The Cult of Vivian James is intellectually dishonest and an unfortunate loud voice for #Gamergate

I make no apologies for having been supportive of her and her efforts. She spoke well on videos. She kind of tried to embody the Vivian James thing, and for the most part was pretty nice and reasonable.

No real danger signals or concerns. But then I can’t say I have had a lot of exposure to her. Her star seemed to be rising a bit but no less than many others.

A slight glimpse at another side of her was provided by Ralph. But then maybe Ralph just did not like her. There are plenty of people in Gamergate and we all do not have to like the same people. So I took everything with a grain of salt. I saw evidence of her requesting Mark Kern use proper pronouns for Sarah Butts. I heard Mark left Gamergate on the basis of a small group of louder voices tone and PC policing. It pissed me off. Not complete context but it was pointing her way.

For the record, I think it is as weak as water. So you dislike a particular trans person and you disrespect them by misgendering them. What the Hell is the big deal? NO HONESTLY. What is the big deal? If I piss you off and you misgender me and call me a girl or perhaps you want to go the sexuality route and call me gay or go for my appearance and call me ugly, are THESE things off the table too? No, its different huh? Would I cry into my pillow on hearing such words? Would people flock to dry my tears and defend being called ugly or gay or a girl? Fucking weak.

I was a bit disappointed and yes to be completely honest it took a little bit of shine off my view of her. But it was other things I had heard that were a little more concerning. She was involved in supporting an idea that seemed to undermine Gamergate. Again, not wanting to rely on Ralph’s take on things as he may have had a completely different perspective to me, I questioned her directly. She seemed to confirm what he alluded to and took umbrage with him “speaking out of class” about it and making it sound bad, rather than actually being dishonest about it. I was mortified. “How could anyone who is supportive of Gamergate think of such an idea..and how the Hell could it be supported?” It was crazy. Nope …not yet.

(Hyperlinks in blue are to chains of tweets)

Terrible idea Bloody right it shouldn’t. It was a TERRIBLE idea. Almost up there with, “Do you think there would be less drama if we all just conceded?”

Dishonest Interpretation I missed it first time around. Vivian pretending I was talking about taking away freedom of speech. So many things wrong with this. Firstly, she isn’t stupid. You could perhaps accept an absolute idiot may get it wrong. Secondly, a Gamergate supporter has come to her in respect to support SHE seemed to be giving to an idea that would kill of Gamergate. A cause certainly in part fighting to keep freedoms in the gaming industry. To keep out the authoritarians. A movement mostly populated by Libertarians, to whom such freedoms are paramount…….AND THE FIRST thing she concluded was that I was interested in taking those freedoms away. I mean how else could that have been interpreted right?

No, she is not that stupid. She was being dishonest.

Feigning ignorance Unfortunately if you have seen what she writes and hear her videos you know she is not this stupid to be continually missing the point. Its deliberate. (I reported in another article that I disliked how Lynn Walsh did this a bit in SPJ Airplay. I was not the only one to see this. It did keep the peace a bit, but it looked bad…as it does here)

She thinks I am in need of having my own intentions explained to me? The people on the other side the Gamergate debate play this arrogant play a bit. Deliberately misread intent and then haughtily try to imply any number of premises, positions, intentions and such that you do not hold or have. Whilst trying to imply moral or intellectual higher ground over you, based on these imaginary positions they “want” (?) you to hold. Then seeking not to debate these positions or contest whether you in fact hold them at all.

Think of every smear of AGG threats. Any position or intent they accuse us off with respect to women in gaming or whatever. This is precisely what happens.

(“Oh no it doesn’t” You laugh “The AGG’s block us instead of arguing” Keep reading.)

Yup I would not pander to her rudeness and so I was blocked Pretty straightforward. Big ego and someone not towing her narrative and refusing to be condescended to. So what does the dishonest person do?

