Just a little love from this blog to all you magnificent Shitlords and Shitladies

I think that many of you may be feeling a bit burnt out. Maybe seeing the 12 months as unresolved and perhaps unresolvable. Maybe you feel that you have become a part of something too big. Too much expectation of us.

I can understand that. I can understand that perfectly.

You simply expressed your dissatisfaction of the terribly corrupt and antagonistic games media that treated you as the great unwashed and posted biased and dishonest reviews to you their audience. You had every right.

Now you have had a year of fighting the forces of the gaming media and the mainstream press that followed them and Wikipedia that has followed them and the Social Justice Warrior set that have used these outlets as their megaphones in a larger cultural war in which Gaming is one of their many territories they wish to conquer, co-opt and control.

These same people have rolled fandom and industry after fandom and industry and now it was your turn. These are social engineers. Hardened zealous ideologues to whom no tactic is a bad tactic. The people with deep connections in the right places and tried and true narrative spinning powers.

One year down and you are all still standing. Still holding your ground. Bloodied, tired, but hardened and unbowed. I salute you. My biggest regret is that it took me until October to hear about you guys & girls and stand by you.I am honoured and privileged to do so now.

I think some of you may well know this but to those that don’t, we WILL win. Straight up. We will win.

The only things that we need to do are the following

  1. Keep fighting. This is not much more than keep standing. Keep them in check.
  2. Do not give them anything. This has been one of our BIGGEST strengths and so underrated but it needs to be recognised. They have so very little that they have to rely on lies, misrepresentation and spin. They can not get traction
  3. Do not fear them. They are certainly more powerful than us in raw resources and connections and influence but we are smarter, more creative, more honest and better strategic grinders.
  4. Promote OUR resources more. League of Gamers, Based Gamer, Deepfreeze, Operation Disrepectful Nod, etc. All of these are terrific resources. For instance if the Op Disrespectful Nod targeted every advertisers of every website that wrote a hit-piece , hard,in volume and over a couple of months – until they were needing to downsize and cast off dead-weight worst games journalists BUT we also heavily sponsored Deepfreeze articles on those same worst journalists with SEM and SEO experts. The effect in punishing these unethical hacks would be incredible.
  5. Not to fight each other. I am an Atheist. If you are a Gamergate Supporter and you are a Christian man, you are my Brother. If you are a Muslim Lady, you are my sister. If you are Gay, Transgender, Brony, or Conservative, you are okay with me. You hate the SJW focus and are interested in ethics only, that is cool, I know that ethics are really important in this. You believe that ethics is of next to no importance, I understand where you are coming from too. You have different colour skin, speak differently, have different anatomy, live thousands upon thousands of miles away from me? Don’t care. I am in this come what may and I will stand beside you and proudly. This is my hill to die on and will rise or fall with you.
  6. Accept help and support. This is something we are going to need to do (or keep doing). We can not afford to be virtual shut-ins. If a conservative wants to give you a plug, do not spurn them on ideological ground. If another community assailed by SJWs or unethical practices reaches out and wants some reciprocal support, offer it and willingly and selflessly. If neutrals offer help clumsily or support is guarded, be easy on them.
  7. Look to support your companions when they want to back away or have some time off. Hold the line and their place and let them join you when they are recharged and they will do the same for you.
  8. Do not compromise any values or concede anything. Your values are right and have always been, do not apologise or water them down. These values are not up for barter and we are not up for compromise, and don’t look to let-offs or people to slip away from what they have done.
  9. Keep grinding, playing vidya and laughing at these fools that oppose us.
  10. Celebrate our wins. Do not let a win go unnoticed. Rejoice.

12 months down. NO ONE in any fandom or industry has lasted this long.

YOU Magnificent Bastards need to take stock of what you have done.

Those that oppose us are screwed. They had a tried and true method and they tried it on here. It did not work. They kept pushing. They poisoned the well of credibility for us through contacts and connection sand relying in lazy reporters running on the victim damsel in distress narrative….we didn’t buckle.

What do they have now? Because 12 months ago….maybe 9 months ago….or even 6 months ago, we could have said a number of things, but now attrition against the narrative, and what they can show they have manage to deliver, is quite different.

  1. SPJ Airplay: They really did not need any support from Airplay BUT there is support there.
  2. Big AAA games developers are supporting us.
  3. Zoe is trying to void her gag order against Eron
  4. The Progressives have had a full year to make commercially successful games to prove to the gaming industry that there is a real and concrete progressive market there that will buy games and failed miserably (with the last game being Sunset – that was an absolute failure)
  5. Many Gaming media sites are suffering from Adblock increasing, high bounce rates, advertisers pulling sponsorship, high use of archive.is and drop in views. They are haemorrhaging and have been for 12 months. whilst they were waiting for us to relent or dissolve or move on or something.
  6. Gamegate is and has been big news in the press. The press has milked it for all it was worth. Everyone who was anyone has covered it (and normally really negatively). A few of the bigger names on the other side, like Zoe and Brianna, have badgered people to cover them and their “take” on Gamergate. They have been very well compensated for this service by Patreon supporters. But now the shine of Gamergate is coming off after a year and there will be fewer and fewer people 12 months later willing to cover this “fresh” outrage. They will not be able to justify their outrage and Patreon donations.
  7. They have nothing to offer us now but complete and utter capitulation

You have done it.

It is now a war of attrition. A war they are not prepared for and not on their terms. It all gets bad for them from here.

The effect of Eron’s case no matter how it goes will be a major knock to the narrative. Honey Badger’s case will be felt too. The disreputable game media sites are in serious trouble. The battle for the hearts and minds of the Game Developers seems a lost cause for the Social Justice Warriors. The media is going to step away from rushing to the aid of these damsels in distress stories. That coupled with the shortcomings of the so called “non-profit” organisations will lead to dissatisfaction. With no ability to really affect the narrative, they SJWs will turn on each other. The same will happen with the Gaming media when they crumble and are made freelancers. They too will cannibalise each other.

There narrative is crumbling

So….you magnificent bastards have the hardest part behind you. The next 12 months will be so much better and much more to be celebrated. I am humbled by you all. I am seeing history being made and am on the right side of history. I am seeing a bunch of poorly organised, caught unawares, contact poor, resourced challenged, media smeared gamers mount an opposition and beat down a much more powerful dangerous opponent and I was along for the ride.

Take a fucking bow. You are awesome. Each of you are. If not for the tens of thousands of individuals here we would not be where we are. Its your birthday. Thank you for being an inspiration.


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