There will come a time when we collectively will need to make a choice….

When the fight is fought and won and the smoke is clearing and the Social Justice Warriors not ACTUALLY involved in Gaming slink off and into the dark recesses of Tumblr, you will need to answer a question.

You will be tired, bloodied and perhaps a little elated. The smoke will clear and you will see the beaten and pathetic opposition. Most of their number who had places to go will have gone and they will be stranded and uncertain. They will be impotent and powerless. They will be the losers of a long campaign they were confident they would win. Then later they would come realise that they were not going to win and that they were too far in to back away from their positions.

As well as suffering the ignominy of defeat, they will have likely lost a lot of power, credibility and standing. They will be looking to you all for favour and acceptance.

Some of you may well say “Look, as long as they fall into line and stop attacking our culture, no foul” or perhaps “Everyone can make mistakes” or “If we cast them aside, we are no better than them and we need to be the bigger people.

I say “NO!!”

There needs to be consequence. They certainly would do no less for any of us. Lock them and all their cronies out. When the next ideologues look at the multi-billion dollar industry and say “You know I have the perfect plan to get me a slice of that cash”, they can find out that the last tie anyone tried it broke out into a war lasting years and the Gamers beat down a strong and more influential opposition and not only beat them but annihilated them without mercy, compromise or any ground given.

Social Justice Warriors and Gaming Press need to know this too. That they picked a side and backed it with their very livelihoods and that this is what will ultimately be the price for their ideology against the Gaming industry.

Whether you all decide to play nice, or nicer, is completely your own decision but I personally say “NO!!”

We don’t need them, they don’t deserve it, they picked the wrong side and slandered us for too long.


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