Explaining to Dan the White Knight Reading this in context it should be obvious that I was not honestly having a freak out about him restricting free speech. It was a analogy to Vivian’s earlier efforts to misrepresent

Explaining it as well as I can Hopefully YOU all can see the similarity and where I am coming from. Do not allow liking someone from calling it as it is

9 out of 10 White knights agree Even Dan registers where I was coming from here

No victims here If you asked Ralph whether what he did or said to Vivian, was called for, or nice He’d probably say something like “I don’t give a fuck. I hate that cosplaying bitch” (or words to that effect). Fair enough. I would imagine if you asked Vivian you would get a response highlighting how bad he is and what he said to her. Certainly her Twitter feeds read this way. See the difference?

She was baiting him as much as he was going at her. Yes she was probably a Hell of a lot more subtle and using nicer language but let’s not call it what it isn’t. They are both adults and they can fight it out

The truth is, of course, this is NOT really much about Vivian and Ralph. As I said they can fight each other to their heart content. I do not care much. Much in the way that Gamergate is not about Zoe.

She is a trusted and notable loud voice in Gamergate and her lack of honesty and her PC policing and tone policing is a concern.

In a case of pure irony This Psychology Student is all hypocrisy and guilt tripping/shaming

Now did you read what I read?

Vivian@CultOfVivian · Sep 13

It’s one thing to try to force everyone in gaming/gamergate to be politically correct, it’s another to just be PC yourself. @full_mcintosh
Then in the same thread


someone deserves to be misgendered. Trans acceptance shouldn’t hinge on whether you like someone. @jkellytwit@aquapendulum@full_mcintosh

Pronouns? Fucking pronouns? This person is a pedo and we should humour them with correct pronouns. She forces people to be PC or is she just being PC herself. LOL

Yes and I did see her blame Ralph directly for Game Diviner’s breakdown. More intellectual dishonesty, but this is all par for the course it seems.

Why does any of this matter? Because WE ARE ALL Stakeholders in GG. When louder voices and bigger names are scuttling gamergate and supporting crap, its a worry. When one of the recognised “nice guys/gals” is intellectually dishonest and a PC policeman/policewoman. Its a worry. When they adopt tactics we have seen with our opposition, it ought to place us on our guard.

We should ALL be working together NOT being sneaky, subversive, dishonest, tone policing, PC policing and undermining gamergate. THAT is NOT good. THAT termites us from the inside out.

For the record, I think Ralph is reactive, opinionated, arrogant, brash, unsubtle, and probably a lot of other things. What I do not see is how any of these traits are necessarily bad and bad for us. Furthermore I am not a big fan of nice. I never have been. Fair and honest is a better things to aim for and they are not mutually inclusive. I trust Ralph. I trust him to act consistently and to be him 100% of the time. I do not expect he will say the “right” things but I expect him to call it how he sees it.

I can’t say the same anymore for Vivian. Very disappointing


A non-ecelebs “suggestions” that do not involve scuttling what we have built up

Okay as dripping with sarcasm as the title may be, this is my suggestions. By all means take or leave them. Tell me I am shit and they are unworkable. Its okay. I will not force this on anyone an I will not keep it secret.

  1. I think we need to sort out our own community to an extent. A lot of this divisiveness has to go. I think it comes from a sense of “One year down and no real idea of what is on the horizon or where we need to go from here”. Give people a rallying point and definition and they will bond
  2. We need to back and support and build the things we have already. The channels, the pro-gamergate news, Based gamer, and so forth. Yes, even the League of Gamers (though Mark doesn’t consider himself pro-Gamergate anymore).
  3. We need to be actively build an alternative infrastructure to COMPETE with the Soc Jus Cabal. They DO have influence. They have ENORMOUS Leverage.  We need to combat this
  4. We need to punish them. The gaming press is vulnerable do to its reliance on advertising, traffic and its readership. Social Justice Warriors are vulnerable because of their fanatical and rigid beliefs.

Now we are not without any force or influence. It is crazy to think that we are still around because of luck. I do say that the very reason these bigots and zealots CAN rail against their consumer base and with impunity is that they have more influence and power.

We need to de-fang them.

Its obvious to me that that there are eight areas of real influence and strength these people have and they know and exploit it.

