Happy Birthday, Milo, you glorious British bastard

Pleased to have you as an ally. Really pleased.

People used to (I don’t know whether they are stupid enough to now) say you were an opportunist and “using” Gamergate for your own ends.

What I used to say still holds true:

“Terrific idea. Be one of the only journalists, throwing in with a mainly Left-wing Libertarian collection of a nerd sub-culture that you do not belong or associate with, that he press at large is against”

But whilst they fell over themselves in mental contortions, trying to justify why he would not have been simply better off sinking the boot into Gamers like all of the traditional gaming press and a fair amount of left wing press was, I would simply wait them to run out of steam and say:

“That all sounds like bullshit to me BUT EVEN IF it were true. Even if he ditch ed us tomorrow and never looked back. Every single one of us would owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for everything he had done for us.”

As a pitiable fallback, they mentioned he gets paid money.

I am fucking glad he is getting paid and no doubt is worth more than what he is getting paid. He deserves every cent. You know what else? Everyone from Sargon, to Ralph, to Oliver, to Vee to The Honey Badgers and so on, I do not begrudge any of them the money they make. they deserve it.

Milo, you are our brother. You are part of our thousands strong dysfunctional Gamergate family. I love your work and I appreciate all you have done. I hope your next 25 years are as good as the last 25. 😉

If ever the Haters get to you take faith in the fact that we outnumber them many times over. Keep being that glorious British bastard. Happy birthday, Milo Yiannopoulous


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