Randi is a number two!!!!

I am fascinated by the new shake-up.

A lot of people on the anti-Gamergate side tend to communicate an idea that we do not like them giving money to Anita or money to Zoe or Randi or the other one (which is about as relevant Wu is at present).

Me? I don’t mind it. I actually encourage it for three reasons:

  1. It means that the other side is pouring money into these four and effectively paying them to live and act like asshats. I have no objection to that. Why would I? Randi has a block bot in place. So any money given to her is for what exactly? Rent? Food? Amphetamines? What it is not for is for anything remotely constructive. You are paying for her life to the tune of $60000/year. I think it is funny. You do the same for the others too. Whilst you do this you are denying that money a use that may negatively affect Gamergate, or maybe denying some personal pleasure.
  2. I like seeing how much money is given because in my mind I imagine these four becoming accustomed to the life that this cash brings and treating it like it is money that they have earned. When the battle is lost and SJWs are sent back to Tumblr, Everyone is gonna ask for their money back. It may even be before, when they finally realise that these four are doing nothing good. Anita is by far the smartest and most insulated from such a hit. The other three though will find themselves completely screwed.
  3. Lastly, but not least, I like seeing the amounts these people get as a rough gauge (or a significant factor) in how they are thought of in Anti-Gamergate community

I am not one for soap operas and drama but this is gold.

You know the players and watch their devious machinations. You know what they are up to. They are all “frenemies”. All jostling for position and making big plays for social position and more social capital. Hell. “I” know that and I talked about it very recently here

I have said this before, Anita is the top tier Feminist. In the anti-Gamergate side she is probably the ONLY tier one Feminist. Anita gets the best victimhood propaganda circuits and the highest speaking fees as well as the big bucks in donations.

Zoe is a second tier Feminist. She does well enough. Makes a living and gets a disproportionate amount of fame in respect to her efforts. She is the poster girl for all of the anti-Gamergate sentiment. She is not in the same league as Sarkeesian.

Two other individuals that are also second tier Feminists are Brianna Wu and Randi Harper. These two don’t get quite as much cash nor fame as Zoe and have to really work hard to stay relevant and in the spotlight. They compete hard and not just externally but internally too. They are at once comrades and competitors.

BUT then read what I said after that in relation to Randi blasting the report that both Anita and Zoe helped compile..

The upshot? I dunno? Is Randi moving up and has she played a ruthless game to undermine Anita’s credibility? Or Will she slip back to fourth and sycophantic, Crazy Wu come up? Will Zoe look for payback against Randi for making her look silly? Will Anita snub Zoe?

What’s more….the AGG supporters! What will they think of the report?, Zoe’s disloyalty to Anita?, Randi’s disloyalty to Anita and Zoe? Wu support for Anita? (And yes you can argue against the disloyalty thing but I have seen how these crazies think and they will not see knocking a report or bashing an idea, they will see it as bashing the person.)

Zoe’s star is falling. Bloody classic.

Anita rolled with the punch and is insulated from such petty things and was straight on from UN to Google and then to Bungie. Zoe actually looks worse for pretending to gently disowned the report she helped create. Wu is completely left out of the conversation.

But where does Randi figure? Well….she has been neck and neck with Wu fro the longest time and they have been swapping places regularly, dependent on what the next manufactured outrage they can fabricate. Zoe was always number two and Anita the Queen Bee.

Randi has done it. She has overtaken Zoe.

The funny thing too is that Randi is a nasty, toxic, obnoxious, arrogant, self-righteous troll with obvious psychological problems……………..so is Zoe. How Randi behaves is how Randi is. She is not playing it up or down. She is rancid but true to herself. Zoe on the other hand used to be like Randi. The Zoe that fucked over Wizardchan and The Fine Young Capitalists and harassed Georgina White from Techraptr is no less of a noxious troll and serial harasser than Randi, when left to her own devices. But she has not been that person for a while. She has been playing the victim card and behave much more moderately. Much more like Anita than Randi.

Zoe dropped the ball. She did not play to her strengths and too few outrages and failing at the court and then the UN thing too, and she found she had been resting on her laurels too much. Wu and Randi have been scrambling and hustling for recognition. Randi has proved ultimately after a year of doing this, as very good at hustling. Better than Wu and better at playing the game than Zoe.

Quite frankly I don’t know, I may have said some horrible things about Randi in the past but on reflection, if there is any one of these four I would prefer most to run the Anti-Gamergate bus off a cliff, I think I would prefer it was Randi. Let’s hope Randi stops being a number two and becomes a number one.


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