  1. Games Media (used as public megaphones) and yes, this follows through to general media
  2. Academia (Yes the rot is deep here. There is DIGRA, the Progressive push from Feminist Frequency to get the “sexism in gaming” narrative in to the classroom and as part of the school curriculum, and of course the various academic conferences and thinktanks pushing this crap)
  3. IDGA
  4. IGF and Indiecade
  5. Various games or “fandom” conventions (ie comic conventions – such as Calgary Expo)
  6. IndieFund
  7. PR companies (Like Silverstring)
  8. Networks and interconnectedness of various people and platforms

Ever hear of that expression “don’t hate the player, hate the game”? THIS is what we really need to concentrate on.

I mentioned before that we have the pieces in place and we do. We have to look at what the other side do well and do not be too quick to dismiss them. Look, modify, improve on, and eclipse them.

There is absolutely no point in just being directionless nor is there any point in ONLY making sure we are tight or ONLY making sure our projects are successful or ONLY making sure the other side is copping it for all they have done to us or ONLY us building up our own alternative infrastructure. All of these things ought to happen together and in harmony.

Four different directions and many tasks people can do within.

We need happenings and rallying points and and absurdities and shitposting and socially fun stuff. This is an absolute must and people need to have the ability to be able to kick back and laugh and blow steam.

We need diggers digging and the more activist inclined to go after hypocrisies, rule and law breaking in the social justice camp and ethics breaches in the gaming media camp. As well as this we need to keep adding names and contacts to Op Disrespectful Nod and such operations. Sending emails is great but it ought not be ONLY to Gawker Media . Some outlets have been getting a free ride whilst we all focused on Gawker. We need to show their advertisers that they too are pieces of shit and why.

We need to look at ways we can support “our people” and the ones brave enough to support us to the general public. Get our little voices more exposure and mainstream. Bolster opportunities for our homegrown projects like GameDev.Life, League of Gamers and Based Gamer

Very importantly we need to have the same or better interconnectivity between ourselves. Better networks. We need what we develop to be able to progress outside of our shores and to whole new lands. We need what influence we have to eclipse that of the SJWs.

The reason for all of this is simple IF IDGA at the moment is very influential and powerful BUT League of Gamer was to challenge its influence, then the devs are not going to fear being off-side. If Indiefund is of no more consideration than the Gamer funded Gamergate backed kickstarters then it will stop being something Indie devs will need to factor, If OUR Gaming media is more widely read and enjoyed than the big games press, then their ability to blacklist or criticise or influence Devs will disappear, and if the IGF’s ability to parade new games is overshadowed by Based Gamer and various walkthrough gamers, then people will not feel a need to toe the line.

We need to break this power dynamic.

Literally we need to look at what they have and what relationships and what feed into what? How do they make what work for them how? How do they influence the Gaming Industry?

Once we have this sorted then we have to map out how that could relate to us and what we would need to develop and why. Work out how what we have now can be further enhanced and developed. Work out what else we would need and how to develop these things. Work out too what they are doing badly and to work out how to do it better.

Lastly we would work out how we were going to complete and overshadow their network.

If that sounds really vague I will off the top off my head come up with something. (Disclaimer: This is done without the kind of involved study or discussion and it completely an example)

Let’s say you were to look through and find that they get benefits from Conventions and that these gatherings are seen as fun and bonding and a chance to spread this bonding and good will to the public and industry as a whole. You may say “Gee, they do okay with these things and they are something which is against us (as seen recently in Calgary Expo and to a lesser extent Denver Con and such) and so we ought to have an alternative. You may say we ought to formalise and develop our more popular meet up points to be larger affairs. If we fundraise we could put it on to more people and perhaps invite various gaming figure in the general area. Now it is just a matter to break it down into workable goals and clarifying each step.

This is what we need to do.

One last point.

The people in the other camp are not good people and their values are not nice and virtuous. When people say we should not be outraged or denounce Sarah Butts, for example, because she is not a games journalist and we ought to be about ethics. NO.

Gamergate should be about doing the right thing.

