This is possibly a controversial opinion

I know the Libertarian viewpoint and that our opponents are Authoritarian. I know too that the popular opinion is not to be “as bad” as them.

Here is the thing, I do not think we could be as bad as them. I think too, that self defence is not the same as attacking someone.

They will try to censor, block, ban and control with ABSOLUTE impunity. When they are successful they all pat themselves on the back and it reinforces their belief that they get to dictate what speech or actions or behaviours or rights are allowed. When they are not successful, they are only jeered and mocked. They sulk and brood, and then like the entitled vindictive children they are, they attack on another front.

Fuck that. Shut them down. They picked the battle and the rules of engagement, I say fight them at their own game and drop them on their arses.

I say take their power away. I would love to see their Patreons shrink to negligible levels or disappear completely, their  journalist mouthpieces disempowered or bankrupt, their powerful backers drop them, their voices silenced, their access to social media poleaxed, their whines to have no support.

Now this may be sacrilege and make me as bad as them BUT I say turnabout is fair play. Why should we fight with a hand behind our backs. SO long as we remain truthful and honest and not pre-emptively, I say all is fair game. We saw this recently with Thunderfoot and The Laughing Witch and I say that was textbook as to how we should deal with them. Eron is another case. So is The Honey Badgers and The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo.

I say that Gamergate has slowed down and now we are seeing some substantial long-term effects, that started more than 12 months ago, start to pay off. We do not have the strength of numbers or enthusiasm or cohesiveness we had 14 months ago BUT as long as we give nothing away, fight hard and smart, we can keep pushing. I think a big part of allowing that is going to be a bit less constrained and a bit more ruthless.

Do not be afraid to come down hard on them. All around we see SJWs getting crazier and more zealous. We were at the front of the push back. Perhaps NOW us pushing hard back on them will be seen a little more sympathetically by the public and the SJWs madness in so many spheres will be enough to allow people to see that the crazies are on the other side.

Perhaps we will be also able to show the public how to deal with them. It is not about becoming the things we hate or being Authoritarians. It is simply saying “Okay so you guys have been seeking to censor, ban, smear, and expose us? Okay if that is the game and you refuse to accept our offer for transparency, honesty and fairness, fine, we will play by your game and rules and win. We will ban, censor, and expose you.”

These entitled SJW brats need some consequences.


Some thoughts

So it is Friday night. Friday night is bourbon night. A night where bourbon flows and mind wanders down strange corridors.

So in relation to #Gamergate and the SJWs I thought it may be time to record these thoughts:

