* Satire* Imagine this exchange (This is a fictitious and a not impossible future) *Satire*

Read this

Jeff panders to an alleged pedophile by sharing pictures of his OWN child (Hell, do we even need to say alleged?)

Imagine the scene, Jeff is bought in for questioning with a couple of detectives. They sit him down and make sure he is comfortable and his lawyer is present.

“So Jeff, do you know why you are here?”


“Okay. You are here because we are following up on a pedophile that we have now locked away. Do you know who we are talking about?”

“Sarah Butts”

“Yes, Sarah Butts AKA Nicholas Nyberg AKA SRHButts. Very good.You admit to knowing Sarah”

“Yes. Not very well. I did not know that they were into that kind of thing. It was a big shock.”

“Jeff I want us to be very honest whilst we are here. We will be honest and respectful to you and we expect the same courtesy. You started off very honest and now you are going off track. We have seen your support. You are not the only one, and there seems a lot of supporters we have to look at. So can you promise me you will be honest because we HAVE read your tweets from your twitter account”


“Good, I prefer that.  So…were you sharing photos of children with Sarah for her pleasure?”:

N..well…not “for her pleasure”, just posted a picture. You make it sound worse than what it was”

“Oh. Okay. So you did not address the tweet to her specifically and write  “Hope it cheers you up”?

“Umm…Yeah but that was to…because Sarah was upset”

“Okay. You were trying to cheer up an accused pedophile by sending her photos of children?”

“No, just A child”

“Indeed. Who’s child?”


“Posting photos to an accused pedophile of your own child, to cheer up the pedophile?”

“No. You are making it all sound bad. Worse than what it was. I did not know she was accused of that stuff”

“Yes you really did. You were trying to cheer her up after an article came out accusing her of this”

“But, no…I mean yes…I did it because Sarah was sad about the articles and Goober Grapers hassling her about being a pedophile”

“Goober Grapers?”

“That is what we call Gamergaters”

“Oh so you were using your child as a way of spiting Gamergate Supporters for reasonably, and on basis of good evidence, venting over the now incarcerated pedophile, Sarah Butts, by sending photos of your child to cheer up Sarah Butts?”

“You make it sound really bad when you say this. Look Gamergate supporters are the bad guys. Have you investigated them?”

“I would be more worried about you right now. They were not supporting a pedophile or sending cheer up messages or photos of their children to pedophiles”

“So they get away with harassment”

“Oh we looked into harassment and found only internet debate and arguments. We did investigate bomb threats made AGAINST them in both DC and Miami. They have been very helpful in offering information exposing this pedophile and on other matters”

“Other matters?”

“Oh yes, Pedophilia is the start of it. So don’t worry about these Gaming Industry supporters. How far has your pedophilia support gone with Sarah Butts?”



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