My post on Idle forums

Idle Forums? Heard of them before? I came across them.

They all seemed to be pushing the Progressive line as hard as any Gamerghazi member. Are they all part? Is there cross over? I don’t know and to be perfectly frank I couldn’t care less.

That said, I thought “What the Hell, they are all holding the one Progressive line of thought, so maybe I will just try to introduce their minds to the “other side” of the Gamergate issue and rather than let them spin their wheels in the mud with propaganda, try to educate them with truth”

Some of you are possibly thinking “Oh come on now. Why would you do that? If they are all speaking in Progressive tongues and there are no voices of reason, then surely they have kicked out any dissenting opinion and the moderators are surely censoring Jackboots?”

And…………you’d be right. My post was deleted and I was banned pretty quickly. Want to set the terrible post that did it?

Here is the post before mine that I was responding to. It had this video

Random stranger calls Brianna Wu on her private number. Gets upset and “triggered” when she hangs up on him, and records a rambling incoherent voicemail. 

Here was my response

It’s a doozy.

Not random and….nothing to do with Gamergate. If anyone needs an object of blame, that is Baphomet. 

Baphomet is a troll group that gets its “lulz” in doxing, calling and threatening people. 

Gamergate supporters have been targeted by Baphomet and Gamergate opposition have. This is a common thread both sides get threatened and harassed by third party trolls and one side is blamed for all the harassment and get none of the coverage.

This has been the effect for about 12 months.

GNAA, Something Awful forums, Ayyteam and Baphomet are all troll groups drawn to the Gamergate revolt. The see a lot of activity, semi-anonymity on social platforms, two defined camps that do not like each other and high emotions.

As to why Gamergate supporters have been framed into the narrative of serial harassers? For many reasons laziness of reporting, malice in reporting (accuse gaming media of being unethical and corrupt and what are they going to report on), gamers traditionally have been the source of bullying and distrust, many of those opposing the Gamergate tag or gamergate supporters are harassed anonymously and rather than say “I got a death threat from an anonymous stranger” blame gamergate because they don’t like gamergate, the fact that there is no leader or registered organisations allows anyone to say or attribute anything to it, and the misrepresenting gamergate = burgerandfries. 

As to this last point, Zoe is an inde dev and one time Something Awful goon, that loved harassing people. Two of her victims were the Fine Young Capitalists (a Feminist charity) and Wizardchan (a board for depressed dudes). As a result, in some quarters of the gaming community, She was seen as a bully and was disliked. The Zoe post had a boyfriend announce she was a cheater and abusive manipulator. This started chat in a channel called Burgerandfries and was for those small faction of the gaming community an opportunity to say “Not surprising after what she did with TFYC and Wizardchan”. It was salacious gossip and such.
However over many, many years a lot of gaming industry stakeholders had had concerns about the ethical conduct of games media and this apparent one “indie dev sleeping with games press” seemed like a gotcha moment. Whether this was right or not or what benefits she actually got is neither here nor there. This was the perception and Gamergate was born. The hashtag NOT on Burgerandfries, nor about Zoe but about concerns about ethics and on Twitter. When the Gamers are Dead articles came out on opposing publications on the same day, it lent legitimacy to this thought that gaming press was corrupt and unethical and then Games Journos Pros was discovered (which was a secret clubhouse meeting place where they at time discuss how they were collectively going to frame certain issues). 
Whilst burgerandfries as far as I know is still active, it is NOT nor ever was populated by the thousands of Gamergate supporters on Twitter nor tens of thousands in Reddit 

Women in the industry and community is fine. Always has been. They want to have get with specific player characters or ideology? They should make them and see how they go, they do not dictate to others who are risk there own cash what must or must not have in their games.

Gamergate is widely diverse with every diversity covered and numbers in the tens of thousands and the numbers grow daily. They are not “all MRAs” nor “all right wing” this is just propaganda.

I believe they are simply on the right side of history here. The next 12 months will be very interesting. Gamergate is marching steadily forward. I like where they are going.


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