I sent a contact form to SXSX and this is what I said

Firstly I think it is commendable that you give Gamergate supporters ANY voice. Why is it commendable?

Because we are the ONLY organisation that does not get to self-define. A year of having others in the media (tradition and social) tell us who we are. Not being able to have a voice. But you have seen that yourself. The narrative promoted is “They should not be allowed to speak”. When you cancelled, who did everyone blame on the harassment you got on? In recent times we have had 2 speaking engagements. One was the Battle of Ideas and the other the SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists) Airplay. The latter was shut down by several bomb threats. The other side live off public speaking engagements. Whether it is Anita, Randi Harper or Brianna Wu….the only one time that they cancelled was in Utah University over a year ago to a threat police confirmed to Anita was not credible (she cancelled any way because she did not like their gun policy there and then lied and said she cancelled because of Gamergate).

But it is not JUST that they don’t allow us a voice. All harassment is BECAUSE of us, according to the talking heads in the media. Again you have seen that. Ask them (even as a neutral person) how they could possibly gauge such a thing and quantify that, and what do you get? You get told that you are sympathising with gamergate supporters and probably a lot of vitriol. Gamergate does not have a platform on online harassment and nor should we. Why? Because it is the same reason that you do not have a company platform on Spina Bifida or home invasions. We do not encourage any of these actions and we certain are not a party to them. We do get blamed though for all manner of threats and harassment and with no evidence or far less proof.

A terrible turn in discussions as you will no doubt find is that the word “harassment” is one that was may mean different things for different people. It can be a weaselly word give much potential to effective switch and bait techniques. If someone say that they are harassed online, you, like me, probably have an idea what that may mean. A death threat or a rape threat, or being followed around by someone. Maybe your details leaked online. This is pretty cut and dried in my view. Anyone receiving this ought to call it harassment (and in the case of death and rape threats, ought to go to authorities). Okay what if you made a terrible faux pas, a bad joke in poor taste, a casual insult to a group of people and MANY of the people who each individually saw that comment, expressed their anger at you. Is that harassment? What if you have an online spat with someone and they call you names? Is that harassment? What if you lie collectively about a group and a number of that group either call you names or tell you that you are wrong or otherwise express their anger at you? Be very careful when you listen to these people express their harassment what we are ACTUALLY talking about, the context to which it is born and the evidence that the harassment is what they say it is?

Why is THIS important? Because sometimes people actually are dishonest or misrepresent said harassment. Brianna Wu was struggling to get support for her game on Steam. She wrote a troll post to harass herself (to then frame that she was getting harassment). Unfortunately she forgot she was still logged into her account and a quick deletion followed when she realised that she had done this

Many of the big names on the other side are harassers in their own right. http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/06/29/harping-on-the-hypocrisy-and-lies-of-twitters-most-notorious-anti-abuse-activist-randi-harper-part-1/
What Gamergate supporters have had to endure is beyond the pale.
You have no doubt seen many media outlets covering this? No? When we had bomb threats against us in Washington DC meet up and were evacuated I think 2 places did write ups on us which was about the same amount when the block was evacuated in Miami for the SPJAirplay event….and then there was another bomb threat in Australia in Melbourne. But WHY two articles only? Why did those articles not blame the other side? Why did 35 articles get written on your cancellation and all blame Gamergate Supporters?

This is the narrative you are in the thick of. It is imbalanced and unfair and biased against the Gamergate supporters. Why would people frame this so terribly badly against Gamergate supporters?
1) How many Straight white cisgendered male diversity Officers are there?
2) How many Conservative Gender Studies lecturers?
3) How many Atheist US senators?
These unrelated questions are actually related. In the case of 1) it is showing that this position is not made for a particular type of person. That person will not present a certain way for that job. 2) No reason there can’t except…Feminism seems to usually not be associated with values that are conservative. The traditional values are not Liberal. Therefore Liberal or more often “Progressive” values are pushed into academic discourse NOT conservative values. In the case of 3) despite the separation of church and state, America is largely Christian and so the people that will be considered will be Christian too.
In gaming we see what happens when a Progressive cohort tries to have gaming informed by their “Progressive” outlook and to view the entirety of the gaming industry and gaming hobby and all gaming spaces viewed through that filter or lens and many of us saying “NO”.
We do not need to be shamed or the industry meet new standards or be critical of our community or anything of the sort. We are not harassing our detractors when we express this.

