We NEED to play by the “rules”….What? No we don’t.

I can not tell you how much it shits me that “moderates” in Gamergate (whether it is the Feminist moderates like Cult of Vivian or the Reddit mods of Kotakuinaction – trying desperately to make sure no offense is seen) try to  “nanny” us and tell us that we have to be “better” than the opposition and not “sink to their level” or be “as bad as them”.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear those words, what I hear is “they can do whatever they like but we have to play with a hand behind our back. We have to take their slings and arrows and not give back.”

Furthermore (Do NOT tell me yo have not seen this) but when we are righteously enraged and firing salvos back at these disgusting creatures, our own moderates WILL tone police or play morality police with us. Watch it happening. A disgusting pedophile will start lying or misrepresenting us and we will have the temerity to give them shit back and misgender them as a level of disrespect and the WE will get ATTACKED by OUR OWN SIDE.

Wrap your head around this. Why? Because moderates have decided in their vacuous heads, that you can make an omelette without cracking eggs. That if the other side acts without any moral check and with impunity that we are necessarily stymied. They would RATHER their own compatriots taking unanswered hit after hit without retaliation if we are seen as responding in a way that could be seen as “unprofessional”, “not nice”, “immature”, or whatever. Being the moral guardians and adjudicators of fair play, they see fit to criticise their own allies whilst ignoring the actions of their opponents.


I hope that last phrase is understandable. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

The reason these Progressive pieces of shit get ANY traction is being “moderate” people give them the benefit of the doubt.

Anyone with a brain in their heads knows the answer to these issues. College kids rants and protest and scream obscenities at a Professor and demand this and that and claim that the Professor has no place at the University. What should have happened the next day is a letter should have been sent to the student concerned saying that they were identified as bringing the University into disrupted and the University decided that they were unsuited to the University culture or environment and their tenure was terminated immediately. Any further access to courses or entry to the grounds would involve police prosecution.

We know that this was NOT the reaction. Because this is not the reaction, we see more and more craziness as students dictate what the university and staff should teach and act and conduct themselves. Sorry kids, but how about go fuck yourselves?

I want to see more Eron Gjoni cases, where rabid Feminists are called into account for their lies. I want to see more Honey Badgers vs Mary Sue and Calgary expo and more Gregory Elliott.I want the rest of society to be exposed an  to wake up and smell the stench of this pervasive Progressive authoritarian gangrene in society. I want those attacked to push back and take these arseholes out.

I want them exposed, shamed, ruined, and discredited. I do not think that there is ANY need for US to be the nice guys in this and history proves if we are nice, they will misrepresent or outright lie about us and if anyone, in any way associated (no matter how tenuously) does ANYTHING that could be at all construed as bad, then ALL of Gamergate is somehow of EXACTLY the same motive, intent, morality, understanding……FUCK IT! Fuck them. I am about past caring. They want to accuse us of being this that or the other? We will cop the accusation regardless. Gloves off, why endorse nice. Why not be the arseholes they have accused us of being for the last 14-15 months? Honestly, why not?


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