Cult of Vivian, really???

You know I have had my issues with CultofVivian. But I have also acknowledged that whilst she has been intellectually dishonest and gets into a lot of passive aggressive bullshit, not everything she does or says is bad.

In fact she DOES signal boost a lot of good causes and at times comes in with decent quips against ridiculous assertions made by gaming press and such. The fact that she is super active and has a large following (containing many white knights, I have found) gives her a fair bit of social capital in Gamergate. Good for her.

Now here is the thing. I can recognise the good without trusting her. I will still call out dumb shit. I don’t care who you are. So here comes some really dumb shit. Brace yourselves.

Cult of Vivian is now saying this shit:

Dropping the #Gamergate hashtag

Now I don’t think I need to explain to most reasoned people that this is a fucking bad idea.

But I think as much as we see this dilution that would inevitably result as a means of “opening the gates” to the more moderate SJWs and then in turn they would step aside and let through less moderate SJWs and our diluted presence would be of no consequence, the more interesting question is why CultofVivian may think it is a good idea?

Now there are two kneejerk reactions:

  1. She is an SJW traitor, so why would she do otherwise.
  2. She is bloody stupid and hasn’t got the intellect to do otherwise.

I don’t think so. I have given it more thought. I think it is something a bit more tragic.

I think she is hustling for more control and more social capital. How? Think on it.

With the hashtag you search the hashtag to find what is happening and what opinions are getting boosted. It doesn’t matter if it is something from CultofVivian, Dr Evil, Ralph, OliverCampbell, Milo, OtterJesus or whomever. You can look under the tag and see what opinions and what you consider. You have an opinion? Posting it on #Gamergate posts it to the masses. Want to follow people from Gamergate? Read through the tweets and follow who you like. Want to rally the troops? You post it to the common rallying point. No leaders.

Drop the hashtag and you suddenly lose that common rallying point. The rallying point becomes the more notable people from Gamergate. You want to see who else to follow in Gamergate? Too late. Unless they are followers of the people you follow bad luck. Do you have 200 to 300 followers and an important message to get out? Who is going to carry that or be the gatekeeper to putting that out there? People more popular and more notable to you. They now have more power. Make sure you do not offend. They will exclude you like the Indie Devs that do not tow the line and are not in the right clique.

Ralph I think rightly bought this to light. It was not just CultofVivian that was invested in this bullshit. There were other notables. There too lays a problem. Cult of Vivian with that little bit of control over a base of thousands of followers has convinced them to drop the tag. Now much of what they may want to do may have to be boosted by her (or one of the other big notables). BUT what if she bands together with a group of other big notables. How much control will they have of the supposed “leaderless” group? They collectively become the gamekeepers.

You do not like their ideology? Too fucking bad. Your language too harsh? You argue with the wrong people? You don’t use the right pronouns? You are pro-ethics/anti-SJW (whichever they are against)? Collectively they will determine what Gamergate is and who is in and out. The decisions they make together will not require your input nor your blessing.

THIS is what I think CultofVivian is up to and in the same way that when Ralph bought this up last time, it was secret club house stuff. Its bullshit.

I have said before that the biggest danger of the “liberal” notables is the want to water down Gamergate resolve and look for compromises and being too accepting.

Liberals in Gamergate CAN be problematic

The other side are NOT about being fair. They are not there to compromise with. Show weakness and they simply see an opportunity for a takedown. Play nice and friendly and they will not respect you. Compromise and they will not give ground. They are ideologues. They will see that as having you having given ground.

PR is not something that will be in SJWs power to give

What is COVs definition of an edgelord? (I thought that was the kind of thing Sarah Butts was into?)

What about the normies?

You see here what is happening?

“Don’t be edgelords, play nice. Because if you play nice and are more accepting and nice to your opponents, they will run with that, and people will write nice things about us, and we will be invited to tables, and the doors that have been shut to us will be open, and the respect will flow, and our PR problem will float away…..”


Its all complete unrefined bullshit.

You want an example of a “normie”? Yours truly. I am not a gamer. I like honesty. It took me three days of reading up to determine who was telling the truth and who was not. IF someone is interested they can find out too. As to the job of poisoning the well of credulity for Gamergate, yes it has been done. They have collectively pissed in our wells and like the metaphor, once pissed in, the pissers are not able to reverse the piss nor the effects of said piss in poisoning everything.

In fact what we ought to be doing is replacing them and the industry’s reliance on them. Not making nice. They are arseholes.

Watch CultofVivian closely. This will keep coming up. She has this set in her mind. You can keep telling here it is bad and for all the reasons it is but like the opposing camp, if you do it will be said that you are wrong because you are pro-Ralph or anti-ethics or trying to divide Gamergate, or whatever and your opinion dismissed out of hand. NOTHING will divide Gamergate’s community like removing the hashtag. When the time is right and if she is able to push and demand for tone policing, ethics only, Pro-KIA, Anti GG Revolt and anti-Ralph and whatever other divisions, it will hone divisive factions within gamergate and with a bit of pressure, maybe she will be able to carry the day and get enough people to drop the hashtag. Then it will be camps of people with different loyalties and ideas on things and many more thinking “Fuck, this is just too hard”.

If she manages this, I am sure the Anti-Gamergate crowd will cheer. Hell, they may even throw her favours in the new order. The gaming community will not be worth anything if they are given free range and with the tag gone we will not be able to push back.


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