and heard them out and made sure what they believe is not harmful or distressing to them. I find nothing “wrong” with their beliefs. They are not mine but okay. We can co-exist with different views and experiences. Now if my kids were gay. I would hear out why they thought what they thought and explain how I felt. As long as they were safe and protected that would be okay (I would not want them distressed, self-loathing, getting bullied or being hurt). My job as parent would not be to force my view of sexual identity on them. But rather give them a safe and protected environment to grow up AND be gay. The same too would be if my children were transgender.

Forcing drugs and delaying puberty and getting surgery is forcing an expectation and as damaging in my mind as forcing the child to be an adult or in fact forcing a cisgender person to be transgender or a transperson to be cisgender. That is not our role as parents and adults in society.

The “Oh your so brave” for being transgender and giving Transgender people a platform. In almost all cases I am suspicious of it. Why? Some Transgender people are likely brave. Others perhaps not so much. Some will be intelligent and worth listening to and others as dumb as a rock. Some will be good people and others terrible. Giving undue credit to anyone BECAUSE they are Transgender is a concern.

I DO think there are brilliant people who happen to also transgender. I can’t see that one would inform the other. Same as we will have brilliant black, white, Asian and whomever else. You will have brilliant gay and straight people. The fact that someone is Transgender ought not be a platform, unto itself. I would hope most people are not that shallow.

What is Transgenderism and what causes it? We still don’t know. I have heard arguments from Progressives and from people like Milo Yiannapolous but I think that it is likely a complex issue and that many, many people are born with a solid belief that they are in the wrong body and of the right temperament to undergo transitioning and evolve close to self-actualisation. BUT there are many who are not and don’t. Suicide rates are astronomical. This is a BIG problem.

I am not sadist nor a cruel person. I do not want for people who may be in a bad place or unwell to be forced into radical surgery and find at the end of it, they are not happy and want to “transition back”. Or little kids to grow out of a gender opposition phase and find that those pills they had for years radically altered their bodies and they were now not going to be quite the men their peers were or women their peers were.

I think the Progressives leave no measure of gray for these people. What happens when the celebration and support and lack of questioning from the Progressives has transitioned people saying. “I got it wrong?”. Is it a case of accepting the praises when they get it right and ignoring them if they do not fit the mold and if they get it wrong?

I personally think that there is likely room in the Transgender spectrum for:

  1. Mentally unwell people who are not Transgender in any real sense.
  2. Children and Teenagers experimenting with identity and discovering themselves.
  3. Gender Fluidness of some degree. Where people may identify as one gender or another throughout their lives.
  4. People with hatred of their body not specific to Transgenderism.
  5. People who are neurologically wired to a different gender. Transgendered people as we stereotypically perceive them.

So transitioning and drugs and surgery all potentially works really well for the last type of people in the Transgender spectrum but I worry that if we treat everyone identifying as Transgender as if they were that last class, then we are being both irresponsible and dangerously harmful and the rates of suicide will remain high no matter how many times we call Caitlyn Jenner brave or plaster her on magazines.

We need a serious conversation about this and more research. It is dangerous, harmful, and so very stupid for any ideology to take hold of this and push it like Progressives do and like Dr Zucker’s employers did.

I want what I think most people want and that is for Transgender people to get the best that they can out of life and rise to their fullest potential. I don’t give a damn if that ultimately means they have surgery or don’t, or take blockers, or decide not to transition. I don’t give a damn. As long as collectively we all evolve  our understanding honestly and openly, the suicide rate drops and we can stop treating them as either freaks or special snowflakes. Normal is good. Moving from “Hi I am a Transgendered person and my name is Mary” to “Hi my name is Mary, and by the way, I am Transgendered” to “Hi my name is Mary”.

In closing. Jesse Singal is an idiot. He supported Progressives until he did one dangerous misstep, in telling the truth, and was unpersoned. He deserves every bit of vitriol for his past indiscretions. The research and understanding of Transgenderism is not all understood and Progressive are arseholes when they claim this. They are worse than this when they pile on and insult non-Jesse Singals for proclaiming that we need to know more and understand more.





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