  1. The blockbot – So Randi Harper makes this blockbot to ban all the #Gamergate supporters (10 000-15 000 of them) and for this the SJWs give Randi a $60 000/year + talking fees. But the blockbot has been blocking 10 000 “Gamergaters” for a year. Therefore IF Anita, Zoe, Randi and Brianna (et al) have been getting threats and harassment the last year (and with no apparent  let up) then either the harassment is non-existent and harassment is bullshit OR the harassment has been from people not involved in Gamergate OR Randi (who they throw buckets of money at) is completely incompetent.
  2. So…Progressive Games and Progressive Values in games. How is that shit working out. It seemed a year ago it was all the big thing. Revolution 60 coming out on Steam, Depression Quest, Sunset being launched….Well then. A year later you guys want to avoid these shit games with shit unplayable ideas and are trying to force ACTUAL game developers to make games AT THEIR OWN RISK and expense with no market to sell to. You have NO market. Its retarded. Did Anita ever make her game idea or was that seen as an absolute waste? I know the answer to this. 12 months and no market for Progressive games. Hilarious.
  3. When people pander to SJWs, they are cool, but when (like Protein World or Play Asia or any of our brave Indie Devs) tell them to fuck themselves, they don’t know what to do. They try dogpiling and threatening and when that doesn’t work they grumble and walk away. Why more people don’t do this, I don’t know.
  4. Why is it that so many of these arsehole SJWs are damaged goods? Seriously? Varis , Hannibal the Victor and Sarah Butts have all expressed unhealthy attraction to children. Chris Kluwe and Arthur Chu have turned a blind eye to rape according to them, Nafedude and his stepsister? Brianna Wu – obviously psychological health issues. Randi – Drug use and harassment issues. Zoe….how far does the rabbit hole go. Start with The Fine Young Capitalists and Wizard Chan and dig down to her Locke Valentine Days and her Something Awful – Helldump time and….fucking wow! Compare this to OUR side. What have we got? Alison Prime? (and we roundedly denounced Alison, more than any of these idiotts has done to their own)
  5. Diversity is an issue or something? No it isn’t. There is only ONE group of people who give a damn about the colour of a person’s skin or their gender. Bigots. To #Gamergate it is about as important as whether you are Christian or Atheist. Think about it. If you are interest in keeping SJWs from painting all discourse around video games with a Progressive lens, then who gives a fuck what religion those who oppose that are. IF you are interested in gaming journalists being unethical scumbags then how would your religion matter? Same goes with skin colour or gender.
  6. There is not equal representation in Gaming!! WHO GIVES A FLYING FUCK! Its true. Tears were cried. My daughter on her worse days tells me how she hates high school and how bitchy the girls are and how much “easier” the boys are. I know it. I remember High School. Boy has a problem with a boy. things escalate quickly. You get in a fight after school. One of you loses. Tension is eased. New respect found. Issue dead. Girl has a problem with another girl. Rumour mill is started. Co-opting of friends, exclusions, nasty gossip spreads, giggles from afar, body shaming….over many months girl ends up with eating disorder and/or depression. Girls and boys are different. They approach things and life in general in different ways. Shopping for clothes is something that fills me with a sense of repulsion and yet many women love this. It is absolutely true that there are atypical personalities. Some guys are bitchy and gossipy and some guys love shopping. Some girls are hardcore gamers. Some girls will fight with fists rather than words. But it is simply not typical. Typical people acting in typical ways will show a typical preference. Girls typically not being into gaming makes the girls involved uncommon and interesting and valued. Not being typically more represented is simply reflective of choice.
  7. The “scare off women narrative”. So people like Brianna Wu, deliberately try their best to scare off women from gaming. Its a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you scare women into thinking (incorrectly) that the industry is hostile to them AND they act on this propaganda, then it makes your point. (Then again who gives a shit? She is BatWu insane and irrelevant)
  8. SJWs do not buy games and seem to struggle in making them and so why do they care and why should WE care about why they care?
  9. IF Sarah Butts was running that FSShrine site that made money off Piracy and she did not pay tax and ran up huge tax bills then why do we not contact authorities and get this looked into through IRS? Make no sense to me.
  10. Anita and Brianna has not met their kickstarter pledges Time to call in the reinforcements
  11. Am I wrong that these two ladies are perfection? Rosario and Gina

Sorry. I am drunk.

The tide is turning. The next few years are going to unreal. Progressives are being squeezed more than a little. People are finally pushing back in some spaces and watching like vulture in others. Waiting for that slip. The bubble will burst, make no mistake. I see this University SJW crap going on at the moment. I am waiting for those students to push that little bit too hard and for the police to come in with pepper spray and batons. In #Gamergate bigger names are crapping on the games journos that led the charge against gamers. IF #sadpuppies can get the numbers next years, THAT could be popcorn worthy. The next few years could be priceless.

I am not really sorry about Rosario and Gina. I have lost my train of thought. Good night.

