If THEY win and if WE win this cultural war on gaming

This is completely my own opinion and feel free to call me tinfoil conspiracy theorist or fucking nuts, but I will outline what I think they were after and what they will need to get where they are wanting to be and visa versa.

They do not want gaming to be seen as entertainment. They do not want “nerds” to be the go to people in gaming. They do not want Gamers to be the audience or market. They do not want the developers to pander to the gamers. They do not want the control in this billion dollar industry to be among the AAA developers.

They want gaming to be seen as artistic expression. The reason is simple. This Liberal Arts majors want to break the medium. They want to be go-to people when discussing the merits of the game and why a game is good or bad. They don’t want to consider playing the game and gaming achievements. It does not matter to them. The art is something they can pretentiously spout pseudo-intellectual wankery around. More other than this too, it is a way of issue abstract and imaginary concepts to empower the public’s perception of games. Being the gatekeepers, they will be able to go a long way to making or breaking games. For their set they will have influence with the right institutions to then make demands or dictate what they need to see in games. The kind of influence that a smaller development company may need and a larger company would be wary enough to appease by sending the right amount of support so as not to be attacked or have their big releases negatively critiqued.

They will push the “Progressive Games” even IF there is no market. The way they will do this is firstly to apply pressure as noted above for concessions to be made. (This protection racket concept “Hey Game Dev, you don’t seem to have too many Progressive values in your game. We want you to put in X or Y or else we will set 50,000 followers to denounce your game before during and after your release AND get several major gaming news sites to spin bad reviews OR you can come to the party and just do X or Y”) OR they will get the government and/or Private Progressive organisations to set up grants for games to be made that are non-commercial artistic projects.

Imagine IF they manage this feat. They will effectively have two tiers. The commercial games that battle to make games that are viable in the marketplace and promote them and hope that they are appreciated by the audience, then we have the “artistic games” that are not viable, don’t have a market and are just pretentious wank that Hipsters can talk about at cocktail receptions.

The Hipster will make more and more “jobs” and become key figures in the industry. They will have Industry talking heads that do not make or even like games. They will have game devs that do not know how to code. They will have award winners that do not sell 100 games. They will have more and more, the ability to pressure the industry to adopt the standards that suit them. The public will not see the games that were NOT made, naturally and any concessions or compromises made in a game that diminishes gameplay or story will not be compared against the game that could have been without the changes, but rather the games as a whole would be crappier on average. The people that will suffer from this will NOT be the hipster gatekeepers by the Game Devs. Damned if they try to appease the “Progressives” and damned if they go against them. With artistic freedom hampered and risk increasing exponentially, the number of independent game developers NOT part of the clique of Progressives will virtually disappear. With every potential game dev leaving and every game dev bending their knee to the Progressives and allowing them influence, the soul of the gaming industry will be sucked out and with it a fair amount of cash.


If we win and the Progressive Hipsters fail.

They will not get government/private organisations give the funding to make shit games

The Gamers are Dead organisations will by and large, fall and/or no longer be in a position to malign their reader group.

The games as art will be a mocked little niche.

The AAA and indie game devs can make what they want and will be judged good or bad as a result of the game playing qualities not pretentious pseudo-intellectual wankery.

Their word will carry no weight

They will not be able to pressure any game devs.

Gaming will belong to gaming nerds and not hipsters.

The public will be the deciders of what games are good.

If you look at the above you can see that they SJWs/Progressives have dug their hooks into the gaming industry BUT we have held them in check. They can not capitalise on it yet. The resistance is too strong.

They are not stupid, they realise that the key is to dig their hooks in further. The problem (for them) is the longer this goes on, the less powerful they look. They talk a big game when talking about Progressive values in gaming and such but they clearly have not got much to show for 12 months. I they had of rolled Gamergate in the first 3 months, we would not have seen the failure Sunset the Progressive’s Progressive game was, prior to them taking the industry. In fact, it may have succeeded on that basis. 9 months and anything could have been put in place. But instead they have stagnated. They have been blockaded.

The gaming developers realise too, that there is no merit in their craziness. They are not trying to create, they are trying to co-opt. They are not bringing a new market or a new audience. The Progressives that are being appealed to, are not the market, and whilst they may be vocal in appreciation or critique, are not game buyers.

The SJWs only two shots at success in breaking the blockade is Gamergate disintegrating and “allowing” them to get a stronger purchase OR them being able to break through the blockade. Neither looks probable.

The three biggest threats to the SJWs is

1) The “Progressive” Gaming press allies falling  (This is why promoting Op Disrespectful Nod and Deepfreeze is so important)

2) The longer this goes on. the less non-gaming press is going to want to discuss or interview people about Gamergate

3) The longer this goes on in a no-win state, the more frustrated the SJWs will get and the more likely they are to eat each other.

I believe the very soul of the industry is on a knife point BUT I think Gamergate is on the right side of angels in this one and by remaining strong, consistent, creative, passionate and focussed, then (as long as we give nothing away and do not do too much dumb shit) we will slowly roll the SJWs.


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