So given all of this, a BIG concern is our panel you have crapped over. Who is representing Gamergate supporters and OUR narrative? Lynne Walsh is Neutral, you got rid of Nick, and so that leaves Mercedes Carrera who I greatly admire. She is a brilliant spokesperson.

Now lets look at who will support the other narrative that I outlined above and for reasons I outlined above

Randi Harper
Katherine Cross
Caroline Sinders
Monika Bickert (Head of Product Policy, Facebook)
Soraya Chemaly (Writer/Director, WMC Speech Project)
Congresswoman Katherine Clark (D-Massachusetts)
Wendy Davis (Women’s Rights Advocate; former TX State Senator)
Mark DeLoura (VP Technology, formerly with Sony, Nintendo, Google, and White House OSTP)
Mary Anne Franks (Law Professor, University of Miami School of Law and Legislative & Tech Policy Director, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative)
Jonathan Greenblatt (CEO and National Director, Anti-Defamation League)
Umair Haque (umairhaque.com)
Sarah Jeong (Contributing Editor, Vice Motherboard)
Emma J. Llansó (Director, Free Expression Project, Center for Democracy & Technology)
Emily May (Co-founder and Executive Director, Hollaback!)
Kelly McBride (Vice President of Academic Programs, The Poynter Institute)
Shireen Mitchell (Founder, Digital Sisters and Stop Online Violence Against Women)
Nika Nour (Director, Communications and Creative Strategies, Internet Association)
Meredith L. Patterson (Security Researcher)
Joseph Reagle (Northeastern University and Author, “Reading the Comments: Likers, Haters, and Manipulators at the Bottom of the Web”)
Jeffrey Rosen (President & CEO, National Constitution Center)
Lee Rowland (Senior Staff Attorney with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project)
Ari Ezra Waldman (Associate Professor of Law, New York Law School)
Brianna Wu (Head of Development, Giant Spacekat)

Okay so I make 22 who will spin Gamergate supporters as terrible and 2 neutrals and 1 pro-gamergate supporter who will support our voice.

Why is it unbalanced 22 voices to 1? Do you believe this is fair. I mean if you want to trash us, fine, it is nothing we have not experienced in over 12 months but why?


SXSX Panel

Okay I am very late to the party and more than a little intoxicated, but why not throw my hat in the ring too?

Yes, everyone says that Gamergate (ie Gamergate Supporters) cancelled both panels.

This is at very best, lazy, and at worst, retarded. Rather than complicate things with who fears and who is oppressed more and all this white noise, let’s look at it clinically.

Randi and Brianna and Zoe are not short of speaking engagements, where they are called upon to give their side of the story without bias or narrative framing (and to all of you actually working, think hard upon how sorry you feel for these three when they earn $35000-$60000/year – BEFORE paid speaking occasions and any other bit work they pick up).

They rustle up a few victim points and people keep the torch shining on them and as a result of their hustling, they get more speaking engagements and more cred and more Patreon bucks. Sweet gig.

Do you know who DOESN’T get unbiased speaking gigs?

Gamergate supporters. Brianna and Randi and Zoe and Anita wiggle their arses all around the country and squirt a few tears, make a few dramatic thoughtful pauses and/or stutters in describing their misery and get gig after gig after gig. Gamergate get NOTHING.

Our last “gig” was SPJAirplay…..and we got a bomb threat or a dozen.

We do not get any speaking engagements because the other  side poisons the well to prevent this. If we do, it gets scuttled.

Their’s don’t. How many of theirs do. They mention Sarkessian’s over and over and yet it was not GG related and it was not deemed a credible threat. So discount that one. How many of the rest of the many speaking occasions. We have had three including the Battle of Ideas and have had 2 out of 3 cancelled due to threats of violence.