  1. Defending the Industry from Bigoted zealous ideological arrogant bullies? That is the right thing.
  2. Denouncing Butts for being a pedophile? That is the right thing.
  3. Punishing Gawker for being unethical dirtbags? That is the right thing

What we should not do is question ourselves or drop the cause or compromise with the people that have crapped over us and the industry.

Anyhow, if I have not given you at least food for thought, I do not imagine anything else i may say might further sway you.

The danger of sabotage and self-fulfilling prophecies

Koretzsky (a man I have railed against on occasion) let slip that the antis are waiting for Gamergate to fold.

It seems rather strange to me. It seems strange that there are people with Gamergate trying to do just that. Supporters trying to help that process along. These people may see themselves as moderates or “looking at the big picture” but I call them “misguided” AT BEST, and at worst turncoats.

Ralph’s first article on this bloody stupid idea

Ralph’s second article on this bloody stupid idea

So why would they try to move that along? There are three reasons that I can think of off the top of my head.

  1. Slow down in the hastag and activity.
  2. No clear win in near future or in sight
  3. Division in the ranks.

Now firstly, are any of these ideas a good reason to scuttle Gamergate? No.

Secondly, should anyone, or cabal, think to push such proposal to the masses? No.

It is a bit of a let down to be honest, and I am a bit disappointed that some of these otherwise quite rational people supported the idea (and in secret).

There is NO win to be had scuttling the hashtag. NONE. It gives the SJWs EXACTLY what they want. If ANYONE has come around to thinking that Gamergate is not a good fit or that it is not their thing any more, they can either actively try to make it better or they can leave. We don’t need them. No e-celeb is too big. It is bigger and more important than any one of them.

Now here is a REAL problem. Negativity. United we stand and divided we fall. The only reason we lasted 12 months is that we were tight. We gave the antis nothing and we played a strong tight game. We knew what was wrong and did not bow down to any external pressure and we got shit done. There is no little honour in that approach. It is something to be proud of.

We now have various “fissures” in the community. The biggest many think is the “Ethics only” people or perhaps the anti-conservatives people. I think that the biggest is people like the ones mentioned above.

We have to sort this shit out and pronto. It is YOUR community. I am no gamer and I have been honest about that from get go. I will rise or fall with you but this is not my hobby. I am not trying to stop my fandom or hobby from being ruined, YOU are. (Or at least you fucking should be).

Arseholes have come into your industry and fandom, demanded that you cede all control of the industry into their hands, and claimed that you are toxic and bigoted. They are shitting over everything in this industry that you hold dear. They are happy to use any means possible to do damage and they do not actually care about the industry. They have tried the same modus operandi with countless other fandoms and all done under the pseudo-religious “Progressive ideology”.

You were right to fight them. Your resistance was not wrong and your attacks not severe. You were defending yourself and your industry. I would happily have each of these zealots bear accountability for their actions. They do not deserve to be coddled or compromised with or to be let off. I would happily see their narratives publicly discredit and their careers and influence in the gaming sphere, in absolute tatters. I would LOVE some of them criminally or civilly charged for various misdeeds. I think they are bad people.

Go after them. Look for wins. Small wins add up.

Yet in all of this there is a sense in some quarters of the “beginning of the end”. An expectancy. A wanting to take a way out. A meeting in the middle. A sense of closure. There is talk of Gamergate moving away from what it was supposed to be or of tone police and PC policing and of divisions and shills and God knows what else.

This is all self-fulfilling prophecies. KNOW it and reject any efforts to do this.

A) “Gamergate should not be actively maligning Sarah Butts, how is that anything to do with ethics? It is so retarded lately and moving away from what it should be”


B) “Gamergate is slowing down I  think based on this activity it will be dead soon”


C) “We should think of dropping the hashtag. I think we have achieved what we can under this hashtag”


D) “There are too many Conservatives coming into the hashtag and sullying it. It has become a Conservative rallying point”


NONE of these things is helpful and it is just like going out with your friend fishing in a little fishing dinghy. After fishing happily for an hour in deep water, the fish are not coming quite as fast and so your mate announces you are not going to catch any more fish and starts blast the bottom of the boat with a gun. When the boat sinks, he states he was right, you did not catch any more fish.

