My complete 180 degree turn on Bahar Mustafa

Okay I don’t like her. I don’t like her at all. She really embodies the worst of the privileged entitled SJWs. Look at her and look at Laurie Penny and see if there is anything discernibly different in their attitudes.

You can see it rolled out. Spoiled rich brat sheltered from criticism and responsibility all their life. Goes to Uni. Takes on Feminism with their Gender/Women/Liberal Studies. Embraces the worst of “Progressive” mindset and becomes a man-hating provocateur. Learns the art of cashing in on hate. Never learned responsibility nor accountability.

I hate people like this. They are precisely the kind of people we hope for a comeuppance. We want life to take a giant crap on them, born of their selfish, cruel and outlandish behaviour. The net effect of constantly acting out with righteous impunity of the zealous ideologue.

And……it finally happened. She was summonsed to court on 5th Novemember for Malicious communications. Celebrate? No.
Washington Post posted that she was in trouble for her #killallwhitemen tweets.

Is non-specific tweets like this worthy of an arrest or summons? No. It had a lot of us Libertarians groaning. The irony. We want her punished and in trouble and for her nasty little world to be rocked to the foundations….however we respect free speech and so her saying “All white men should be killed” (or whatever derivative) is just of no real consequence. It is mean spirited but without any substance. It is unworthy of such drastic action.

I was one of many who said exactly these things on Twitter. Give us a better reason than #killallmen. Even a little. Don’t let THIS be the tweets that hoist her on her own petard.

Then something magical happened that took away all my angst and allowed me not to “stand” with her. To say, “Nope, that is a fair enough cop, suck it up Princess”

Queen Jynx (@chartoc) on Twitter showed me something awesome. (Don’t follow them? Then do it!)

So…she, as normal, went on a nasty, bratty, SJW, zealous, ideological, rant with impunity. Only this time she over stepped the mark and was noticed by the type of people that can actually reach past all the protective measures she has set up in her life, that have thus far insulated her from any harm. The type of measure that have meant that when she was pulled up and asked to (as diversity officer) give an apology for being racist and sexist towards white men, stuck her nose up at everyone and used the “apology” to spout Feminist propaganda….with no consequence.

Now she may actually be in trouble. Proper trouble……and I am so happy.

I don’t for a moment believe she will have the book thrown at her. But I DO want her scared. I do want her family shamed by her. I want her vulnerable in the court room and her righteous, smug, selfish, arrogance to fall into the puddle of urine at her feet. I want her dignity and tears to fall as she begs the court for leniency and insist she will never be that much of an arsehole. I want her to be sacked from her position. I want all the public to know her shame and laugh at her. I want her to not have to serve a day but not be able to turn this into a win. I want this to be the end of her credibility and to serve as a warning to other SJW crazies.

I think I am asking too much. We know how this will REALLY work. She will be sulky and may or may not squeeze a few tears out. The judge will not really press the matter. She may get a fine or a suspended sentence AT BEST and at worst it will be thrown out and this will give her what is akin to ‘street cred” in the SJW community.

But I guess this summed up is “Fuck her, she deserves this”


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