Turn that mirror

Isn’t it funny when something you know generally to be wrong is so articulated so simply and beautifully? I am no fan of Dinesh D’Souza. But …..damn! He does such a beautiful job here.

The setting is a talk at a university. The antagonists are upper middle class, Progressive, young adults, that are attending a prestigious college. Entitled brats who believe in the superiority of their intellect and morality….as if the Progressives (aka social justice warriors) come any other way.

Their spokesperson, Tommy, is as articulate as he is ideologically driven, and as weaselly as he is hypocritical. All done in the least offensive way as can condescendingly be achieved (and why not, he is morally and intellectually superior and smugly so).

It was beautiful. What was even better is that he saw Dinesh coming and Dinesh did not alter course or disguise his approach. He boxed him in and ran straight over the top of Tommy.

Dinesh’s premise on a superficial level is kind of awesome. IF you advocate against various supposed inequities and that people of a certain class, gender, race, sexual preference or what have you, possess AND YOU possess that, you must be prepared to sacrifice the benefits you gain from such privilege. Otherwise you are a hypocrite and your words are hot air.

That is a sensible result of logic. If you are Tommy and whining about the fact that white people in America benefit from the history of African American slave ownership, and that there is a measurable monetary inequity and a social inequity, AND that HE as a white person gets privilege, then surely he is advocating that he is in possession of illicit benefits. IF he is and he sees this inequity and he advocates against it, then there is NO point him impressing the evil of this retaining of benefits without HIM FIRST giving up HIS benefits.

Tommy can’t see this. Tommy likes to tell others what to do and mitigate for others without risking his own.

But here is the kicker. Isn’t that Social Justice Warriors all over? Think about EVERY Male SJW you have seen? IF they believe they are at the top of the heap and acknowledge that they are more privileged and well off and are recipients of all of this benefit, why do they not make like the hippies, give away the social and material benefits they have? Give it to the blacks, gays, women, transgendered, and disabled? Wouldn’t that make them REAL Progressives? By not, are they simply being hypocrites? Aren’t they JUST like Tommy?

What about the all too common upper middle class, well educated, white Feminist Progressive female? Are they commenting on Poor women? Black Women? Are they no better than their White Male counterparts? I mean they too, surely are part of the same social benefits and by the same rationale, the crimes of their ancestors can be visited on them too. Also their social capital is side effect of their ancestors’ decisions. So are THEY going to give up their money, income, positions of power, influence or place in society?

What about Gay and Non-gay Progressives or Transgender and cisgendered Progressives? Why do the former think they can raise these issues and act like spokespeople without being disadvantaged and on BEHALF OF Gays and of Transgendered?

Hey don’t point fingers at me. I did not make these rules, but IF I have to play by them, I am game.


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