Concerns about transparency at SPJ Airplay 2

Well SPJ Airplay is half way funded and its our chance to get a bit more interest from the media (hopefully without the bomb scare to go with it).

We have a panel of Gamergate spokespeople ready to stand up and tell the world, on our behalf, what Gamergate is. It sounds brilliant. It sounds like an opportunity of great potential. Transparency.

I have very real concerns about one of the panelists. @CultofVivian. Now I know you are probably saying “That is no surprise”.

Yes I really don’t like her…

At all…

But I tried to let things go. She is a member and a popular one. My opinions are rarely her own. I find her annoying and yes here there niggled me. BUT something came up all to recently and I need to know whether or not she can be trusted to represent us and who and what we represent.

You may know (unless perhaps you were living under a rock) about the latest drama in Gamergate. If not:

Trying to take down Ralph Retort and the shitty article of Goose’s

And for more fun

Terribly exciting and altered chat logs of Ralph’s chat

Now for those of you who want me to give you a biased view for one “side” or another, NO. Goose’s writing was revolting and inexcuseable. Ralph made a terrible call in allowing it to be published and doubling down on freedom of speech was bad judgment. Now on the other side taking down his Adsense, his Youtube channel and so on? Pretty low. None of these acts were great and none of these things gives anyone the moral righteousness.

Now things have gone to Hell in a handbasket. Especially with release of altered chatlogs. As I mention in the article above IF you want to read them, take them with a grain of salt and read through them with the shameless glee of reading through someone’s diary or love letters or computer file or bank statements. Then laugh, cry, rage to your hearts content BUT then move on.

People are still holding onto shit. Shannon seems to be in the crosshairs now. Why not? Ralph is persona nongrata and she associates with him and so that makes her a terrible person. (And do not for a moment tell me about how she mocked or was horrible about suicide. Everyone has strong individual opinions about euthanasia, abortion and suicide. If you have been affected recently by any of these things, you are likely to react strongly. So….anyone asked Shannon what her experiences have been around this? No? Too invested in yourself and your feelings to ask? Did not care? Wanted to demonise her instead? Why not?)

One of Shannon’s most vocal critics was the aforementioned @cultofvivian

SO the whole bitter “We helped get you a stairlift so we own your values and opinions now, cripple” is not really here nor there. It is an argument. Hurt feelings no doubt on both sides.

BUT look here

Two accusations PUBLICLY on Twitter to Gamergate supporters on both and neither side of the conflict, making a claim that Shannon was crying and complaining that she did not get enough money after getting the $5000.

I remember that time well. Shannon was stoked and over-joyed. It was happier times and no one was miserable or angry.

But Shannon too strongly denies EITHER of these two separate claims.

They are big claims. They are not the general petty squabblings as you saw above them. They are big claims and strike me as two rather ugly lies.


So what? So, IF @cultofvivian is lying over small inconsequentials in Gamergate (and that WAS a Gamergate charity, supported by Gamergate supporters, to a Gamergate supporter) then how can we sincerely trust her with bigger issues? Or how much would be truthful? 95%? 50%? 5%?

Now when I did raise this, I had an orbiting beta called Forrest say this

Now, I am not offended by this. It does strike me as a bit disconcerting. Why? Look at what he leaped to as a default defence. I questioned @cultofvivian lying and in return, I “celebrate making fun of suicide victims”. My request to show any such example fell on deaf ears. The truth is I was mortified by Goose’s article and have NEVER defended that. I have never supported a defence of that. I liked Ash, I still do.

So why this default insult? The answer is simple and worrying.

“If you support X then you must believe Y”

“If I support holding @cultofvivian as accountable to lies she tells, I celebrate making fun of suicide victims”

“If I support Gamergate, I am a misogynist who wants all women out of gaming”

Why are we going down this road? Especially when it is abundantly clear I was NEVER about celebrating making fun of suicide victims?


We need to be able to address things a little more honestly and less Ideologically as the three statements above are. Be less emotional.

If Shannon did make the two claims that I accuse COV of lying about (AND I DO)I will apologise on Twitter and my blog and it will be unconditional.

If not and on the basis of moral standards

I would hope that she steps down and allows room for someone a little more honest. Maybe too for someone who sees more worth in our side and less in Gamerghazi. I want to have an honest Gamergate proponent going in to bat for us.

