“Gamergate don’t have empathy…..”

“Why thank you Anti-Gamergate for letting me know that. Let me consider your sentiment”

It is a charge they make over and over and the only correct response is “Go fuck yourself”

There is no common ground. They are not interested in empathy with us. They are not sympathetic to us. Why the fuck should we be with them?

I personally want all their efforts to turn into nightmares for them. I want every dollar they have extracted from the industry to be taken off them. I want karma to kick them hard. I want to see their hopes fall to the floor in a puddle. I want their credibility to turn to mocking derision. I want them to find every association in the industry collapse. I want them fleeing from the industry.

Now one problem is, whilst I say this, many may think “Well that is because you are misogynist”. But that is the thing entirely, that is a further trick of theirs. Why would make me a misogynist (a “hater of women”)? The answer is likely to be along the general lines of “Because you said you are wanting these women fleeing the industry” or it may be less broad and allude to the Anti-Gamergate crowd trying to help women in the industry, and this my wishing harm on them is in effect harming women by proxy.

It is horse crap. The ideologues are not composed of women. The ideology and their actions are the problem not their gender. Furthermore, they say that they are helping women in the industry and I do not see it. I see them hoist three or four on their shoulders and give them money and call them victims. These people are not game industry veterans and are nothing but rainy-faced provocateurs and victimisation salespeople with a now 12 month old worn spiel that most rational people do not buy. I believe in actions and not words.

There is a lot of talk in that camp about harassment and you can not engage with these people without them screeching about harassment. They will tell everyone about the harassment and will seek to get it banned and censored.

Now some people online are given death threats and so on. Who sends them and why? They say “It was Gamergate” as though Gamergate was a person and as though it was without question. Only thing is, there is no proof. In fact we have at least some proof of some third party trolls not associated with Gamergate sending threats. We also know 3 or 4 well known troll groups baiting both sides of the issue. Supporters of Gamergate should definitely question the facts and always demand proof.

But is this what they mean by harassment? Yes and no. We see that it is an ambiguous term. If I say harassment, you may think of death threats. They will certainly include death threats and will use death and rape threats as the thin end of the wedge. Once they have purchase though, more lesser definitions of harassment will flow. Is harassment when someone simply disparages you? Is it when they insult you? Is it if they belittle your opinion? Disagree with you? Agree with someone that disagrees with you? Hold points you disagree with?

If someone says I should not get violent threats, that is fine. No one does. If they are saying that they want the police or authorities to investigate and prosecute people making such threats, I agree and I think pretty much everyone in Gamergate would agree to that. It is a reasonable thing. Don’t kid yourself that this is what they want. Anita talking o the UN delegation also mentioned being called names or told she sucks was harassment and thus should be banned.

Nope. What they demand for themselves is not what they would expect in behaviour towards us. They have dehumanised us enough to green light any nastiness at. I am happy to not be empathetic of these people. I have no pity.

They have not succeeded in anything in the last 12 months. They have not helped women in the slightest. All they have done is spread propaganda that tells women that they are not welcome in the industry. Our side has not done that.

They are harming the industry. The are insulting the industry’s customer base and are a toxic presence.

Do not show these people compromise, mercy, goodwill, benefit of the doubt, or any kindness.


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