What wrongthink looks like

I do not need to tell you my thoughts on the evils of the Progressive mindset. I do think the people at the higher echelons are normally frauds and hucksters. I do think that most of the people following them are useful idiots and suckers.

That all said, a recent exchange really grabbed my attention the other day. It was in relation to Brianna Wu’s laughable Samus Aran being trans claim. Now because it was wrong and she demanded that everyone accept her bullshit, she got disproven and laughed at.

Then I saw this really sad meltdown and it automatically reminded me of something Miss Mayella being cross-examined in To Kill a Mockingbird . On the surface you may not see any resemblance, but bear with me.

Neither lady is in control of the facts. The facts and truth are inconvenient. They are both outraged. They are outraged too that any “decent” person ought not be outraged ion the same way. They are perplexed and/or angry that they are having their narrative questioned or doubted due to its obvious dishonesty. The emotional appeal for support in both of them is based on false premises. “He took advantage of me” for Mayella vs “They’re trying to take Poison away from us, y’all. They don’t want us to have Samus, they don’t want us to have Poison”.

For Mayella it was an imagined war of “everyone” trying to sully her virtue and good standing (which I think most did not give a damn about), and for @kadybat “everyone” was trying to take away her ability to have transgender role models I guess or perhaps transgendered icons. (again I do not think most people give a damn).

In both instances there is a terrific effort to cast off the truth at all costs and let own feelings and agendas reign supreme. The pursuit of an agenda and the fear of what “everyone else” is trying to do is palpable.

But it is not true.

Should we simply not contest this sort of thing when we see it. Are we better recognising that it is based on real fears and mind-numbingly stupid ignorance? Are these sort of “Progressives” worth pity?


Feelings do not trump facts. I will not submit to such dishonest ramblings and wave them off as okay because someone is feeling upset or scared or whatever. Because this leads precisely for those very reasons to issues like the Guthrie vs Elliott case in Canada.

What a terrible thing. Ignorance is no excuse, and reals beat feels 100% of the time. This is the only way a decent society can work. Otherwise we may as well let the mentally insane and psychologically altered drug users take charge because who can say their reality and their feelings is not REAL to them. Or in fact, that THEIR reality dos not trump ours?


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