This is possibly a controversial opinion

I know the Libertarian viewpoint and that our opponents are Authoritarian. I know too that the popular opinion is not to be “as bad” as them.

Here is the thing, I do not think we could be as bad as them. I think too, that self defence is not the same as attacking someone.

They will try to censor, block, ban and control with ABSOLUTE impunity. When they are successful they all pat themselves on the back and it reinforces their belief that they get to dictate what speech or actions or behaviours or rights are allowed. When they are not successful, they are only jeered and mocked. They sulk and brood, and then like the entitled vindictive children they are, they attack on another front.

Fuck that. Shut them down. They picked the battle and the rules of engagement, I say fight them at their own game and drop them on their arses.

I say take their power away. I would love to see their Patreons shrink to negligible levels or disappear completely, their  journalist mouthpieces disempowered or bankrupt, their powerful backers drop them, their voices silenced, their access to social media poleaxed, their whines to have no support.

Now this may be sacrilege and make me as bad as them BUT I say turnabout is fair play. Why should we fight with a hand behind our backs. SO long as we remain truthful and honest and not pre-emptively, I say all is fair game. We saw this recently with Thunderfoot and The Laughing Witch and I say that was textbook as to how we should deal with them. Eron is another case. So is The Honey Badgers and The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo.

I say that Gamergate has slowed down and now we are seeing some substantial long-term effects, that started more than 12 months ago, start to pay off. We do not have the strength of numbers or enthusiasm or cohesiveness we had 14 months ago BUT as long as we give nothing away, fight hard and smart, we can keep pushing. I think a big part of allowing that is going to be a bit less constrained and a bit more ruthless.

Do not be afraid to come down hard on them. All around we see SJWs getting crazier and more zealous. We were at the front of the push back. Perhaps NOW us pushing hard back on them will be seen a little more sympathetically by the public and the SJWs madness in so many spheres will be enough to allow people to see that the crazies are on the other side.

Perhaps we will be also able to show the public how to deal with them. It is not about becoming the things we hate or being Authoritarians. It is simply saying “Okay so you guys have been seeking to censor, ban, smear, and expose us? Okay if that is the game and you refuse to accept our offer for transparency, honesty and fairness, fine, we will play by your game and rules and win. We will ban, censor, and expose you.”

These entitled SJW brats need some consequences.


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