She’s a man, baby!

Alison Prime is NOT a woman!!!

…and I don’t care. I am really just throwing this out there. I understand completely why everyone is feeling disappointed and hurt, but I don’t really care. Why? I never really had much interaction with Alison. They posted some decent shit and attention-whored a bit, but they seemed okay.

Alison/Steve or whatever and whoever they are, has been with us from day one. Many of the peoepl we know as women may not be women and maybe the same goes in reverse. A username and an avatar and suddenly you can be anyone.

This comes to my next point. I am pretty sure that OtterJesus is not really an Otter, that Duckspeakeasy is not a furby, Lo-ping is not a panda, Red Morgan is not a knight and Dr Evil MAY not be the actual Dr Evil. What then do we judge these people on? Their words? Their support? Their actions? Shouldn’t THAT be the way we judge everyone here?

So what WAS Alison Prime like? I think Alison made a number of good calls. She could be very insightful and on point. I also know she bent over backwards trying to big herself up and compete with the other popular women in Gamergate. So for this reason I had mixed impression of her. But had this have not come to light, I likely would have considered her a good ally.

But then we discovered she was not a she. Which comes to another point. How long has she been Alison Prime on here? Everything she has done on Gamergate has been Alison Prime. She has been here a good long while. It was not for any scam I don’t think. I think she was at least not pulling a long con outside of the obvious fact that she was acting as a female character.

So therefore we should go easy on Alison Prime? I think each of you should take stock of your own feelings and act accordingly. Any of you dudes every get catfished by Alison? Be Angry. Any of you ladies feel her trying to one up you using a fake persona to try to do so? Be angry. Any of you give money (and believe it will not actually go to helping the Polks)? Be Angry? Alison make friends with you and bullshit to you about their fake life whilst you were honest about yourself? Be angry. BUT there will be many of you like me that did not make any of those connections. I wonder how many of you are REALLY mad and if so why?

To the GG Revolt guys. Good job.

One thing worth noting. Look at the response here and it was because a person was dishonest. Compare that to the other side when proof is shown that they have a pedophile in their midst or they get seen to have scammed each other or whatever else. We are on the right side of this.

(Oh feel free to swap she for he – actually that sounds like a great idea for a movement – I did it for ease of writing. Then I was going to change it and got apathetic and decided to write this shitty disclaimer instead)


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