The future of #Gamergate?

Interesting times in some ways. The heavy fighting has been done already. But let me make a pretty important point around this. One thing that attracted me (a non-gamer with no knowledge of the culture or the community) to #Gamergate was the fact that you guys were grinders that fought smart and gave nothing away. I also liked that you were accepting of different opinions and put down personal beef for the common cause.

Now dynamics have changed more than a little. Many popular names are abandoning ship among a lot of in-fighting. I am tying myself to this ship and I will go down with it. I say keep at it. Those elements that I saw a year ago are still there in all of you, but some of you are tired, some dispirited, some distracted, some caught up in fights that have evolved over a year and some think that there is either no fight let or no battle that can be won.

Fuck that! We know our opponent better now. We know where they can get hurt, we know what they have to try to hit us with (bad publicity? And fucking what?!), we know what we want, we know what is wrong and broken, we know each other, we going to let them out-grind us?

Those of you that have had enough ought to step away for a bit. Those that need a breather should get that and guilt-free and with thanks. But those of us here and now ought to stop in-fighting. That John Kelly attention whore and manchild ought to be ignored. Stop railing against Acid Man and against Sargon (as up himself as he is, he has done a lot for Gamergate, him marinating is his own high opinion of himself is not such a crime. Acid man, Okay he was a bit of a dill, who cares?) Bigger fish to fry. Always has been.

Deepfreeze. LeagueforGamers. GamesDev.Life. These are things worth putting genuine energy into.

See the way I see it (Yes I am an outsider here) is that you need to look past the past and project into the future. Firstly look at what will have changed for the future thanks to #Gamergate

  • Leigh Alexander
  • Ben Kuchera
  • Brianna Wu (okay she kind of inserted herself about 3 months in but I am sure she would have anyhow and she is practically persona non grata now)
  • Zoe Quinn (as I say, in the future I do not think she will be here, I think she has screwed us over as she has pretty much any other time she is around communities (with maybe the exception of Helldump))
  • Ethics standard changes
  • Joystiq falling
  • Ian Miles Cheong (Gameranx) no longer against us.

So think of THIS in your estimations. Bigger thing too is that they tried to gain ground quickly and by force in the industry and failed. Not spectacularly though.

To put what they did in context requires a metaphor. They established themselves in a strong impenetrable footing or stronghold in a territory. Then they raided hard for a year starting with poisoning wells and setting fire to settlements. Then when they were surprised that the resistance was formidable, they retired back to their strongholds. 

Here is where we are. We can look at the future but it is in respect to the future that despite these “wins”, still means the Indie Cabal clique is still there and powerful even with Brandon Boyer stepping down and Zoe Quinn wandering off to cause havoc elsewhere.The poor media sites are still able to write crap. The Indie fund grants and the IndieCade awards are still rigged and another Twine game or a game about sleeping with men in utes because of Patriarchy, can win awards. Collusion, Cliques and Bias. IDGA is able to make or break careers.

So we can “dig in and grind” but for what? All the fights we have fought……right?


We just do two things, fight smarter AND look to what future YOU want. Me? I don’t care. I am on this ride but it is not my fandom. You are fighting for the heart and soul of the industry. If YOU don’t want IDGA to have more power then build up LeagueforGamers and GamesDevLife. Want more of a community? Set up funds between people in the same area to book out a proper do. Instead of one person organising a date in advance and a venue and you all just rock up and talk shit, all join in the organisation and chip in a fund to pay for it and get a bar tab and servery, make it well in advance and get excited. Make it a huge occasion to draw other gamer neutrals in the area. Promote shit out of it. It will be more intimate and fun than any convention. DIGRA shits you? Fund @Grimachu and help him have an alternative. Indie Cade funds approx one Indie Game a month. That is huge. What if YOU guys could? If Indie devs are worried about the POWER the Indie cabal and SJWs and IDGA and such have over their livelihoods, take that power away, offer them a viable alternative. Show them that IF they are brave enough to choose gamergate supporters (gamers) over the Cabal, they will not be screwed over for it. A year of focusing almost exclusively on Gawker. It cost them on two occasions and by their own admission, somewhere between $2 000 000 – $9 999 999. Great…..EXCEPT that this was a bloody nose against a big corporate entity.What would that kind of damage have done financially to someone like:

Gamers are Dead articles

…..Destructoid? What about Paste Magazine? Dr Nerdlove?

There is so much you all collectively can do when you pick winnable and strategic battles. You know why I know this? I have seen you magnificent bastards do it. I am a HUGE fan.

This next year will not be exciting knockout blows BUT you know as well as I do that they do not have any Progressive games market. Never did. They are trying to shame big game devs to risk THEIR money on investing in this and it won’t work.

Their media is stifled a bit by the ethical notifications that they have had unwelcomely thrust on them BY US.

IF we put down our arms against each other and actively look with renewed interest at things like OPDisrespectful Nod (but widen the net), Help out BoneGolem’s Deepfreeze, Grummz’s LeagueforGamers, Jennifer Dawe’s or even Based Gamer, we can start socially engineering this industry. Making it something other than a cliquish, hipster, Authoritarian, “Socially progressive”. Artsy safe space.

Its your industry. Its your fandom. Its your future. Fucking fight for it!


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