My latest Thunderclap

So here is  My latest Thunderclap

Many of you will have come to the assessment that Wikipedia ( @Wikipedia) is far from biased and that Editors and Admins are biased and pushing agendas and narratives of their own. Wikipedia has belated set up an Arbitration mechanism. The biased editors and Admins have not liked it and thumbed their noses at it. One such editor is Mark Bernstein (@eastgate). Not only does he show his ABSOLUTE bias that he promotes outside of Wikipedia but he decries and promotes condemnation against the checks and balances of editors to write whatever biased rubbish they want .
Tell Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) and the Jimmy Wales Foundation (@JWalesF) that people like Mark Bernstein ought to NOT bring their biases to Wikipedia and bring his organisation and its credibility into dispute. Why WOULD people donate to Wikipedia OR visit (unlinked purposely for this very reason)? Do the right thing Jimmy. Either check these people’s bias and disrepute, or replace them…..and Bernstein first.
Okay, if you are after an idea of what to send (or Hell just cut and paste) here it is

@JWalesF @jimmy_wales Look what YOUR wiki editors say the people YOU trust for neutrality. Credibility depreciating


Share the love people.


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