The danger of sabotage and self-fulfilling prophecies

Koretzsky (a man I have railed against on occasion) let slip that the antis are waiting for Gamergate to fold.

It seems rather strange to me. It seems strange that there are people with Gamergate trying to do just that. Supporters trying to help that process along. These people may see themselves as moderates or “looking at the big picture” but I call them “misguided” AT BEST, and at worst turncoats.

Ralph’s first article on this bloody stupid idea

Ralph’s second article on this bloody stupid idea

So why would they try to move that along? There are three reasons that I can think of off the top of my head.

  1. Slow down in the hastag and activity.
  2. No clear win in near future or in sight
  3. Division in the ranks.

Now firstly, are any of these ideas a good reason to scuttle Gamergate? No.

Secondly, should anyone, or cabal, think to push such proposal to the masses? No.

It is a bit of a let down to be honest, and I am a bit disappointed that some of these otherwise quite rational people supported the idea (and in secret).

There is NO win to be had scuttling the hashtag. NONE. It gives the SJWs EXACTLY what they want. If ANYONE has come around to thinking that Gamergate is not a good fit or that it is not their thing any more, they can either actively try to make it better or they can leave. We don’t need them. No e-celeb is too big. It is bigger and more important than any one of them.

Now here is a REAL problem. Negativity. United we stand and divided we fall. The only reason we lasted 12 months is that we were tight. We gave the antis nothing and we played a strong tight game. We knew what was wrong and did not bow down to any external pressure and we got shit done. There is no little honour in that approach. It is something to be proud of.

We now have various “fissures” in the community. The biggest many think is the “Ethics only” people or perhaps the anti-conservatives people. I think that the biggest is people like the ones mentioned above.

We have to sort this shit out and pronto. It is YOUR community. I am no gamer and I have been honest about that from get go. I will rise or fall with you but this is not my hobby. I am not trying to stop my fandom or hobby from being ruined, YOU are. (Or at least you fucking should be).

Arseholes have come into your industry and fandom, demanded that you cede all control of the industry into their hands, and claimed that you are toxic and bigoted. They are shitting over everything in this industry that you hold dear. They are happy to use any means possible to do damage and they do not actually care about the industry. They have tried the same modus operandi with countless other fandoms and all done under the pseudo-religious “Progressive ideology”.

You were right to fight them. Your resistance was not wrong and your attacks not severe. You were defending yourself and your industry. I would happily have each of these zealots bear accountability for their actions. They do not deserve to be coddled or compromised with or to be let off. I would happily see their narratives publicly discredit and their careers and influence in the gaming sphere, in absolute tatters. I would LOVE some of them criminally or civilly charged for various misdeeds. I think they are bad people.

Go after them. Look for wins. Small wins add up.

Yet in all of this there is a sense in some quarters of the “beginning of the end”. An expectancy. A wanting to take a way out. A meeting in the middle. A sense of closure. There is talk of Gamergate moving away from what it was supposed to be or of tone police and PC policing and of divisions and shills and God knows what else.

This is all self-fulfilling prophecies. KNOW it and reject any efforts to do this.

A) “Gamergate should not be actively maligning Sarah Butts, how is that anything to do with ethics? It is so retarded lately and moving away from what it should be”


B) “Gamergate is slowing down I  think based on this activity it will be dead soon”


C) “We should think of dropping the hashtag. I think we have achieved what we can under this hashtag”


D) “There are too many Conservatives coming into the hashtag and sullying it. It has become a Conservative rallying point”


NONE of these things is helpful and it is just like going out with your friend fishing in a little fishing dinghy. After fishing happily for an hour in deep water, the fish are not coming quite as fast and so your mate announces you are not going to catch any more fish and starts blast the bottom of the boat with a gun. When the boat sinks, he states he was right, you did not catch any more fish.

It is all sabotage and self-fulfilling prophecies.

The way to combat this BIG problem is to denounce it and concentrate on what made us strong. It was NOT pandering or compromise or navel gazing or apologising. It sure as Hell beats being negative and concentrating on the possibility of Gamergate dying and then being smugly righteous when your apathy helps sink it.

To those that think otherwise, sure, think what you like but it is not my hobby. I will attack these ideologues wherever they turn up next, if they run this industry in the ground. Whilst you are fighting I will be with you though. Don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Not that I am an e-celeb or person of note, I will propose what I think we should constructively do. I will do that in my next article {Updated}


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