C’mon people let’s be logical. IF we are ONLY looking at EITHER Anti-gamergate being behind the cancellations or Gamergate supporters behind the cancellations, who is it more likely that is?

Cult of Vivian, really???

You know I have had my issues with CultofVivian. But I have also acknowledged that whilst she has been intellectually dishonest and gets into a lot of passive aggressive bullshit, not everything she does or says is bad.

In fact she DOES signal boost a lot of good causes and at times comes in with decent quips against ridiculous assertions made by gaming press and such. The fact that she is super active and has a large following (containing many white knights, I have found) gives her a fair bit of social capital in Gamergate. Good for her.

Now here is the thing. I can recognise the good without trusting her. I will still call out dumb shit. I don’t care who you are. So here comes some really dumb shit. Brace yourselves.

Cult of Vivian is now saying this shit:

Dropping the #Gamergate hashtag

Now I don’t think I need to explain to most reasoned people that this is a fucking bad idea.

But I think as much as we see this dilution that would inevitably result as a means of “opening the gates” to the more moderate SJWs and then in turn they would step aside and let through less moderate SJWs and our diluted presence would be of no consequence, the more interesting question is why CultofVivian may think it is a good idea?

Now there are two kneejerk reactions:

  1. She is an SJW traitor, so why would she do otherwise.
  2. She is bloody stupid and hasn’t got the intellect to do otherwise.

I don’t think so. I have given it more thought. I think it is something a bit more tragic.

I think she is hustling for more control and more social capital. How? Think on it.

With the hashtag you search the hashtag to find what is happening and what opinions are getting boosted. It doesn’t matter if it is something from CultofVivian, Dr Evil, Ralph, OliverCampbell, Milo, OtterJesus or whomever. You can look under the tag and see what opinions and what you consider. You have an opinion? Posting it on #Gamergate posts it to the masses. Want to follow people from Gamergate? Read through the tweets and follow who you like. Want to rally the troops? You post it to the common rallying point. No leaders.

Drop the hashtag and you suddenly lose that common rallying point. The rallying point becomes the more notable people from Gamergate. You want to see who else to follow in Gamergate? Too late. Unless they are followers of the people you follow bad luck. Do you have 200 to 300 followers and an important message to get out? Who is going to carry that or be the gatekeeper to putting that out there? People more popular and more notable to you. They now have more power. Make sure you do not offend. They will exclude you like the Indie Devs that do not tow the line and are not in the right clique.

Ralph I think rightly bought this to light. It was not just CultofVivian that was invested in this bullshit. There were other notables. There too lays a problem. Cult of Vivian with that little bit of control over a base of thousands of followers has convinced them to drop the tag. Now much of what they may want to do may have to be boosted by her (or one of the other big notables). BUT what if she bands together with a group of other big notables. How much control will they have of the supposed “leaderless” group? They collectively become the gamekeepers.

You do not like their ideology? Too fucking bad. Your language too harsh? You argue with the wrong people? You don’t use the right pronouns? You are pro-ethics/anti-SJW (whichever they are against)? Collectively they will determine what Gamergate is and who is in and out. The decisions they make together will not require your input nor your blessing.

THIS is what I think CultofVivian is up to and in the same way that when Ralph bought this up last time, it was secret club house stuff. Its bullshit.

I have said before that the biggest danger of the “liberal” notables is the want to water down Gamergate resolve and look for compromises and being too accepting.

Liberals in Gamergate CAN be problematic

The other side are NOT about being fair. They are not there to compromise with. Show weakness and they simply see an opportunity for a takedown. Play nice and friendly and they will not respect you. Compromise and they will not give ground. They are ideologues. They will see that as having you having given ground.

PR is not something that will be in SJWs power to give

What is COVs definition of an edgelord? (I thought that was the kind of thing Sarah Butts was into?)

What about the normies?

You see here what is happening?