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My latest Thunderclap

So here is  My latest Thunderclap

Many of you will have come to the assessment that Wikipedia ( @Wikipedia) is far from biased and that Editors and Admins are biased and pushing agendas and narratives of their own. Wikipedia has belated set up an Arbitration mechanism. The biased editors and Admins have not liked it and thumbed their noses at it. One such editor is Mark Bernstein (@eastgate). Not only does he show his ABSOLUTE bias that he promotes outside of Wikipedia but he decries and promotes condemnation against the checks and balances of editors to write whatever biased rubbish they want .
Tell Jimmy Wales (@jimmy_wales) and the Jimmy Wales Foundation (@JWalesF) that people like Mark Bernstein ought to NOT bring their biases to Wikipedia and bring his organisation and its credibility into dispute. Why WOULD people donate to Wikipedia OR visit (unlinked purposely for this very reason)? Do the right thing Jimmy. Either check these people’s bias and disrepute, or replace them…..and Bernstein first.
Okay, if you are after an idea of what to send (or Hell just cut and paste) here it is

@JWalesF @jimmy_wales Look what YOUR wiki editors say the people YOU trust for neutrality. Credibility depreciating


Share the love people.

Abandoning the Gamergate hashtag

You know I can understand when someone is burnt out or has had enough. These are fine reasons to give up on being in the hashtag.

BUT there are other reasons I hear being bandied about. Reasons like:

“Gamergate doesn’t need a hashtag”

“We can do exactly the same without the hashtag”

“Gamergate is not needed any more.”

These are stupid statements. Any statements inferring the same are equally stupid.

I came to #Gamergate as a non-gamer, with no insight into the gaming community or industry . I knew one thing though. The very same kind of SJWs that had infected and ruined the Atheist communities online, were now trying it on in gaming communities and I was there to help in efforts to prevent them.

Now, Gaming media has to put disclaimer on their pieces if they have a relationship (unless they conveniently forget – and they often seem to forget), so therefore the “ethics battle is won” and we can retire from the hashtag?

Or maybe you are of the opinion that you can still do activism but just not under the tag?


Here is what you MUST consider. If we drop the hashtag completely, what is the problem? Well, imagine this:

Tag is gone. No one posts there.

You are a person with 500 followers. You have an idea in respect to gamergate style activism. You want to let thousands know. on Twitter. You can only let 500 know.

You are a newbie. You have come late to the party. You want to join in and don’t know who to follow. You see the tag is dead. You don’t join.

Shit goes down. We need a rally and a call to arms. You start a hashtag, another ex-gamergate clique find out and with no rallying point, they start a different hashtag (never the two meeting), 2 other similar sized cliques did not get the news at all. The defence instead of being the combined sum of those four cliques, was two cliques acting independent of each other.

With the tag gone, the value of the ex-members can be measured directly by their influence (ie followers). If you want something “boosted” you better hope that your idea appeals to the bigger names you follow…..

BUT better than this, IF they determine what ideas gets more coverage, then they control what ideas are valuable….to a large extent……..

BUT better than this, if they “team up” with other popular friends then collectively they could further influence this. Therefore gamergate by degrees becomes what a handful of Gamergate notables want.

IF we give up Gamergate, the few Indie Devs that stuck their necks out in supporting the tag will feel exposed and rightly so and will NOT buy the “we are still all supporting you but without the tag” AND they will not forgive you OR ever do this again for us.

Progressives will tighten the screws. The will know that individuals attacking not as part of a larger whole is not as it was. They will sink their hooks in finally and we will never unsettle them.

They will tout an end to Gamergate, only this time they will be right.

It is such a shit reason to give up on the hashtag. I will be here until it crashes and burns and then I will look to a new community and see if there is any other community sticking up against the SJWs.



Religion and terrorists (In light of the Paris Attacks)

Given a green light to evil things what evil would you do?

If you are like most of us, you would not do a lot. The immorality, empathy for your fellow human beings, thought of later regret, risk of being caught, effect on your family, effect on your future, the thought on how badly you will be seen by others….and so on, would stop you.

But as we know, there are people who will do heinous things. We hear about horrible people locking captives in basements and abusing them. We hear of serial killers murdering people. We shake our collective heads and wonder how such people in the world can exist. Then we hear of couples or gangs who team up to commit atrocities. We are shocked how there could be two or more people and and how they would meet up and share such horrible traits and desires.

