The upcoming movie based on Zoe Quinn’s memoirs

Okay everyone has said something and I feel compelled to say my bit too. My original reaction was “Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me”. But I am thinking it through and I am starting to chuckle a bit more.

Consider about what her memoirs will say and how explosive they are. Got that? Good now consider how much of it will be removed in light of the legal situation she is in with Eron? Now think on how much will need to be removed because it will show her in terrible light. Next comes the specific claims she is possibly making that she cannot back or that would look petty.

Even so, I am sure she will have a sad tale to tell. One that will be able to be contested at every step. “I had to go overseas to run away”

“No you didn’t you had planned an overseas vacation”

“Financially I was struggling”

“No you weren’t. You were getting paid $35000-$40000/year with Patreon and more with your speaking engagements. In addition to this you had a boyfriend of rich parents”

There are many things she can spin but the internet never forgets. She believes this to be a win, and in a way it is, but it will not be what she thinks it is.

So it is no knockout blow to us.

Hats off to Zoe though. No, seriously well done. Just when Randi Harper pulled out in front of her and seemed to clown her over the UN thing, she comes up with this. I mean this IS big. (Okay, I don’t think a movie WILL happen and the book will not be what she would have wanted). Seriously, this pushes her out ahead of Randi Again. Anita is having a bit of a fall from grace too. Zoe is closing in on her. Brianna Wu is becoming Brianna Who.

So Zoe is getting bank and cashing in her chips. Its clear as it has always been that the Crash Network things was a con and simply a vehicle for attention and milk for a few dollars. She clearly has no talent for making games and I think if she can get this Memoirs thing published she MAY get good coin and have exhausted what she can extract out of gaming. Not fucking bad for a talentless game dev, huh?

I see such potential for this to all go bad for her. Especially and ironically if it all goes well. IF she doesn’t have editing and it is published complete and unedited. If too they do a movie based on her perception and bias. It will go so very badly. If she has the watered down version it will be bland. The alternative, a film “loosely based on” that will likely be comedy gold like the SVU episode.


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