My thoughts on the Gamergate Revolt on 8chan and E-celebs generally

Gamergate HQ vs Gamergate Revolt? I don’t care. They have no effect on me and whatever fissure between them is not something I understand nor one I will be drawn into taking sides with. they Both offer a benefit to Gamergate and wonderful resources.

HOWEVER if you ask me to pick between the two….Gamergate Revolt. Sorry, but whilst I do see a bit of conspiracy theory like behaviour over there and people concentrating too much on finding gotcha moments, I DO appreciate a need for people who give no fucks as to whether a person is a sacred cow or not. I have absolutely no concern with people calling me out or confronting me over shit I say. Don’t care. I don’t see that ought not to apply to others. I have also seen some of the things I have said discussed on both boards and the board that tends to understand and analyse rationally what I have said, is Gamergate Revolt.

Now as to their concerns that certain members are becoming SJWs or Gamergate becoming too moderate, they have a fucking good point BUT I do not think the picture they paint is a grim as what they paint it.

Is Gamergate more moderate than what it was? Should we “Attack, attack, attack”, like Jim wanted? Are the e-celebs all SJWs or SJW-lites? Are “ethics cucks” a problem? Ought we focus on ethics in exclusion to everything else?

Yes Gamergate IS more moderate than what it was AND it fucking should be. I came on board in October last year and this place was getting smashed and was fucking crazy. It was barely coherent. No blockbot, we had people attacking us left, right and centre, Harassment patrol going nuts, fielding attacks and answering in kind, supporting people on our side that were freaking out and trying to keep morale up and start initiatives. We could NOT keep up that intensity.

So is the answer to water down our message? Compromise? Make friends and reach across the void? NO. We have established the line we do not give ground but we have a bit of established resistance, and now we need to not just fight to survive but pick winnable battles and plan strategically. Why risk ourselves unnecessarily? We are NOT scrambling and do not need to.

At the same time we certainly do not need to get complacent or turn our fight inwards. We do not need to reach milder ears. Its been 12 fucking months. I say that if people are happy to believe us to be mustache twirling villains, let them. I do not believe that reasonable people will unintentionally be misinformed. As I say time and time again, I was a non-gamer and knew no-one in the gaming community or the gaming media. It took me three days in those heady times in October to find out who were the “good guys in this fight and who were not”. Weak excuse, and I do not think you should bend over to help the terminally stupid or the willfully ignorant.

E-celebs. Ought we be naturally suspicious of e-celebs? NO. But don’t treat every fucking word like it is a pronouncement from God. Call them on bullshit. They are human and sometimes they get it wrong too. If they are arseholes you do not have to like them nor “play nice”. This is NOT high school and this is not supposed to be a clique and they are NOT your leaders.

Do I like Oliver? Yup. Do I like Milo? Yup. Mr Metokur/Internet Aristocrat? Yup. Ralph? Yup, Allum Bokari? Yup. Dr Evil Gamer? (Check out #LeagueofEvil) Yup. OtterJesus? (Check out #TheLateOttershow) Yup. I like countless others too. Liking one person doesn’t mean that I have to dislike another or that if any of these people pissed me off I could not fight them on any point or attitude, or behaviour. Nor should I feel stymied from doing so.

I will say that part of the reason that many of these people are popular is they espouse pretty good views and do a bit for us. Please do not feel that because someone is an e-celeb that this makes them instantly corrupt or inherently bad. Nor does it mean everything they say is inherently bad. I do not like Cult of Vivian. I think she is dishonest, that her PC tone policing is pathetic and she is passive aggressive (attacking and then calling out people for attacking back and saying nastier words than her little jabs) and this too is weak as water. I have been open and out-spoken about this. IS she ALL bad? I would honestly like to say yes….but it would not be true. Even now a lot of what she says is not only true and apt but also good for Gamergate. I am highly critical of her and keep an eye out for what she says, BUT a lot of it is still highly commendable. No trust but why jump on her for everything? THAT is what I am seeing at the moment with Sargon.

My views on Sargon? I knew and was subscribed to Sargon before I heard of Gamergate and I like him. I think he is a rational and reasonable voice. I will be perfectly honest and say that I do not know the ins and outs of the latest drama. His kickstarted game (that was mainly family funded on Kickstarter) has been delayed? He edited some SPJ Airplay scripting and talking points  and because he is a journalist he should have mentioned this in his journalist articles at his journalist site, that there was a breach of ethics or a conflict…? Again I don’t know? I DO know that Woolly Bumblebee gave him a lot of shit over Aurini and Owen, and after seeing him give account of himself, I do not think there was really much in it. But we know the score. He is a tall poppy. Something like an accusation and even the slightest hint of impropriety and people will pester and spin narratives and demand that every possible accusation is given an answer and every answer is misconstrued the worst possible way. I may have the wrong end of things and I fully accept this. NO, he is no sacred cow either, but I have not seen his great evil nor why he needs to be railed against, or is a SJW, or ethics cuck.

Finally, to ethics or not to ethics? Yes on both account. Ethics and the gaming press is ALWAYS going to be the easier fight and the most quantifiable one. It IS important. It was never the only one. Not even from Gamergate’s inception was it the only fight worth having . SJWs have a little indie cabal with huge support from PR firms, industry organisations, think tanks like Digra and IDGA and so on. However they probably strengthen their might doubly by leveraging the unethical  hipster progressive dirtbags that infest the gaming media and thus they have their megaphones. So yup the gaming media IS important. IF we could remove them entirely and only leave GG_approved gaming media SJWs influence in gaming spaces would decrease by about 50%. That would be sweet BUT only the intellectually challenged would concede this is what and all we should aim for.

So to those losers backing Gamergate notables without question because they are adhering to “Listen and Believe” FUCKING STOP IT!

To those that still think “Trust but verify” this is what we should do.

To those that think Gamergate is dead, beyond redemption, too full of SJWs (or ethics cucks or moderates or whatever) or ….fucking come on.

Drop it and work with us. Help us come up with the strategies and pick those sweet low risk battles. Let’s fucking take it to the SJWs who are sucking the soul out of this industry! I am here to fight. This is my hill to die on and I don’t want to watch allies take out allies and do the other side’s work for them. I will rise or fall with you guys but I would prefer if Gamergate falls, I fall whilst taking on the SJW machine, not our own.


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