Okay so my post will possibly not go down overly well on KIA…but so what

Here it is in full because I do not expect it will stay up for any length of time and its a shame

KIA being cowardly handwringers

Take responsibility for yourself. Bloody Hell. Instead of whining and pointing fingers and blaming trolls and so on, why NOT say “Hey, we made a call…a bad one. We tried banning and censoring shot we probably should not have. we over-reacted. we said some dumb shit. Meh, its a mistake, but we are human”

What is wrong with that?

Its the truth.

No, instead you carry on and try to justify your moderation and cover up your mistakes and attack Ralph and so on. It is embarrassing

Moderation will termite GG better than any of the bullshit from the asshats from the other side.https://gamergating.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/the-problem-with-liberals-in-gamergate-bear-with-me/

Back up, take stock, stop compromising, stop making excuses and stop trying to be so very weak.

The thing that epitomises Gamergate is its ability to push back against the forces that would see us forced out of the industry. A non-Gamergate dickhead hacked Patreon. It was not us and we know that and so do the antis. They blame us….of course they did…they always will. Milo writes an article on some information that was already out there. Any responsibility for said data is firstly on Patreon, next the hacker and lastly on Milo’s journalist outfit….but you decide that you are going to pander to the feelings of SJWs and remove the thread on The Brietbart article to be “nice”.

I’m disgusted in you guys. Really?

“We had already reached out to the user who posted it originally saying he can repost the article with a few simple addendums being asked to cover what possible shit could flow downhill from the admins over it”

How about “No”? No pandering? No censorship and no provisos?

Article in a really large journalist outfit has posted this story. It is hardly a big secret and relying on such information is hardly dynamite in your hands.

Its weak. Its spineless. Its cowardly.

Get your heads out of your arse and actually support Gamergate.


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