Abandoning the Gamergate hashtag

You know I can understand when someone is burnt out or has had enough. These are fine reasons to give up on being in the hashtag.

BUT there are other reasons I hear being bandied about. Reasons like:

“Gamergate doesn’t need a hashtag”

“We can do exactly the same without the hashtag”

“Gamergate is not needed any more.”

These are stupid statements. Any statements inferring the same are equally stupid.

I came to #Gamergate as a non-gamer, with no insight into the gaming community or industry . I knew one thing though. The very same kind of SJWs that had infected and ruined the Atheist communities online, were now trying it on in gaming communities and I was there to help in efforts to prevent them.

Now, Gaming media has to put disclaimer on their pieces if they have a relationship (unless they conveniently forget – and they often seem to forget), so therefore the “ethics battle is won” and we can retire from the hashtag?

Or maybe you are of the opinion that you can still do activism but just not under the tag?


Here is what you MUST consider. If we drop the hashtag completely, what is the problem? Well, imagine this:

Tag is gone. No one posts there.

You are a person with 500 followers. You have an idea in respect to gamergate style activism. You want to let thousands know. on Twitter. You can only let 500 know.

You are a newbie. You have come late to the party. You want to join in and don’t know who to follow. You see the tag is dead. You don’t join.

Shit goes down. We need a rally and a call to arms. You start a hashtag, another ex-gamergate clique find out and with no rallying point, they start a different hashtag (never the two meeting), 2 other similar sized cliques did not get the news at all. The defence instead of being the combined sum of those four cliques, was two cliques acting independent of each other.

With the tag gone, the value of the ex-members can be measured directly by their influence (ie followers). If you want something “boosted” you better hope that your idea appeals to the bigger names you follow…..

BUT better than this, IF they determine what ideas gets more coverage, then they control what ideas are valuable….to a large extent……..

BUT better than this, if they “team up” with other popular friends then collectively they could further influence this. Therefore gamergate by degrees becomes what a handful of Gamergate notables want.

IF we give up Gamergate, the few Indie Devs that stuck their necks out in supporting the tag will feel exposed and rightly so and will NOT buy the “we are still all supporting you but without the tag” AND they will not forgive you OR ever do this again for us.

Progressives will tighten the screws. The will know that individuals attacking not as part of a larger whole is not as it was. They will sink their hooks in finally and we will never unsettle them.

They will tout an end to Gamergate, only this time they will be right.

It is such a shit reason to give up on the hashtag. I will be here until it crashes and burns and then I will look to a new community and see if there is any other community sticking up against the SJWs.




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