A non-ecelebs “suggestions” that do not involve scuttling what we have built up

Okay as dripping with sarcasm as the title may be, this is my suggestions. By all means take or leave them. Tell me I am shit and they are unworkable. Its okay. I will not force this on anyone an I will not keep it secret.

  1. I think we need to sort out our own community to an extent. A lot of this divisiveness has to go. I think it comes from a sense of “One year down and no real idea of what is on the horizon or where we need to go from here”. Give people a rallying point and definition and they will bond
  2. We need to back and support and build the things we have already. The channels, the pro-gamergate news, Based gamer, Gamedev.life and so forth. Yes, even the League of Gamers (though Mark doesn’t consider himself pro-Gamergate anymore).
  3. We need to be actively build an alternative infrastructure to COMPETE with the Soc Jus Cabal. They DO have influence. They have ENORMOUS Leverage.  We need to combat this
  4. We need to punish them. The gaming press is vulnerable do to its reliance on advertising, traffic and its readership. Social Justice Warriors are vulnerable because of their fanatical and rigid beliefs.

Now we are not without any force or influence. It is crazy to think that we are still around because of luck. I do say that the very reason these bigots and zealots CAN rail against their consumer base and with impunity is that they have more influence and power.

We need to de-fang them.

Its obvious to me that that there are eight areas of real influence and strength these people have and they know and exploit it.

  1. Games Media (used as public megaphones) and yes, this follows through to general media
  2. Academia (Yes the rot is deep here. There is DIGRA, the Progressive push from Feminist Frequency to get the “sexism in gaming” narrative in to the classroom and as part of the school curriculum, and of course the various academic conferences and thinktanks pushing this crap)
  3. IDGA
  4. IGF and Indiecade
  5. Various games or “fandom” conventions (ie comic conventions – such as Calgary Expo)
  6. IndieFund
  7. PR companies (Like Silverstring)
  8. Networks and interconnectedness of various people and platforms

Ever hear of that expression “don’t hate the player, hate the game”? THIS is what we really need to concentrate on.

I mentioned before that we have the pieces in place and we do. We have to look at what the other side do well and do not be too quick to dismiss them. Look, modify, improve on, and eclipse them.

There is absolutely no point in just being directionless nor is there any point in ONLY making sure we are tight or ONLY making sure our projects are successful or ONLY making sure the other side is copping it for all they have done to us or ONLY us building up our own alternative infrastructure. All of these things ought to happen together and in harmony.

Four different directions and many tasks people can do within.

We need happenings and rallying points and and absurdities and shitposting and socially fun stuff. This is an absolute must and people need to have the ability to be able to kick back and laugh and blow steam.

We need diggers digging and the more activist inclined to go after hypocrisies, rule and law breaking in the social justice camp and ethics breaches in the gaming media camp. As well as this we need to keep adding names and contacts to Op Disrespectful Nod and such operations. Sending emails is great but it ought not be ONLY to Gawker Media . Some outlets have been getting a free ride whilst we all focused on Gawker. We need to show their advertisers that they too are pieces of shit and why.

We need to look at ways we can support “our people” and the ones brave enough to support us to the general public. Get our little voices more exposure and mainstream. Bolster opportunities for our homegrown projects like GameDev.Life, League of Gamers and Based Gamer

Very importantly we need to have the same or better interconnectivity between ourselves. Better networks. We need what we develop to be able to progress outside of our shores and to whole new lands. We need what influence we have to eclipse that of the SJWs.

The reason for all of this is simple IF IDGA at the moment is very influential and powerful BUT League of Gamer was to challenge its influence, then the devs are not going to fear being off-side. If Indiefund is of no more consideration than the Gamer funded Gamergate backed kickstarters then it will stop being something Indie devs will need to factor, If OUR Gaming media is more widely read and enjoyed than the big games press, then their ability to blacklist or criticise or influence Devs will disappear, and if the IGF’s ability to parade new games is overshadowed by Based Gamer and various walkthrough gamers, then people will not feel a need to toe the line.

We need to break this power dynamic.

Literally we need to look at what they have and what relationships and what feed into what? How do they make what work for them how? How do they influence the Gaming Industry?

Once we have this sorted then we have to map out how that could relate to us and what we would need to develop and why. Work out how what we have now can be further enhanced and developed. Work out what else we would need and how to develop these things. Work out too what they are doing badly and to work out how to do it better.

Lastly we would work out how we were going to complete and overshadow their network.

If that sounds really vague I will off the top off my head come up with something. (Disclaimer: This is done without the kind of involved study or discussion and it completely an example)

Let’s say you were to look through and find that they get benefits from Conventions and that these gatherings are seen as fun and bonding and a chance to spread this bonding and good will to the public and industry as a whole. You may say “Gee, they do okay with these things and they are something which is against us (as seen recently in Calgary Expo and to a lesser extent Denver Con and such) and so we ought to have an alternative. You may say we ought to formalise and develop our more popular meet up points to be larger affairs. If we fundraise we could put it on to more people and perhaps invite various gaming figure in the general area. Now it is just a matter to break it down into workable goals and clarifying each step.

This is what we need to do.

One last point.

The people in the other camp are not good people and their values are not nice and virtuous. When people say we should not be outraged or denounce Sarah Butts, for example, because she is not a games journalist and we ought to be about ethics. NO.

Gamergate should be about doing the right thing.

  1. Defending the Industry from Bigoted zealous ideological arrogant bullies? That is the right thing.
  2. Denouncing Butts for being a pedophile? That is the right thing.
  3. Punishing Gawker for being unethical dirtbags? That is the right thing

What we should not do is question ourselves or drop the cause or compromise with the people that have crapped over us and the industry.

Anyhow, if I have not given you at least food for thought, I do not imagine anything else i may say might further sway you.


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