Margaret Foy/Brietbart/BlackLivesMatter and my thoughts

Okay this is how I see things.

Police brutality and corruption is a problem in the US. I do not see any reason anyone should downplay this or call it anything other than what it is. Plenty of incidents where police react very poorly and do anything BUT serve and protect.

Unfortunately since 9/11 police have been increasingly been treating their own citizens as potential terrorists and the fear that goes into managing this narrative is placed with a subset with earlier mentioned problems. Unfortunately too, the amount of power, weaponry,protection from prosecution and the like makes for a very bad mix of bad people acting with impunity with the law on their side and with no negative outcomes WHEN they do the wrong thing.

This has impacted in no small measure against the citizens in the US and that goes doubly for the black population within US. I predicted long ago that sooner or later US citizens would strike back at the “Police State”. I did not think it would be through #BlackLivesmatter but then I am not entirely surprised.

THAT disclaimer out the way, there is another point to make. Not all police are bad and not all police are white. Not all white police have a problem with black people and not all white people do. So when such a vocal majority of supporters are pushing both anti-white or anti-police and in the kind of terms that some of them are doing, there is a problem.

Margaret Foy was one of these people and what she said deserved vilification. It was completely out of order. Less out of order than what cops do? Absolutely. But that is the thing. Whereas I think she should be called out and vilified for her efforts, the police (who in many cases commit extreme accounts of brutality and/or killings) ought to get locked up in general population for a long time when they commit their atrocities.

So the question of whether or not the fact that she had 20 followers was an issue. Okay what if she had 21? 50? 500? 2000? 5000? 10000? 50000? 100000? At what point does her follower account demand a severe rebuke and at what point does it warrant being ignored? What is the tipping point? Does it change what she says?

Should the worst supporters be critiqued or the main supporters?

Now THAT disclaimer made. I do not  think that police ought to be blindly supported on this issue. I do not think that the #BlackLivesMatter movement lends itself any credibility. All Lives do matter. This is just trying to push a racial divide or racial issue.

This is police brutality that I have been talking about and see its relevance to #BlackLivesMatter

White boy is tasered for crying out after he had broken his back falling from a bridge

Blind guy is tasered for….being blind?

Young white man with downs syndrome is killed by incompetent police

Innocent white man shot 16 times whilst sleeping, by asshat police

The problem is not a racial one. There is a problem with the police and the procedures, policies, practices, protections and power in place. It does need addressing.

I do not believe that he way of addressing that is trying to make it a racial awareness matter or worse still a racial hate conflict and I strongly support any calling out over this when ANYONE crosses into this territory


2 thoughts on “Margaret Foy/Brietbart/BlackLivesMatter and my thoughts

  1. In regards to #BlackLivesMatter, the thing which saddens me is that so many people seem angry at it for successfully exposing a real problem and one that needs to be addressed. Instead of attempting to piggy-back on its success and exposing other abuses of power (the killing of pets, the over-use of SWAT teams, and abuses of other groups), people seem to just want them to shut up.

    As with any mainstream movement (and, extremists aside, #BlackLivesMatter as a hashtag is mainstream), there’s quite a lot of wonderful people who more than willing to help shine light on other problems. And just about everyone on my Facebook feed which regularly posts #BlackLivesMatter content also regularly post stories about the murder of innocent police officers and examples of police officers going above and beyond the call of duty to help people out.

    This is Us Vs. Them. This is Just Us.

    Pun intended.


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