“Don’t be edgelords, play nice. Because if you play nice and are more accepting and nice to your opponents, they will run with that, and people will write nice things about us, and we will be invited to tables, and the doors that have been shut to us will be open, and the respect will flow, and our PR problem will float away…..”


Its all complete unrefined bullshit.

You want an example of a “normie”? Yours truly. I am not a gamer. I like honesty. It took me three days of reading up to determine who was telling the truth and who was not. IF someone is interested they can find out too. As to the job of poisoning the well of credulity for Gamergate, yes it has been done. They have collectively pissed in our wells and like the metaphor, once pissed in, the pissers are not able to reverse the piss nor the effects of said piss in poisoning everything.

In fact what we ought to be doing is replacing them and the industry’s reliance on them. Not making nice. They are arseholes.

Watch CultofVivian closely. This will keep coming up. She has this set in her mind. You can keep telling here it is bad and for all the reasons it is but like the opposing camp, if you do it will be said that you are wrong because you are pro-Ralph or anti-ethics or trying to divide Gamergate, or whatever and your opinion dismissed out of hand. NOTHING will divide Gamergate’s community like removing the hashtag. When the time is right and if she is able to push and demand for tone policing, ethics only, Pro-KIA, Anti GG Revolt and anti-Ralph and whatever other divisions, it will hone divisive factions within gamergate and with a bit of pressure, maybe she will be able to carry the day and get enough people to drop the hashtag. Then it will be camps of people with different loyalties and ideas on things and many more thinking “Fuck, this is just too hard”.

If she manages this, I am sure the Anti-Gamergate crowd will cheer. Hell, they may even throw her favours in the new order. The gaming community will not be worth anything if they are given free range and with the tag gone we will not be able to push back.

I am not the least bit sorry Laughing Witch

Not even the tiniest bit.

Okay summarised. Laughing Witch and a small group of pathetic “Progressive” Social Justice Feminists decided in their wisdom that they would anonymously send letters and emails to the local police department and to the workplace of Thunderfoot….because he made youtubes they did not like.

In these letters these dishonest ideologues accused Thunderfoot of a variety of evils, among which was he was a Hitler worshipping Nazi with an army of 329000 white supremacists, Nazi skinheads and he was a holocaust denier.

Laughing Witch boasted that as an employer, she was able to do this to him and if he was her employee, she would not want him to work for her. She also stated that she thought that his boss might like to know what their employee was like (which doesn’t make sense on the basis that she was grossly dishonest). She said that he was not able to respond in kind because her husband was the boss and she could not be fired. Goading him further to try to respond.

Unsurprisingly she was not the only person in this dishonest email and letter writing campaign, she was just the loudest voice and positioned herself as the “leader”. She stated she knew of at least ten others including Bewildered Ape.

She did one better and posted a video showing the letter she wrote in her campaign and as proof, showing her name.

A quick bit of research confirmed that she was “Vice president” of a firm that renovates bathrooms. Apparently there are a number of employees (20+) working for her.

So Thunderfoot accepts her challenge and……tells her that he could simply write bad reviews on Yelp and if he were inclined, get others to write the truth about her as well.

Of course it was an angle she did not count on.

Suddenly crap loads of people started doing exactly that. Some trolled her and called her a pedophile and so on.

Now….here is the punch line. She closed her Twitter account and and got her friends to contact Thunderfoot and shame him into a truce because he is affecting her business and may cause employees to lose their job if the business goes under.


Hilarious. No, really. It is brilliant and I am so very happy. You do not start fights and then control the reaction. She acted with malice and tried to hurt his livelihood and had no scruples doing so. It was with the moral and intellectual smug righteousness that you will only see with the zealous dogmatic ideologues. There was no compassion or sympathy. Then he reached into her world. Her “I’m untouchable” arrogance has turned to water.

Now she wants a truce? How about, no. What then? She escalated it. She upped the ante.

He gets to respond how he likes. Her’s was a public reaction. To the police, his work and then shown to all those that watch her video. His too was a public reaction and it is to Yelp and all those who use the site.

No sympathy. None. Nada. Tried viewing her site. Looks like its down. Sad? Nope.

