SXSX Panel

Okay I am very late to the party and more than a little intoxicated, but why not throw my hat in the ring too?

Yes, everyone says that Gamergate (ie Gamergate Supporters) cancelled both panels.

This is at very best, lazy, and at worst, retarded. Rather than complicate things with who fears and who is oppressed more and all this white noise, let’s look at it clinically.

Randi and Brianna and Zoe are not short of speaking engagements, where they are called upon to give their side of the story without bias or narrative framing (and to all of you actually working, think hard upon how sorry you feel for these three when they earn $35000-$60000/year – BEFORE paid speaking occasions and any other bit work they pick up).

They rustle up a few victim points and people keep the torch shining on them and as a result of their hustling, they get more speaking engagements and more cred and more Patreon bucks. Sweet gig.

Do you know who DOESN’T get unbiased speaking gigs?

Gamergate supporters. Brianna and Randi and Zoe and Anita wiggle their arses all around the country and squirt a few tears, make a few dramatic thoughtful pauses and/or stutters in describing their misery and get gig after gig after gig. Gamergate get NOTHING.

Our last “gig” was SPJAirplay…..and we got a bomb threat or a dozen.

We do not get any speaking engagements because the other  side poisons the well to prevent this. If we do, it gets scuttled.

Their’s don’t. How many of theirs do. They mention Sarkessian’s over and over and yet it was not GG related and it was not deemed a credible threat. So discount that one. How many of the rest of the many speaking occasions. We have had three including the Battle of Ideas and have had 2 out of 3 cancelled due to threats of violence.

C’mon people let’s be logical. IF we are ONLY looking at EITHER Anti-gamergate being behind the cancellations or Gamergate supporters behind the cancellations, who is it more likely that is?


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