Understanding SJWs and the fact that there is no profit in the cure.

Okay this heading may sound a bit vague, but let me explain.

After reading Ernest Adams’ last failing, I rolled my eyes and thought to express my thoughts on this here.

Firstly, Ernest is a “true-believer”, (Just like our deranged friend Jon Mcintosh). I have no doubt that this intellectual bankruptcy and zealous ideology is 100% genuine.

He is a white knight, fighting what he believes are honest and altruistic battles in a long war. The biggest problem in this is that he is fighting a battle against what other people think or perceive, without the clearest idea as to how they think. He also perceives himself of outstanding moral caliber to lead the charge.

The problem is that He has absolutely no checks in place to see if he (for all his zealous righteousness) is ACTUALLY “right”. It goes something like this. Ernest thinks “I did not like the way black people were treated in Entertainment 50 years ago. I do not like big breasted women in video games. Therefore they are relatable and someone similar oppressive. Gamergate is against Progressive incursions into video games and have no particular problem with big breasted women in Gaming, so therefore they are all misogynists and play games with big breasted women, just to perve on fantasy women. If they appreciate women’s bodies it is in the basest, crassest, most demeaning way and this disempowers all women. So I HAVE to fight them. Us Progressives are the only ones that know the truth. We have to save women from being degraded and demeaned.”

But what if any of those things are incorrect. There is a lot of assumptions in there and only IF we assume that this is ABSOLUTELY correct, will his zealous condemnation hold true.

What if pretty much every building block, building his premise up, is even slightly flawed? How would this affect his perception? What if what HE sees as problematic in women having big breasts or of tiny waisted women, is not problematic? What if it is no less problematic than say male characters having rugged good looks or rippling muscles? Does this mean that no one will ever feel that the character does not look like them? Maybe? But then when we initially were playing space invaders or Donkey Kong, did we ever feel insecure about not actually being a space pilot or a Gorilla? Or perhaps we understood in this game we were playing fantasy and being something other than what we were and in a setting that was not our reality? At least I bloody hope so.

Of course another problem is that if female characters are good looking, slim, fit and strong and the male characters are good looking, fit, muscled and strong, then would this NOT fit our perception of what heroes may look like? Would it be unfathomable to imagine that the type of person that may fight harder and run faster and be able to to various acrobatics, may be similar to the real life versions of people that can do this. Athletes, movie stars and the like, fit this model expectation

So what is his actual problem if WE have no issue and he has build this faulty premise around these assumptions. It normally comes down to three things,

  1. Innate intellectual dishonest
  2. Righteous arrogance coupled with a large ego
  3. Fanatic ideology

I think Ernest fits the bill. He will save you from these projected shortcomings with a wise authoritative “Out the way ladies, I will handle this”. If a man questions him, he is a sexist to do so and hates women. If a woman does, she is obviously too ignorant or stupid and doubly in need of his protection. There is no situation where he can be wrong. It is a flawless venture into unfalsifiable narrative.

Ernest has been “fighting the fight” for a while by the sounds. But you have to keep in mind, that he would be fighting regardless. What I mean precisely, is that IF we made all women’s breast sizes A cup, this would not make him happy. In fact he would possibly say that this is bad because it makes women look like children and therefore even worse. So make them look like men and you are “removing their female agency”. You will not please people like Ernest Adams.

He is not looking for solutions. He wants to be outraged and fighting the good fight. The reason many in the Anti-Gamergate side seem so drawn to this is because they are morally challenged. They know they are bad people. They have skeletons in the closet and a history of bad acts. So now they are like newly converted religious people that have found God. Their God is Progressivism. They project their own misdeeds onto everyone else. Anything to stop them having to look inside themselves and see the monster that they project on to others.

This is why they embrace Progressivism so tightly and refuse to stray or question it. They can’t let go. They can’t stop fighting and seeing monsters and causes everywhere.

They can’t acknowledge that most people are pretty decent. That most populations are not ignorant or morally suspect or intellectually bereft. They need to be needed. They need to be the moral authorities and THIS is THEIR penance and their salvation.

This is also their livelihood in many cases.

There is no percentage in resolution. Many of the talentless will peddle this for monetary reasons and not ideological reasons. They will of course hold the ideological line but they use it only to push their own agenda.

They too see the sense that the fight is important and not the resolution. Resolution is no more problem and no more outrage. They need there to be outrage and tears and victimhood because this is so easily exploited into cold hard cash

There is no profit is the cure


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