It is all sabotage and self-fulfilling prophecies.

The way to combat this BIG problem is to denounce it and concentrate on what made us strong. It was NOT pandering or compromise or navel gazing or apologising. It sure as Hell beats being negative and concentrating on the possibility of Gamergate dying and then being smugly righteous when your apathy helps sink it.

To those that think otherwise, sure, think what you like but it is not my hobby. I will attack these ideologues wherever they turn up next, if they run this industry in the ground. Whilst you are fighting I will be with you though. Don’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Not that I am an e-celeb or person of note, I will propose what I think we should constructively do. I will do that in my next article {Updated}

* Satire* Imagine this exchange (This is a fictitious and a not impossible future) *Satire*

Read this

Jeff panders to an alleged pedophile by sharing pictures of his OWN child (Hell, do we even need to say alleged?)

Imagine the scene, Jeff is bought in for questioning with a couple of detectives. They sit him down and make sure he is comfortable and his lawyer is present.

“So Jeff, do you know why you are here?”


“Okay. You are here because we are following up on a pedophile that we have now locked away. Do you know who we are talking about?”

“Sarah Butts”

“Yes, Sarah Butts AKA Nicholas Nyberg AKA SRHButts. Very good.You admit to knowing Sarah”

“Yes. Not very well. I did not know that they were into that kind of thing. It was a big shock.”

“Jeff I want us to be very honest whilst we are here. We will be honest and respectful to you and we expect the same courtesy. You started off very honest and now you are going off track. We have seen your support. You are not the only one, and there seems a lot of supporters we have to look at. So can you promise me you will be honest because we HAVE read your tweets from your twitter account”


“Good, I prefer that.  So…were you sharing photos of children with Sarah for her pleasure?”:

N..well…not “for her pleasure”, just posted a picture. You make it sound worse than what it was”

“Oh. Okay. So you did not address the tweet to her specifically and write  “Hope it cheers you up”?

“Umm…Yeah but that was to…because Sarah was upset”

“Okay. You were trying to cheer up an accused pedophile by sending her photos of children?”

“No, just A child”

“Indeed. Who’s child?”


“Posting photos to an accused pedophile of your own child, to cheer up the pedophile?”

“No. You are making it all sound bad. Worse than what it was. I did not know she was accused of that stuff”

“Yes you really did. You were trying to cheer her up after an article came out accusing her of this”

“But, no…I mean yes…I did it because Sarah was sad about the articles and Goober Grapers hassling her about being a pedophile”

“Goober Grapers?”

“That is what we call Gamergaters”

“Oh so you were using your child as a way of spiting Gamergate Supporters for reasonably, and on basis of good evidence, venting over the now incarcerated pedophile, Sarah Butts, by sending photos of your child to cheer up Sarah Butts?”

“You make it sound really bad when you say this. Look Gamergate supporters are the bad guys. Have you investigated them?”

“I would be more worried about you right now. They were not supporting a pedophile or sending cheer up messages or photos of their children to pedophiles”

“So they get away with harassment”

“Oh we looked into harassment and found only internet debate and arguments. We did investigate bomb threats made AGAINST them in both DC and Miami. They have been very helpful in offering information exposing this pedophile and on other matters”

“Other matters?”

“Oh yes, Pedophilia is the start of it. So don’t worry about these Gaming Industry supporters. How far has your pedophilia support gone with Sarah Butts?”


Understanding SJWs and the fact that there is no profit in the cure.

Okay this heading may sound a bit vague, but let me explain.

After reading Ernest Adams’ last failing, I rolled my eyes and thought to express my thoughts on this here.

Firstly, Ernest is a “true-believer”, (Just like our deranged friend Jon Mcintosh). I have no doubt that this intellectual bankruptcy and zealous ideology is 100% genuine.

He is a white knight, fighting what he believes are honest and altruistic battles in a long war. The biggest problem in this is that he is fighting a battle against what other people think or perceive, without the clearest idea as to how they think. He also perceives himself of outstanding moral caliber to lead the charge.