Gangs and hate groups and fundamentalists are an extension on this. You may say that religion plays a part in this mindset. It doesn’t. Where religion plays a part is that for a person so evil and committed to such horrible acts, religion can be seen as a way to justify them.

I say “can” be seen. Read different parts of different doctrine and interpret it in different ways and you may give licence to do terrible things IF you are inclined to do them anyhow, and wish to interpret the passage or phrase in a certain way. You may also find that you need to ignore anything else written in the doctrine that may negate the passage or phrase, BUT if you are a sociopathic or psychopathic fanatical fundamentalist, this is all able to be squared away.

What if you are a crazed fanatical zealot who can square away inconsistencies, and can read the most evil and immoral interpretations into a religious doctrine? What if you find a gang or a hate group or an army of like-minded people that can make the same interpretations as you? I say that makes for a lot of trouble, and it say mountains about that group and those that associate with them, and little about the religion itself.

Throughout time there has always been these kind of people and religion has always given justifications in religious fanatics’ minds. Now you may say, “Ha, you do not see the Christians or the Jewish doing this” when looking at attacks on Paris. Maybe not today. Both of these two religions have had to give in so much.

The Old Testament will tell you about Jewish people in Biblical times and they were every bit as combative and aggressive. They hit a wall. The Romans. They were completely dominated and subjugated. The religious/cultural warrior tribe was faced with a stark reality. As they had put down tribe after tribe of weaker tribes and found strength in their all-mighty, uncompromising, smiting, vengeful God, they could not any more. It is no surprise to me that around this time a splinter cult of quasi-Jewish people headed by a charismatic preacher started preaching new demands from the Abrahamic God, to be forgiving and non-violent. To conform. Indeed many of the differences between the Jewish and the Christian faith have their basis in this conformity and compromise. It ensured Christianity’s survival. Though it really did not help out Jewish survival ESPECIALLY when considering the animosity between the two religions in respect to the narrative that Christ was crucified at the behest of the Pharisee (Jewish ruling council). In fact a lot of the reason that Jews were not sympathetically seen in Europe was due to this, and the reason when Hitler targeted them, there was not a bigger pushback against this. So the Jewish people have had a number of incidences that have evolved their religion to be less warlike. The Christians became warriors and conquerors. The meek and mild and compromising origins did not last. Once they were strong enough, they became warriors too. Muslims too, the last of the Abrahamic faith, became warriors. In time there were a number of things that caused Christianity to become less fanatical and zealous. There has been scientific discoveries that have put the word of the church into question, splitting of Christianity into hundreds of denominations, child abuse scandals, fault with things such as witch-burnings, and so Christianity has had to compromise its stance, as the Jewish faith has. Fallen back more on its Christian compassionate roots than its Old Testament Warrior code. Islam has not had it time of compromise.

I can not say it will or will not. What I can say is this. Most Muslims practice their religion very peacefully and without violence and hate. Whilst Christian leaders and Jewish leaders are not as they would have been 3000 years ago (In the case of Jewish leaders) 500 years ago (In case of Christian Leaders), some Muslim leaders now will be hateful and bring to them the worst types of people as I mentioned above.

I think there HAS to be recognition that today’s society is in the space age. Doctrines and ideas from the Bronze Age may not be suited. They simply have to evolve and fit in to today’s society.

I am an Atheist and there have been plenty of bad Atheists in history but I would not say that they were bad because they were Atheists any more than I would say that these Terrorists are bad because they are Muslims.

I DO think it is entirely up to the Muslim community to call down the worst of the fanatical and fundamentalist leaders. To denounce their hate and their violence. To disavow them of the notion that their violent and hateful preaching is in the spirit of Islam.

