Why Eron’s court case may be far bigger for Gamergate than it originally looks

Okay I will not go blow by blow through the merits of the case  This describes it generally to familiarise yourself yourself but for a VERY detailed look read this   Brilliant summation as to how the allegations were not legitimate
So IF you have done this, then consider the following. This is not conspiracy pie in the sky stuff, but merely following things to its best conclusion.

1. Eron wants it take this further. It may be that the court will not take things further. They may just say that the order may need to be voided.

2. If not then Eron gets his day in court. IF he gets this far, then he has a really good chance to win….really good chance.

3. IF he wins, then he is able to sue Zoe for 12 months of trash-talking slander and perjuring herself in her affidavit.

4. IF he does this (and he fucking should!), then the door will be open for him to sue any site that has libelled him.

5. IF he chooses this course of action AND is clever about who he pursues (he should get great legal advice about who is the better marks and who has been most obvious in their libellous allegations) then he has great chance to both restore some of his tarnished reputation and get good damages claims to restore loss earnings.

6. IF this happens and is successful WE benefit.

Honestly. This could be HUGE for us.

If you are wondering how this benefits us, it comes down to the narrative. Once he takes on 3 or 4 sites then any sites that has reported on Gamergate and positioned Eron badly, will run for cover. They will look to denounce their position and distance themselves further and further from Zoe. In fact, dear Zoe will go under the bus. When she gets up and starts whining that a “so-called” ally sites are hypocrites and mean-spirited, another will throw her under another bus by another site, and then another.

What do you think that will do with the #Gamergate narrative of us as a harassment or misogynistic campaign?

This could be big my friends. As big or bigger than Op disrespectful Nod IF it comes through.

Positively popcorn worthy


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