The problem with Liberals in Gamergate…….bear with me.

Think of the word “Liberal”, what does it mean to you?

  1. 1.
    willing to respect or accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.
    “liberal views towards divorce”
  2. 2.
    (of education) concerned with broadening a person’s general knowledge and experience, rather than with technical or professional training.
    “the provision of liberal adult education”

Okay got that definition primed?

Are these so-called “Social Justice Advocates” liberals?

Are they “accepting”? “Open”? Are they concerned with “broadening their general knowledge”?

Don’t say “Yes”, as a knee-jerk reaction, look at their every interaction. They do precisely the opposite. The are close-minded to any other viewpoint, have no acceptance and close down discussion, wherever possible through a mixture of censorship, intimidation tactics, shaming, blocking and the like.

They are not Liberals.

But as many of you are well aware, it is actually a little bit worse than that. They leverage ill-gotten social capital to drive a false narrative. Social Justice is what they pretend to aspire to. They are supposed to be looking for the betterment of black people, transgendered people, gay people, females, disabled people, poor people and other people of colour…right? I mean they are good things right?

Hmmm…really? How are they doing this? What culture war do they think they are fighting and winning?

See, I look around and I see a handful of able bodied, cisgendered, middle class, entitled whiny white girls getting a lot of cash to further whine. I see them smear decent people over unproven insulting accusations of bigotry and harassment, then recoil when called on it.

I see a lot of people pandering to their passive aggressiveness.

So how is this actually Social Justice Advocacy? It isn’t.

With Gamergate, we see after a year, clearly there is no demonstrative betterment for any of these groups. If you believe the Gamergate Supporters, there was no need for “progressive values” but if anyone wanted to make a game that had these values, they could and whoever wanted to buy it could. If you further believe the supporters, they will tell you that there is no systematic problem in gaming in respect to biases and bigotries against minorities (certainly the diversity in Gamergate supporters underpins this lack of bigotry). However if you believe in the other side, then the bigotry is epidemic and nothing has improved in the last year, its just got worse. More grim is that, there is no market for Progressive games.

So the upshot is that the betterment for these minorities has either not happened because it is unnecessary, or has got worse because the “Social Justice Advocates” despite telling us that they are “winning the culture war”, have actually failed….by their own admission.

We can see the money flowing into a few select coffers, but what have the other side actually constructively done for their cash? Its a question that should really be asked and answered.

They do get taken seriously despite the obvious dishonesty of their agendas and lust for power/validation/other people’s money/fame. Why? Because liberals….truer liberals believe their bullshit.

If you are a Liberal, you may say “I am an open, accepting person and willing to learn things that I don’t know”. So you see people attacking your Gaming community and you see VERY anti-Liberal practices from the opposition. So you counter this. But because you are an accepting and open person willing to learn from other viewpoints, you can not bring yourself to disavow these people in their entirety.

You reason “Okay, what they did is shitty but not everyone is that bad. Most of the moderates probably can be swayed, besides we have some real bad people in Gamergate and besides I do not like some of the very non-accepting language used by many in our ranks.”

So you decide now that moderating your stance to be “more open and accepting” is the way. You start chatting with some “moderate antis” and some ex-Gamergate supporters. You start tone policing and trying to get everyone to be more open and accepting. You get annoyed with the vitriol and bad language and bad actors in the movement. Maybe you evolve into being opposed to any anti-SJW activity and rail against this , in petulantly demanding Gamergate be about ethics only, maybe you start trying to fight the less moderate and accepting voices in Gamergate, maybe you drop the hashtag and rail against the hashtag or maybe you find you friendships in the Anti-GG camp stronger than those in the GG camp (e.g. Jenny Medina and Randi Harper), or perhaps encourage dropping the Gamergate Hashtag completely and coming to a compromise or even peace treaty with the opposition.

It is hardly surprising that Progressives/Social Justice Warriors/Social Justice Advocates find support in Liberals generally, in the community, and so when comes to Liberals in the Gamergate community….

Guys, I want you to know that regardless of your political identification, or whatever, I know most of you are not that stupid. Those of you succumbing to any of that wrongthink, take account of yourself and see whether what you are really supporting is deserving of the support you are giving it. Then back away slowly with your hands in the air. Kick your own arse and get back supporting, and not undermining Gamergate. Remember it was Liberal identifying people that went after you in the first instance. Never give them credit or acceptance. Liberal does not equate to dupe, or at least does not have to.


6 thoughts on “The problem with Liberals in Gamergate…….bear with me.

    • Was it established? Yes and no. Many of them will tell you that they are Progressives, or Feminists, or Social Justice Advocates, or Liberal, or Far Left, or……really any number of them. I tend to separate them into three groups. Almost half go into Dupes and almost half go into Dupers. A very select few are “true Believers” (Like Jonathan McIntosh). They are a rarity. Mostly it is about people cashing in on outrage culture and victimisation to get social capital and cash.
      You are in your early 20’s. You have no discernible skills, overly inflated sense of worth and of entitlement. You have had 3 years gender studies in University. You have access to the internet. Make the most of what you have. In this description I could have been talking about any number of the SJWs.
      I don’t believe most of them believe the crap they spew. It is a vehicle only. I don’t think they are communists or anything but opportunistic frauds.
      Just my opinion


      • Ah, okay. I understand where you are coming from. I think most of them are simply the modern day equivalents to either the witchburning puritans or the sideshow carnival hucksters. There are true believers sprinkled in who actually believe their crap.

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