As for the rest of us? We should target terrorists of whatever race, religion, skin colour, gender, age, or culture. We should root them out and prosecute them. We should make inquiries into all their dealings and be careful in immigration to know who we let into our country. We will not discover every terrorist nor stop every problem, but this ought to be bare minimum stuff.

Not every Muslim is a bad person, nor every Syrian, nor should we suddenly be suspicious of everyone who is . Punish the people who are doing wrong. Neutralise evil people. Do not target people who are doing the right thing.

Bigotry is never a good solution. People are more than their skin colour, race, nationality, religion and gender. Look at their individual actions and judge them fairly.

The future of #Gamergate?

Interesting times in some ways. The heavy fighting has been done already. But let me make a pretty important point around this. One thing that attracted me (a non-gamer with no knowledge of the culture or the community) to #Gamergate was the fact that you guys were grinders that fought smart and gave nothing away. I also liked that you were accepting of different opinions and put down personal beef for the common cause.

Now dynamics have changed more than a little. Many popular names are abandoning ship among a lot of in-fighting. I am tying myself to this ship and I will go down with it. I say keep at it. Those elements that I saw a year ago are still there in all of you, but some of you are tired, some dispirited, some distracted, some caught up in fights that have evolved over a year and some think that there is either no fight let or no battle that can be won.

Fuck that! We know our opponent better now. We know where they can get hurt, we know what they have to try to hit us with (bad publicity? And fucking what?!), we know what we want, we know what is wrong and broken, we know each other, we going to let them out-grind us?

Those of you that have had enough ought to step away for a bit. Those that need a breather should get that and guilt-free and with thanks. But those of us here and now ought to stop in-fighting. That John Kelly attention whore and manchild ought to be ignored. Stop railing against Acid Man and against Sargon (as up himself as he is, he has done a lot for Gamergate, him marinating is his own high opinion of himself is not such a crime. Acid man, Okay he was a bit of a dill, who cares?) Bigger fish to fry. Always has been.

Deepfreeze. LeagueforGamers. GamesDev.Life. These are things worth putting genuine energy into.

See the way I see it (Yes I am an outsider here) is that you need to look past the past and project into the future. Firstly look at what will have changed for the future thanks to #Gamergate

  • Leigh Alexander
  • Ben Kuchera
  • Brianna Wu (okay she kind of inserted herself about 3 months in but I am sure she would have anyhow and she is practically persona non grata now)
  • Zoe Quinn (as I say, in the future I do not think she will be here, I think she has screwed us over as she has pretty much any other time she is around communities (with maybe the exception of Helldump))
  • Ethics standard changes
  • Joystiq falling
  • Ian Miles Cheong (Gameranx) no longer against us.

So think of THIS in your estimations. Bigger thing too is that they tried to gain ground quickly and by force in the industry and failed. Not spectacularly though.

To put what they did in context requires a metaphor. They established themselves in a strong impenetrable footing or stronghold in a territory. Then they raided hard for a year starting with poisoning wells and setting fire to settlements. Then when they were surprised that the resistance was formidable, they retired back to their strongholds. 

Here is where we are. We can look at the future but it is in respect to the future that despite these “wins”, still means the Indie Cabal clique is still there and powerful even with Brandon Boyer stepping down and Zoe Quinn wandering off to cause havoc elsewhere.The poor media sites are still able to write crap. The Indie fund grants and the IndieCade awards are still rigged and another Twine game or a game about sleeping with men in utes because of Patriarchy, can win awards. Collusion, Cliques and Bias. IDGA is able to make or break careers.

So we can “dig in and grind” but for what? All the fights we have fought……right?


