The importance of #OPForgive for me.

One thing has come up recently. Daddy Warpig’s #OPForgive. I really like the idea. Though I am a little concerned that he stated that he would block people using particular terms. Sounds a bit silly. He clarified that to people starting feuds. I can fully respect that sentiment.

Got me thinking. Probably the two people in gamergate that I dislike the most are John Kelly (a crazy anti-SJW only dude) and Cult of Vivian who is intellectually dishonest and an ethics only dudette. They are at the extreme ends of the movement. I don’t care for these people.

But here is the thing. I thought about it, in terms of this new #OPForgive, and thought “I would prefer to have the whole of Gamergate being CultofVivian and John Kelly clones, OR be on the other side. These guys piss me off but they are far, far, far better than the alternative.These guys are part of a cast of thousands that are preventing the people on the other side from advancing. I would rather fight and fall alongside the CultofVivians and John Kellys than be neck deep in the infectious waste that is the other camp.

So #OpForgive works for me. I will be cantankerous and grouchy but perhaps at least respect that some of the people I do not like are better than the alternative. I can grudgingly respect that.

Now before you say “neck deep in the infectious waste that is the other camp” is a bit brutal and dehumanising…No shit.

This is the reason for the title. Look at the other side. I mean really look at the SJWs. Look at who they are and who they support. It doesn’t take much research to be very concerned:

Varis77 – Anita’s Mod in her chat stream is a Pedophile and registered and convicted of such

Anita Sarkessian – Hired said Pedophile to be her Mod

HannibaltheVictor – Recently stopped being a tough guy and closed down all his accounts because he was discovered to be a pedophile.

Jenny McDermot – was supporting him and is ominously silent on his absence

Laughing Witch – was supporting him too but she has shut down her account after the organised letter writing campaign that the above two took part in, spreading lies to the Czech police making up false claims that he was a criminal (Yes being a Nazi is jailable in the ex-communist state), and to the media and to his employer (to get him sacked), backfired spectacularly.

Sarah Butts – Self confessed Pedophile and No I don’t buy the edgelord stuff and don’t believe the efforts to downplay this.

Leigh Alexander – Hired Butts

Bobby Oliveria – Ex wife-basher, ex-drunk, serial harasser online

Nafedude – Sexually assaulted his Sister (Confessed incestual rapist) 

Arthur Chu – By his own admission witnessed and didn’t report his friend raping someone, and thought at the time it was okay. (Accessory to a crime?)

Chris Kluwe – Knew about team mates statutory raping under-aged females and did not report it

Randi Harper – Substance abuse and serial harassment Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

But here is something REALLY scary. These are JUST what we know.

These people are presuming that they have the right to talk to us about morality. There is no-one I know that supports gamergate that can shine a torch to these people.

So I am really on board with this #OPForgive. I will stand with COV or John Kelly or any of the people that niggle me in Gamergate, and push back against the types of people I have listed that are trying to infect the community. If that means forgiving, apologising, swallowing a bit of pride, I don’t care. It is so much better than the alternative.

It is good to take stock of things and #OPForgive is perfect opportunity to do so. Thanks Daddy Warpig.


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