It could it was merely frayed temper or whatever but loose cannons is not what I want either. There is a time to shut your mouth as CoV knows

Oh and for those that say that others lie. And? Don’t have THEM represent you either. We want good, solid, smart, reliable and honest people to represent us. We ought not settle for second best.




11 thoughts on “Concerns about transparency at SPJ Airplay 2

  1. Oh how lovely you used my tweet you celebrater of suicide jokes. Presenter of concern! She is the best representer especially compared to fucks like you and Ralph.

    Your opinion is less then second best. It’s trash, and you can take your suicide shit elsewhere.


    • Well man in green. It’s a big claim. Now I know that I have not ever celebrated suicide. Not once. Not ever. So it’s an empty claim.

      But because I am transparent and honest, I am willing to post a blog post to unconditionally apologise to Cult of Vivian IF she can show that Shannon was crying for more money and saying $5000 is not enough.

      I will unconditionally apologise to you too if you show any instance of me celebrating suicide.

      I am nothing but fair. You have my blog and my twitter handle so my timeline are at your disposal.

      Now IF you find it exceedingly difficult to prove and if in fact you get more evidence showing my position was the opposite, I hope you have the testicular courage and genuineness to admit you were wrong, you lied and apologise unconditionally. Fairs fair


      • Make sure you make your apology article out to @a_man_in_green_ @forestelfwick and CoV Jennifer Dawe Oliver Campbell and Ashton and Lily and learn to treat the fallen with an ounce of respect yoy piece of trash.


  2. Sure. Right when Shannon ralph goose and all others involved apologize for accusations of gravestanding and not grieving right. I hope you understand fair is fair and all that you pathetic worm.


  3. No you made a very specific claim that I celebrated suicide.
    Back that shit up or unconditionally apologise.

    What Ralph or Goose or anyone else says is irrelevant to me or the claim you made against me.

    I did see that tweet you showed me and it in no way supports either your claim nor Cult of Vivian’s. Your ramble after that was meaningless.

    Again, are you able to back YOUR claim against me and if not, do you have the testicular fortitude and courage to apologise unconditionally, as I will be if proven wrong?

    No more deflection. Own it or crawl away like the worm you project at me


  4. You showed me a tweet. I read the tweet. I don’t know what you imagine you are showing me.

    Cultofvivian made to very explicit claims. Claims that this tweet does not remotely evidence. Those two claims were that Shannon “cried $5000 was not enough” AND “complained we did not give here enough and other things”

    Now you can “call my bluff”, excuse her, yell spittle-laced insults at your computer monitor or whatever you like BUT unless you have the evidence the Cultofvivian’s claims are correct, I’m not interested in random tweets of Shannon’s.

    Now as for you, my favourite orbiting beta. Do you have the testicular fortitude and courage to admit YOU lied?

    Many people may have celebrated suicide or not. You don’t need to show me what anyone else has said about suicide or not. You accused me. YOU lied when you accused ME of celebrating suicide.

    Have the balls to back it. If you can’t, have the balls to apologise.


    • You and your troll pals will never be in a place to demand apology. Fuck your petty shit, fuck your suicide jokes. Fuck you all in general. Have a nice life go fuck yourself.

      Oh and what was it your pal ralph said?

      Fuck being nice.

      So no apologies are deserved. None are required. As far as I’m concerned anyone can make any false accusations they like against you fucking lowlifes.

      Go ahead and screen cap that by the way. Go tell your pals Ralph and the like. Give me a good laugh.

      You want to make suicide a joke? You want to have a laugh about it? Don’t be surprised when someone fucking wrecks your face if you do it in real life. Don’t be shocked when the judge finds you to be inciting violence.

      You see, death and suicide, it’s effects on those left behind? Is well documented. And shit stains like Shannon who laugh about it, and did imply the money wasn’t enough.

      are in no position for apology. And neither are you for defending their shittiness. Irrelevance suits your final moments in #GamerGate go become the SJWS I know you want to be.


      • You keep this irrational line of reasoning. Why are you telling me to make jokes about suicide. I have never done that and do not suspect I will ever be inclined to.

        You have accused me of that and then cannot back your claim? Why because I don’t joke about suicide. Suicide is a tragedy. So again I don’t know why you are preaching to the converted on this.

        You keep posting that tweet at me. Is that another tweet of Shannon neither complaining nor crying that $5000 isn’t enough? If so I can’t imagine why you think I’d be interested in it.


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