We just do two things, fight smarter AND look to what future YOU want. Me? I don’t care. I am on this ride but it is not my fandom. You are fighting for the heart and soul of the industry. If YOU don’t want IDGA to have more power then build up LeagueforGamers and GamesDevLife. Want more of a community? Set up funds between people in the same area to book out a proper do. Instead of one person organising a date in advance and a venue and you all just rock up and talk shit, all join in the organisation and chip in a fund to pay for it and get a bar tab and servery, make it well in advance and get excited. Make it a huge occasion to draw other gamer neutrals in the area. Promote shit out of it. It will be more intimate and fun than any convention. DIGRA shits you? Fund @Grimachu and help him have an alternative. Indie Cade funds approx one Indie Game a month. That is huge. What if YOU guys could? If Indie devs are worried about the POWER the Indie cabal and SJWs and IDGA and such have over their livelihoods, take that power away, offer them a viable alternative. Show them that IF they are brave enough to choose gamergate supporters (gamers) over the Cabal, they will not be screwed over for it. A year of focusing almost exclusively on Gawker. It cost them on two occasions and by their own admission, somewhere between $2 000 000 – $9 999 999. Great…..EXCEPT that this was a bloody nose against a big corporate entity.What would that kind of damage have done financially to someone like:

Gamers are Dead articles

…..Destructoid? What about Paste Magazine? Dr Nerdlove?

There is so much you all collectively can do when you pick winnable and strategic battles. You know why I know this? I have seen you magnificent bastards do it. I am a HUGE fan.

This next year will not be exciting knockout blows BUT you know as well as I do that they do not have any Progressive games market. Never did. They are trying to shame big game devs to risk THEIR money on investing in this and it won’t work.

Their media is stifled a bit by the ethical notifications that they have had unwelcomely thrust on them BY US.

IF we put down our arms against each other and actively look with renewed interest at things like OPDisrespectful Nod (but widen the net), Help out BoneGolem’s Deepfreeze, Grummz’s LeagueforGamers, Jennifer Dawe’s or even Based Gamer, we can start socially engineering this industry. Making it something other than a cliquish, hipster, Authoritarian, “Socially progressive”. Artsy safe space.

Its your industry. Its your fandom. Its your future. Fucking fight for it!

The upcoming movie based on Zoe Quinn’s memoirs

Okay everyone has said something and I feel compelled to say my bit too. My original reaction was “Oh you have got to be fucking kidding me”. But I am thinking it through and I am starting to chuckle a bit more.

Consider about what her memoirs will say and how explosive they are. Got that? Good now consider how much of it will be removed in light of the legal situation she is in with Eron? Now think on how much will need to be removed because it will show her in terrible light. Next comes the specific claims she is possibly making that she cannot back or that would look petty.

Even so, I am sure she will have a sad tale to tell. One that will be able to be contested at every step. “I had to go overseas to run away”

“No you didn’t you had planned an overseas vacation”

“Financially I was struggling”

“No you weren’t. You were getting paid $35000-$40000/year with Patreon and more with your speaking engagements. In addition to this you had a boyfriend of rich parents”

There are many things she can spin but the internet never forgets. She believes this to be a win, and in a way it is, but it will not be what she thinks it is.

So it is no knockout blow to us.

Hats off to Zoe though. No, seriously well done. Just when Randi Harper pulled out in front of her and seemed to clown her over the UN thing, she comes up with this. I mean this IS big. (Okay, I don’t think a movie WILL happen and the book will not be what she would have wanted). Seriously, this pushes her out ahead of Randi Again. Anita is having a bit of a fall from grace too. Zoe is closing in on her. Brianna Wu is becoming Brianna Who.

So Zoe is getting bank and cashing in her chips. Its clear as it has always been that the Crash Network things was a con and simply a vehicle for attention and milk for a few dollars. She clearly has no talent for making games and I think if she can get this Memoirs thing published she MAY get good coin and have exhausted what she can extract out of gaming. Not fucking bad for a talentless game dev, huh?

I see such potential for this to all go bad for her. Especially and ironically if it all goes well. IF she doesn’t have editing and it is published complete and unedited. If too they do a movie based on her perception and bias. It will go so very badly. If she has the watered down version it will be bland. The alternative, a film “loosely based on” that will likely be comedy gold like the SVU episode.