I am hoping someone with a Facebook account can link this post in the comments of Miami Rise to Chris Erb’s Article

I wanted to say that Miami Rise has done a very good thing in publishing these posts on Gamergate and from different perspectives.

We ought not oppose any difference in thought or ideology. This includes Chris erb’s contribution. The fact that there is an open comment section means that if I disagree I can AND will oppose his position if I disagree with it (which I do).

I do find it in part amusing and in part disappointing that the Gamergate supporters who have posted here have been mindful of your posting guidelines, whereas the person anti-gamergate has simply named names. We might not have bothered talking in vague terms about “an indie Games Developer and her ex-boyfriend”. Chris erb puts it out there.

It may be wondered how Chris could possibly get things all so horribly and terribly wrong. It seems to be night to our day in comparing his and our articles. It may be a little hard to think that a 12 month campaign for ethics in games journalism with 8 million tweets on Twitter and with a subreddit for discussion on Reddit with over 50 000 subscribers and with many Youtube channels, blog sites and even an 8 chan board and recently Voat subverses, could be comprised and for the express purpose of harassing women and to keep them out of the industry ESPECIALLY when considering some of our staunchest supporters are women.

The reason to get it wrong is complex. In one part, some people are misinformed and this is hardly surprising given the respinning of news coverage around Gamergate. All following the leader and that Leader generally behind Gawker media (who under any other circumstances who be questioned). Part of the reason is that some parties have an ideological opposition to gamers and are trying to push progressive values and progressive voices in the industry and so anyone seen as not embracing this is to be targeted. Partially it is because people have a confirmation bias. They may not understand Gamers or Gaming spaces and see Gamers as unhinged, weird, asocial, lazy, or dangerous. Any article that respond to these preconceptions is given credibility. I think there is a bit of intellectual laziness too. People not wishing to think too hard on a subject or investigate will often simply agree with what is easiest to consume. They don’t want to look at nuance or read too much into things to base a decision. Lastly we come to where I BELIEVE is Chris Erb’s failing.

Given that the couple of weeks after the infamous Zoepost had unprecedented censorship, account deletions, bannings, and thousands of posts deleted on a number of mediums in the “Gaming Sphere” AND this was a hive of activity, getting the narrative right is difficult BUT when one side has all the media pull and PR professionals spinning the narrative for all they are worth then it is not unlikely that very emotive and completely plausible narratives can be spun (even IF it flies in the face of both fact and logic).

The Gaming community was very annoyed at the Gaming press. That had been for a long time. The Gaming Press seemed all too cozy with a clique of Indie Developers and largely critical of their audience, and treating them as the great unwashed. (or perhaps not far from the current bigoted contempt and slander they throw our way, but more guarded and veiled). The gamers were waiting for a “gotcha” moment. When that happened (with the Zoepost) the occasion to mobilise against this evidence of seeming corruption started.


You will see here not only does this oppose much of what Chris is saying BUT (and importantly) it can show that it was fairly easy to misread the course of events and to genuinely get it incorrect or deliberately misconstrue the events.

Of course showing Zoe as a damsel in distress who was unfairly targeted makes great sensationalist new stories but it strangely leaves out things like this





https://gamergating.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/595ce-6a00d8341bf6e653ef01b7c781f218970b-500wi.png What is Helldump? It is part of a troll forum called Something Awful forum (one of four such groups targeting Gamergate supporters and critics. Baphomet, GNAA and Ayyteam being some others). Have a look at them here if you care to but consider a shower afterwards http://forums.somethingawful.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=204

So, do you think people discussing gossiping about how much they dislike Zoe and talking unfavourably about her place in the Zoepost initially is a great basis for claimed misogyny? Do you think that may have been a 12 month deal or a bit of internet drama left on a small IRC channel called Burgers and Fries, whilst the conversation of ethics in gaming had evolved and was talked about by a group almost exclusively uninvolved with the Burger and Fries chat and without much notice to what Zoe was doing or about? (though to be fair – as seen with another recent Seattle Times article – she will keep finding people to interview her so she can leap out in front of us and demand our attention).

Of course Randi Harper got a mention because she is a woman (we believe) and is popular with that set (she was the originator of a blockbot which prevent them from seeing 11000+ people and thus “protected” from seeing arguments or positions they do not agree with)

To explain Randi




This lady (?) runs an anti-harassment charity (as does Zoe).

They share in common their love and reliance on Patreon with the third lady mentioned in Chris’s article (Brianna Wu).

Each of them earns $3000+/month for being harassed (apparently) with Zoe earning nearly $4000/month.

Brianna is certainly not liked by Gamergate supporters but is seen as a liar, provocateur and as a bit unhinged

Here is what we mean. As had of Giant SpaceKat development studio, she made a rather terrible game called Revolution 60 and tried to release it on Steam. It was not really embraced. So she tried to undermine steam but driving a harassment narrative by pretending to be a troll and trolling her profile. Unfortunately she forgot she was still logged into her profile. She deleted this soon after and ran away from Steam, citing harassment


When her dog was dying (I don’t know if this was true or not). She was attacking Gamergate supporters and trying to use her supposed cover of grief as allowing her to strike out unopposed. Gamergate supporters called her on it and told her to attend her dying dog and not focus on Twitter. Next thing an account of Crash, her dog, was generated and posted. Supposedly from a nasty Gamergate troll. Why supposedly? This is the screen captures she took of the posts. Look times at the times they were posted.

http://i.imgur.com/T16QFfL.png One second. ONE SECOND???

It is clear to me that the same person too fixated to look after a dying dog, may be precisely the same as the person that may make up sockpuppet accounts and capture said tweet the precise second they were posted.

GIVEN what you see here of some of the colourful and popular personalities on the other side of Gamergate, do you think harassment claims may be misrepresented, and could you see any one of these ladies and their 50 000 followers each, making up such claims for purposes of their own.

Their narrative is phony and their narrative slowly breaking down on inspection which is why they can not attend open debates and will try to termite such occasions.

Apart from this, Chris Erb’s piece is simply incorrect and dishonest as a result of building a narrative on terrible ideological foundations.

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