The problem is that He has absolutely no checks in place to see if he (for all his zealous righteousness) is ACTUALLY “right”. It goes something like this. Ernest thinks “I did not like the way black people were treated in Entertainment 50 years ago. I do not like big breasted women in video games. Therefore they are relatable and someone similar oppressive. Gamergate is against Progressive incursions into video games and have no particular problem with big breasted women in Gaming, so therefore they are all misogynists and play games with big breasted women, just to perve on fantasy women. If they appreciate women’s bodies it is in the basest, crassest, most demeaning way and this disempowers all women. So I HAVE to fight them. Us Progressives are the only ones that know the truth. We have to save women from being degraded and demeaned.”

But what if any of those things are incorrect. There is a lot of assumptions in there and only IF we assume that this is ABSOLUTELY correct, will his zealous condemnation hold true.

What if pretty much every building block, building his premise up, is even slightly flawed? How would this affect his perception? What if what HE sees as problematic in women having big breasts or of tiny waisted women, is not problematic? What if it is no less problematic than say male characters having rugged good looks or rippling muscles? Does this mean that no one will ever feel that the character does not look like them? Maybe? But then when we initially were playing space invaders or Donkey Kong, did we ever feel insecure about not actually being a space pilot or a Gorilla? Or perhaps we understood in this game we were playing fantasy and being something other than what we were and in a setting that was not our reality? At least I bloody hope so.

Of course another problem is that if female characters are good looking, slim, fit and strong and the male characters are good looking, fit, muscled and strong, then would this NOT fit our perception of what heroes may look like? Would it be unfathomable to imagine that the type of person that may fight harder and run faster and be able to to various acrobatics, may be similar to the real life versions of people that can do this. Athletes, movie stars and the like, fit this model expectation

So what is his actual problem if WE have no issue and he has build this faulty premise around these assumptions. It normally comes down to three things,

  1. Innate intellectual dishonest
  2. Righteous arrogance coupled with a large ego
  3. Fanatic ideology

I think Ernest fits the bill. He will save you from these projected shortcomings with a wise authoritative “Out the way ladies, I will handle this”. If a man questions him, he is a sexist to do so and hates women. If a woman does, she is obviously too ignorant or stupid and doubly in need of his protection. There is no situation where he can be wrong. It is a flawless venture into unfalsifiable narrative.

Ernest has been “fighting the fight” for a while by the sounds. But you have to keep in mind, that he would be fighting regardless. What I mean precisely, is that IF we made all women’s breast sizes A cup, this would not make him happy. In fact he would possibly say that this is bad because it makes women look like children and therefore even worse. So make them look like men and you are “removing their female agency”. You will not please people like Ernest Adams.

He is not looking for solutions. He wants to be outraged and fighting the good fight. The reason many in the Anti-Gamergate side seem so drawn to this is because they are morally challenged. They know they are bad people. They have skeletons in the closet and a history of bad acts. So now they are like newly converted religious people that have found God. Their God is Progressivism. They project their own misdeeds onto everyone else. Anything to stop them having to look inside themselves and see the monster that they project on to others.

This is why they embrace Progressivism so tightly and refuse to stray or question it. They can’t let go. They can’t stop fighting and seeing monsters and causes everywhere.

They can’t acknowledge that most people are pretty decent. That most populations are not ignorant or morally suspect or intellectually bereft. They need to be needed. They need to be the moral authorities and THIS is THEIR penance and their salvation.

This is also their livelihood in many cases.

There is no percentage in resolution. Many of the talentless will peddle this for monetary reasons and not ideological reasons. They will of course hold the ideological line but they use it only to push their own agenda.

They too see the sense that the fight is important and not the resolution. Resolution is no more problem and no more outrage. They need there to be outrage and tears and victimhood because this is so easily exploited into cold hard cash

There is no profit is the cure

Hate group when is a group one and when are they not

This really ought not have to be spelled out to rational, logical, reasonable and intelligent people.

A hate group is pretty easy to pick.

Firstly you will publicly own your hate/bigotry.

Secondly you will exclude those particular types of people in your group.

Thirdly you will publicly seek to harm your excluded group.