Site down, bad reviews on Yelp. If her business fails she can take solace in the fact that she decided to hurt someone in real life and was responsible for putting the wheels in motion to her own downfall.

She may be the Laughing Witch but I don’t think she is laughing much at the moment. Me? Hell yeah, hilarious. I hope Thunderfoot has similar luck with the others. Take them all out Thunderfoot. They all crossed a line they ought to have stayed behind. Sue a few of them.

The correct response is that they have their smug righteous beliefs shatter. Their beliefs that they can act with impunity obliterated. Any advantage or good feelings from such activities and such thoughts ruined. Their ideology forever tainted by the experience.

That is what I wish on them and on all these horrid Social Justice Warriors/Progressives. Because then and only then, they will stop. This is no different from the Salem witch trials. These people are no less fanatical or convinced of their moral righteousness or their intellectual prowess.

Keep going Thunderfoot, you champion

Happy Birthday, Milo, you glorious British bastard

Pleased to have you as an ally. Really pleased.

People used to (I don’t know whether they are stupid enough to now) say you were an opportunist and “using” Gamergate for your own ends.

What I used to say still holds true:

“Terrific idea. Be one of the only journalists, throwing in with a mainly Left-wing Libertarian collection of a nerd sub-culture that you do not belong or associate with, that he press at large is against”

But whilst they fell over themselves in mental contortions, trying to justify why he would not have been simply better off sinking the boot into Gamers like all of the traditional gaming press and a fair amount of left wing press was, I would simply wait them to run out of steam and say:

“That all sounds like bullshit to me BUT EVEN IF it were true. Even if he ditch ed us tomorrow and never looked back. Every single one of us would owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for everything he had done for us.”

As a pitiable fallback, they mentioned he gets paid money.

I am fucking glad he is getting paid and no doubt is worth more than what he is getting paid. He deserves every cent. You know what else? Everyone from Sargon, to Ralph, to Oliver, to Vee to The Honey Badgers and so on, I do not begrudge any of them the money they make. they deserve it.

Milo, you are our brother. You are part of our thousands strong dysfunctional Gamergate family. I love your work and I appreciate all you have done. I hope your next 25 years are as good as the last 25. 😉

If ever the Haters get to you take faith in the fact that we outnumber them many times over. Keep being that glorious British bastard. Happy birthday, Milo Yiannopoulous

“Gamergate don’t have empathy…..”

“Why thank you Anti-Gamergate for letting me know that. Let me consider your sentiment”

It is a charge they make over and over and the only correct response is “Go fuck yourself”

There is no common ground. They are not interested in empathy with us. They are not sympathetic to us. Why the fuck should we be with them?

I personally want all their efforts to turn into nightmares for them. I want every dollar they have extracted from the industry to be taken off them. I want karma to kick them hard. I want to see their hopes fall to the floor in a puddle. I want their credibility to turn to mocking derision. I want them to find every association in the industry collapse. I want them fleeing from the industry.

Now one problem is, whilst I say this, many may think “Well that is because you are misogynist”. But that is the thing entirely, that is a further trick of theirs. Why would make me a misogynist (a “hater of women”)? The answer is likely to be along the general lines of “Because you said you are wanting these women fleeing the industry” or it may be less broad and allude to the Anti-Gamergate crowd trying to help women in the industry, and this my wishing harm on them is in effect harming women by proxy.

It is horse crap. The ideologues are not composed of women. The ideology and their actions are the problem not their gender. Furthermore, they say that they are helping women in the industry and I do not see it. I see them hoist three or four on their shoulders and give them money and call them victims. These people are not game industry veterans and are nothing but rainy-faced provocateurs and victimisation salespeople with a now 12 month old worn spiel that most rational people do not buy. I believe in actions and not words.

There is a lot of talk in that camp about harassment and you can not engage with these people without them screeching about harassment. They will tell everyone about the harassment and will seek to get it banned and censored.

