If you get despondent about the inroads Gamergate makes with image consider these things

Do you want the job done or be seen to be doing the right thing? Do you want improvement or to be seen us the saviours? How would be after everything is said and done, for people to blame the cause for every improvement on something else?

It is not only a possibility but likely.

How you feel about this does matter but it may not make the slightest difference to how things go down.

Its okay to feel despondent and frustrated and angry and anything else. That is fine. It means you are passionate. Passion is good.

I say that there will be no ticker tape parades. When these idiots on the other side of Gamergate gleefully jump up and down and announce the fight already won and that they poisoned the well of credibility against us, accept that they did an EXCELLENT job of doing that. Poisoning the well. The battle for PR image is not one to “win”.

These zealots had every belief that simply spinning narratives was what was required to co-opt and take over gaming. They thought we would buckle like every other fandom they tried this with. It was their modus operandi. They know the outrage and PC culture well and how to play Oppression Olympics. This is their power.

Unfortunately, for them, and fortunately for us, we were made of stronger stuff.

So what have they got now. Spinning more narratives. Implying that we are fewer in number, that we are really over, that the people in gamergate are Conservatives and MRAs and whatever else. To tell us that our best is behind us and we need to pack up and go home.


This is nothing more tan they have been doing for 12 months. That they are rallying a bit leading up to our year anniversary and Airplay, is so transparent. They are trying to show that they have some value? They are complete jokes. They SHOULD have rolled us in the first three months and their mistake in not doing so has had us build to thousands and then tens of thousands.

They still have no platform. Honestly. “Herp, we want other people to make games that we like, that we won’t buy, we will not subsidise for the developer losing money, and we want to alienate the people that do buy games.This is best for the gaming industry. Change now, derp”

The longer this goes on, the more evident it will be that:

  1. Their games completely suck and are not commercially viable when made how they want
  2. No other game developer is listening to them because corporate bankruptcy is not reasonable
  3. They do not have better options
  4. The media will dismiss them when the demand to be interviewed about their victimhood and how bad gamergate is
  5. The gaming media having alienated so many and with such high bounce rates, use of archive.is and adblock…coupled with their advertisers withdrawing ads, will start to fall and/or let go of staff.
  6. Patreon funded games devs, writers and activists with fewer and fewer opportunities to talk to a greater audience will start having people ask “what have you done for me lately” and/or withdrawing contributions.
  7. All of this will be further proof we have substance and counter all the ridiculous naysaying

This was never supposed to be a long con game for them. What they are trying will not work long term.

The net effect is the longer we go the more ground we claim. As long as we can handle hurt egos and pride that we are not going to be loved or admired for our efforts, we will be just fine. Keep your eyes forward and keep grinding.


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