IF you are doing these things it is transparent. If you are doing these things it helps your group because it invites like-minded people to your cause.

Try this test with The Nazi Party, Westboro Baptist Church, Neo-Nazis, and ISIS. Works doesn’t it?

You know who this doesn’t work on….at all? #Gamergate

1) “Firstly you will publicly own your hate/bigotry” – We are accused by OTHERS of being bigoted or hating women or transgendered people. But we do not publicly own this hate, it is a narrative driven against us by others.

2) “Secondly you will exclude those particular types of people in your group.” – We have many of the same people that we are supposed to hate, supporting us in Gamergate.

3) “Thirdly you will publicly seek to harm your excluded group.” – Again this fails. We certainly disagree with those lying about us and who we consider dishonest and harmful to the industry. However some say that women in the industry have been harmed, the question is, “By whom?”. If it was not done by consent or authorisation from Gamergate nor as part of an understood hate…and in truth, no-one knows exactly who is causing whatever harm to these specific reason or for what reason, then it fails this test too.

The only thing you have to fall back on is that Gamergate MAY be a unique subversive type of hate group whereby all hatred of women is secreted and not made public and women supporting Gamergate are treated especially well even though they are secretly hated, to give cover. In addition and after 12 months no physical attacks against women has occurred and any non-tangible type of attacks have not been shown to originate from Gamergate BUT this is due to luck or stealth or whatever.

Anyone who is prepared to fall back on this position is intellectual dishonest or completely fucking stupid. Possibly both.

Margaret Foy/Brietbart/BlackLivesMatter and my thoughts

Okay this is how I see things.

Police brutality and corruption is a problem in the US. I do not see any reason anyone should downplay this or call it anything other than what it is. Plenty of incidents where police react very poorly and do anything BUT serve and protect.

Unfortunately since 9/11 police have been increasingly been treating their own citizens as potential terrorists and the fear that goes into managing this narrative is placed with a subset with earlier mentioned problems. Unfortunately too, the amount of power, weaponry,protection from prosecution and the like makes for a very bad mix of bad people acting with impunity with the law on their side and with no negative outcomes WHEN they do the wrong thing.

This has impacted in no small measure against the citizens in the US and that goes doubly for the black population within US. I predicted long ago that sooner or later US citizens would strike back at the “Police State”. I did not think it would be through #BlackLivesmatter but then I am not entirely surprised.

THAT disclaimer out the way, there is another point to make. Not all police are bad and not all police are white. Not all white police have a problem with black people and not all white people do. So when such a vocal majority of supporters are pushing both anti-white or anti-police and in the kind of terms that some of them are doing, there is a problem.

Margaret Foy was one of these people and what she said deserved vilification. It was completely out of order. Less out of order than what cops do? Absolutely. But that is the thing. Whereas I think she should be called out and vilified for her efforts, the police (who in many cases commit extreme accounts of brutality and/or killings) ought to get locked up in general population for a long time when they commit their atrocities.

So the question of whether or not the fact that she had 20 followers was an issue. Okay what if she had 21? 50? 500? 2000? 5000? 10000? 50000? 100000? At what point does her follower account demand a severe rebuke and at what point does it warrant being ignored? What is the tipping point? Does it change what she says?

Should the worst supporters be critiqued or the main supporters?

Now THAT disclaimer made. I do not  think that police ought to be blindly supported on this issue. I do not think that the #BlackLivesMatter movement lends itself any credibility. All Lives do matter. This is just trying to push a racial divide or racial issue.

This is police brutality that I have been talking about and see its relevance to #BlackLivesMatter

White boy is tasered for crying out after he had broken his back falling from a bridge

Blind guy is tasered for….being blind?

Young white man with downs syndrome is killed by incompetent police

Innocent white man shot 16 times whilst sleeping, by asshat police

The problem is not a racial one. There is a problem with the police and the procedures, policies, practices, protections and power in place. It does need addressing.

I do not believe that he way of addressing that is trying to make it a racial awareness matter or worse still a racial hate conflict and I strongly support any calling out over this when ANYONE crosses into this territory