Discussing the UN/Google Ideas Feminist brigade

It looks like a pretty simple and uncomplicated affair. Once again the SJW Progressive Feminists have wormed their victim narrative dishonestly into another authority. Shakes of heads and a couple of laughs ensue and most of us say “Thank God no one that I hold dear is as crazy and self-absorbed as these moral busybodies”

But there is so much more to this. You can appreciate this on so many different levels.

I have said this before, Anita is the top tier Feminist. In the anti-Gamergate side she is probably the ONLY tier one Feminist. Anita gets the best victimhood propaganda circuits and the highest speaking fees as well as the big bucks in donations.

Zoe is a second tier Feminist. She does well enough. Makes a living and gets a disproportionate amount of fame in respect to her efforts. She is the poster girl for all of the anti-Gamergate sentiment. She is not in the same league as Sarkeesian.

Two other individuals that are also second tier Feminists are Brianna Wu and Randi Harper. These two don’t get quite as much cash nor fame as Zoe and have to really work hard to stay relevant and in the spotlight. They compete hard and not just externally but internally too. They are at once comrades and competitors.

If you watch Harper and Wu. Their popularity is a mixed bag in AGG circles. You always get the feeling that they are a hair breath away from a feeding frenzy. Both unpredictable.Harper because she is a troll, in both appearance and temperament, and Wu because she is crazy.

So two BIG Anti-Gamergate happenings, both with big potential payload, UN meeting and Google Ideas. Zoe probably wet herself with excitement to be invited along as Anita’s special friend. Of course she went with stars in her eyes and an idea in her head that this would be all about threats SHE got, and allowing a chance for her to legitimise herself. Something sorely needed with Eron seemingly on the path to a homerun with his attempt to affirm the gag order was illegitimate from the outset and unconstitutional.

At the UN it becomes apparent that Zoe is wanting to have the ability to stifle people’s ability to “harass” her. (“harass” is a nebulous word for Zoe. Generally meant to be for the more brutal types of harassment – like death and rape threats BUT is also when convenient will be any other sort of combative argument or debate….as long as she keeps the victim narrative on herself). Anita on the other hand is about ALL women being victims and victimsed on the internet and her want to save these helpless damsels from all forms of disagreement or critique that is unwanted. The UN Women (the same nutjobs that support Emma Watson’s He for She campaign) wanted THAT and a small side of dealing with sex workers and all other kinds of unrelated BS.

The net result? The UN report that was so transparently hurried through, and an absolute unworkable shit show, that is not only unable to be used, but terribly amateur in presentation. In other words a joke. Then Big, unpredictable, (and uninvited) Randi Harper starts blasting away at it, along with practically everyone else that did not attend this elitist privileged upper middle class soiree. Wu starts supporting the craziness of it…as you may well expect. Crazy to crazy MUST seem sane….right?

Then Zoe backs away slowly from the UN report. Here Anita is, pulling Zoe along on her coat tails, and Zoe effectively snubs Anita over this rather than look like a buffoon (or any more of a buffoon).

In Zoe’s mind no doubt it is making lemonade out of lemons. Maintain credibility by dismissing the report that everyone is laughing at, and rather than the UN being an occasion she was given to help write up a global anti-cyberviolence manifesto…it was rather “she was even considered important enough to speak to the international UN delegation about the problem of cyber-violence”. It shores up the narrative better and makes her look a lot more legitimate. Damage control.

Of course whilst the report was in the making, Zoe and Anita also went to Google Ideas along with a intellectually dishonest morally bereft SJW peers. Including Randi Harper. The same Randi Harper who soon after and in a show of solidarity and good will started scuttling the last of the support on the UN report as noted above. The notable absence is Brianna Wu. So the answer as to who is in third place this month is answered.

No sooner than they all got to Google Ideas, it seems, but Randi is trolls Derek Smart like crazy, and makes incredibly ridiculous claims. So Randi screws over the Anita and Zoe team twice over.

The upshot? I dunno? Is Randi moving up and has she played a ruthless game to undermine Anita’s credibility? Or Will she slip back to fourth and sycophantic, Crazy Wu come up? Will Zoe look for payback against Randi for making her look silly? Will Anita snub Zoe?

What’s more….the AGG supporters! What will they think of the report?, Zoe’s disloyalty to Anita?, Randi’s disloyalty to Anita and Zoe? Wu support for Anita? (And yes you can argue against the disloyalty thing but I have seen how these crazies think and they will not see knocking a report or bashing an idea, they will see it as bashing the person.)

It may come to nothing….but I hope not. I want them to tear each other to pieces, and I want to watch it for sport.


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