Now some people online are given death threats and so on. Who sends them and why? They say “It was Gamergate” as though Gamergate was a person and as though it was without question. Only thing is, there is no proof. In fact we have at least some proof of some third party trolls not associated with Gamergate sending threats. We also know 3 or 4 well known troll groups baiting both sides of the issue. Supporters of Gamergate should definitely question the facts and always demand proof.

But is this what they mean by harassment? Yes and no. We see that it is an ambiguous term. If I say harassment, you may think of death threats. They will certainly include death threats and will use death and rape threats as the thin end of the wedge. Once they have purchase though, more lesser definitions of harassment will flow. Is harassment when someone simply disparages you? Is it when they insult you? Is it if they belittle your opinion? Disagree with you? Agree with someone that disagrees with you? Hold points you disagree with?

If someone says I should not get violent threats, that is fine. No one does. If they are saying that they want the police or authorities to investigate and prosecute people making such threats, I agree and I think pretty much everyone in Gamergate would agree to that. It is a reasonable thing. Don’t kid yourself that this is what they want. Anita talking o the UN delegation also mentioned being called names or told she sucks was harassment and thus should be banned.

Nope. What they demand for themselves is not what they would expect in behaviour towards us. They have dehumanised us enough to green light any nastiness at. I am happy to not be empathetic of these people. I have no pity.

They have not succeeded in anything in the last 12 months. They have not helped women in the slightest. All they have done is spread propaganda that tells women that they are not welcome in the industry. Our side has not done that.

They are harming the industry. The are insulting the industry’s customer base and are a toxic presence.

Do not show these people compromise, mercy, goodwill, benefit of the doubt, or any kindness.

Red Morgan you tried bro, BUT……

Red Morgan tries to reason with the unreasonable

Red, I think you are a sensible guy and a lot of what you say is rational and logical and fair.

That said, this interaction with this Twitter feed went to shit. Unfortunately for all the wrong reasons and there is a reason why.

Much of my working life I have worked in customer service, customer sales, complaints resolution and customer retention. I am good at talking with people. One piece of advice I got was “NEVER apologise”. You may think “Really? Never apologise and you think this is good advice in the industry you alleged this vast experience in?”

Yes. It is great advice and whilst I do believe that there is definitely a time and a place, apologising and compromise ought not be a starting point or a fallback point.

Here is why. Customer comes in or rings up or whatever. They are pissed off. They have what they think is a good reason. It has been compounding in their mind . They have no idea how to solve their issue but what they have in control is what emotion and insult they will throw at you.

At this point ANY apologising or conceding a point or compromise is simply going to justify their position in their own mind. Give them an inch they will take a mile and you have the rug out from under your feet.

In order to get anywhere you need to take charge and listen constructively and deal with facts and not feelings and find solutions. Find solutions deal with the concrete and don’t allow the argument to become pointless feeling based bullshit. Because it will have the customer feeling smugly justified in their faux outrage over something illogical that they have not fixed and the time speaking to you was a waste.

So what does this have to do with you? You were too nice dude. Guy was an arsehole. You know that and so does he. He was spinning this feeling based narrative and feeling righteously indignant. You TRIED to do the “right” thing. You were simply too moderate. By saying “I’m sure some have”, “People are dicks”, “No, I don’t think its an okay reaction”, you effectively gave him a licence to say “See Gamergate are bad and I am a victim and I have no accountability and fuck you”

It was effectively making apologies for Gamergate or certain elements or certain actions or whatever. Stop.

It may be that he would have had the same negative reaction no matter what you said but buying into his victim hood narrative or feelings or apologising or making excuses is never the way to deal. It sounds wrong but it isn’t. You may think sympathy is bonding but it isn’t. You may think being nice is disarming, but it isn’t.

Be assertive. Facts as a shield. He wants to call negative feedback harassment, he is being dishonest. He wants to say GG does X he better be able to back the claim. No one else seems to do more than throw the claim around. Its a bullshit narrative.

All you managed here was to weaken your position and give him justification for being a dick about things. Nice is often not fair and playing nice will get you walked over. These people do not deserve your leniency or understanding or pandering. Go hard next time and if they want to cling to dishonest narratives, let them.