What I WANT the end to look like for Gamergate. (The end it deserves)

But what I want to happen in no particular order:

Gamergate supporters launch VERY active long protracted campaign at the non-Gawker Deepfreeze gaming media sites. Advertisers start pulling out in disgust. Smaller sites start closing their doors like Joystiq did.

Sarah Butts is put away for whatever pedophilic law enforcement charge, SJWs try to distance themselves from her unsuccessfully. Gamergate goes to town on them. Salt flows.

FTC finally goes after Feminist Frequency for not completing their Kickstarter rewards promises. IRS also goes after Feminist Frequency for both not proving their non-profit status when requested and general dodginess.

Zoe and Randi Harper both get investigated by IRS for all monies earned under the non-profit banner. They have to give account to where all money earned from talks and interviews that they did as CEO/founder/Running of CON or OAPI. Their answer of “Oh I used that on Rent/Bills/Meth” does not go down well.

Gamergate funds a massive campaign for Deepfreeze and both boosts the rankings of each dodgy journalist on there but also adds every journalist including overseas that is unethical in their dealing that is Gamergate related. More salt flows.

With no one talking and reporting on the victim propaganda and with IRS taking down both CON and OAPI, Patreon backers start withdrawing pledges. Zoe and Randi go insane and the effect of this on top of the Sarah Butts drama, causes them to go into a feeding frenzy. Its brutal and great watching.

Gawker goes to court with Hulk Hogan. They are smugly secure in their idea that the public hate him now for his horrible and racist comments. But then they find out that because this is out of character and he has such support by his wrestling peers that are black and because he lost his legacy over this, it makes Hogan a sympathetic figure…even more so than before it all came to light. Hogan does not get $100 million but a large enough percentage of this to sink Gawker completely. Sell off of assets leave Gawker with one small website left. Massive staff layoff ensue.

With all the smaller Gamers are dead set and the Gawker Media empire “journalists” losing their jobs (and being prominently featured in Google as unethical), they find that they are now freelancers in a big pool of other freelancers with a public who doesn’t want to buy what they are selling and no outlet wanting to work with them. They go crazy. They not only cannibalise each other and write clickbait hitpieces aimed at each other but also aimed at their former handlers, the SJWs. They try to get back in favour with the Gamergate crowd.

League of Gamers and GameDevsLife go from strength to strength and People in the industry slowly snub and erode influence from IGDA and the like, in favour of these things

The meet ups going and start becoming bigger and open more to gaming public. Eventually turning into conventions and overtaking and overshadowing the ones that were so critical of Gamergate

The small pro-GG sites are seen as the better choices for advertisers and essentially pick up all the non-GG games sites custom. They in turn grow in size and stature (in many case, merging with one another).

The gaming public move away from the non-Gamergate side and they see the anti-Gamergate people as crazy. The public never actually understadns the process and what Gamergate was. Many that will still say “That is about sexism in gaming and misogyny in the gaming industry”, whilst still snubbing conventions that were Anti-GG supporting and attending pro-GG conventions that evolved from meet ups. They will stop reading the Anti-GG sites in favour of the pro-GG media. They will still take their cues in every respect from pro-GG people without understanding the whole thing.

It will not matter. Gamergate supporters never get the kudos for all they had done but it won’t matter. Most will get back to playing vidya. Some of us will follow the last of the SJWs as they drag themselves bloodied and bleeding out the back of the gaming industry and onto another industry or fandom. There we will draw swords again.


4 thoughts on “What I WANT the end to look like for Gamergate. (The end it deserves)

      • But seriously, who really cares about your fictive internet skirmishes with people who you wouldn’t actually disagree with on anything important if you sat down to have an earnest dialogue as opposed to ‘drawing swords’ because you’re overly enamored with military imagery as long as it’s internet roleplaying and not literally people dying and having their homes blown apart by mortar shells and their widows and children enslaved and prostituted? You think you’re in the Epic of Gilgamesh?


      • I am assuming you are asking rather than telling me what I think. That said, no I don’t think I am in an Epic of Gilgamesh.
        In fact to be completely honest I don’t think I ever mentioned Epic of Gilgamesh. Even more than this, if I was to tell you that you could not care for your favourite sports team because who gives a crap about a bunch of guys mucking around when there are kids dying in Africa of starvation, or maybe watching a race or competition with your mates, would be pointless under your own guidelines.

        So thank you for your opinion, but I think it’s disingenuous. You want to help people getting blown up by mortar or help the starving kids In Africa, you can, but I am immune to cheap shaming techniques, nor am I likely to feel a need to not care for X because I need to care for y, or y is more important. That is retarded.


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