Some thoughts

So it is Friday night. Friday night is bourbon night. A night where bourbon flows and mind wanders down strange corridors.

So in relation to #Gamergate and the SJWs I thought it may be time to record these thoughts:

  1. The blockbot – So Randi Harper makes this blockbot to ban all the #Gamergate supporters (10 000-15 000 of them) and for this the SJWs give Randi a $60 000/year + talking fees. But the blockbot has been blocking 10 000 “Gamergaters” for a year. Therefore IF Anita, Zoe, Randi and Brianna (et al) have been getting threats and harassment the last year (and with no apparent  let up) then either the harassment is non-existent and harassment is bullshit OR the harassment has been from people not involved in Gamergate OR Randi (who they throw buckets of money at) is completely incompetent.
  2. So…Progressive Games and Progressive Values in games. How is that shit working out. It seemed a year ago it was all the big thing. Revolution 60 coming out on Steam, Depression Quest, Sunset being launched….Well then. A year later you guys want to avoid these shit games with shit unplayable ideas and are trying to force ACTUAL game developers to make games AT THEIR OWN RISK and expense with no market to sell to. You have NO market. Its retarded. Did Anita ever make her game idea or was that seen as an absolute waste? I know the answer to this. 12 months and no market for Progressive games. Hilarious.
  3. When people pander to SJWs, they are cool, but when (like Protein World or Play Asia or any of our brave Indie Devs) tell them to fuck themselves, they don’t know what to do. They try dogpiling and threatening and when that doesn’t work they grumble and walk away. Why more people don’t do this, I don’t know.
  4. Why is it that so many of these arsehole SJWs are damaged goods? Seriously? Varis , Hannibal the Victor and Sarah Butts have all expressed unhealthy attraction to children. Chris Kluwe and Arthur Chu have turned a blind eye to rape according to them, Nafedude and his stepsister? Brianna Wu – obviously psychological health issues. Randi – Drug use and harassment issues. Zoe….how far does the rabbit hole go. Start with The Fine Young Capitalists and Wizard Chan and dig down to her Locke Valentine Days and her Something Awful – Helldump time and….fucking wow! Compare this to OUR side. What have we got? Alison Prime? (and we roundedly denounced Alison, more than any of these idiotts has done to their own)
  5. Diversity is an issue or something? No it isn’t. There is only ONE group of people who give a damn about the colour of a person’s skin or their gender. Bigots. To #Gamergate it is about as important as whether you are Christian or Atheist. Think about it. If you are interest in keeping SJWs from painting all discourse around video games with a Progressive lens, then who gives a fuck what religion those who oppose that are. IF you are interested in gaming journalists being unethical scumbags then how would your religion matter? Same goes with skin colour or gender.
  6. There is not equal representation in Gaming!! WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK! Its true. Tears were cried. My daughter on her worse days tells me how she hates high school and how bitchy the girls are and how much “easier” the boys are. I know it. I remember High School. Boy has a problem with a boy. things escalate quickly. You get in a fight after school. One of you loses. Tension is eased. New respect found. Issue dead. Girl has a problem with another girl. Rumour mill is started. Co-opting of friends, exclusions, nasty gossip spreads, giggles from afar, body shaming….over many months girl ends up with eating disorder and/or depression. Girls and boys are different. They approach things and life in general in different ways. Shopping for clothes is something that fills me with a sense of repulsion and yet many women love this. It is absolutely true that there are atypical personalities. Some guys are bitchy and gossipy and some guys love shopping. Some girls are hardcore gamers. Some girls will fight with fists rather than words. But it is simply not typical. Typical people acting in typical ways will show a typical preference. Girls typically not being into gaming makes the girls involved uncommon and interesting and valued. Not being typically more represented is simply reflective of choice.
  7. The “scare off women narrative”. So people like Brianna Wu, deliberately try their best to scare off women from gaming. Its a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you scare women into thinking (incorrectly) that the industry is hostile to them AND they act on this propaganda, then it makes your point. (Then again who gives a shit? She is BatWu insane and irrelevant)
  8. SJWs do not buy games and seem to struggle in making them and so why do they care and why should WE care about why they care?
  9. IF Sarah Butts was running that FSShrine site that made money off Piracy and she did not pay tax and ran up huge tax bills then why do we not contact authorities and get this looked into through IRS? Make no sense to me.
  10. Anita and Brianna has not met their kickstarter pledges Time to call in the reinforcements
  11. Am I wrong that these two ladies are perfection? Rosario and Gina

Sorry. I am drunk.

The tide is turning. The next few years are going to unreal. Progressives are being squeezed more than a little. People are finally pushing back in some spaces and watching like vulture in others. Waiting for that slip. The bubble will burst, make no mistake. I see this University SJW crap going on at the moment. I am waiting for those students to push that little bit too hard and for the police to come in with pepper spray and batons. In #Gamergate bigger names are crapping on the games journos that led the charge against gamers. IF #sadpuppies can get the numbers next years, THAT could be popcorn worthy. The next few years could be priceless.

I am not really sorry about Rosario and Gina. I have lost my train of thought. Good night.

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