Keep this in mind when talking to the people trying to ruin the gaming industry

There is one point that I will not hammer on at length about, that you HAVE to be aware of.

You know the whole “We just want diversity in games” narrative?

You probably know its bullshit, and you’d be right. But like any good bullshit it needs a hint of truth to at least sound credible.

They DO want diversity. In fact they insist on it. Okay, fine, so you’d imagine that they would get together with other like minded souls and make their own games to serve their own niche and then promote it and hope others will play it. Right?


They have tried to shame and criticise the way games are made and the people who make games the way they make them. They have made a few that conform to their model of what games SHOULD be AND they bombed. Even with glowing endorsements from Polygon and prizes and the like….they bombed.

So don’t tell them, make your own games because they tried and they failed…..miserably.

So when they say “We just want diverse games” they are REALLY saying “WE want YOU to make the games WE want and at YOUR cost and YOUR risk, because we are not skilled or experienced or creative enough to make games that are successful”

What does the developers get in return for all the risk (Look no further than Sunset as an example of a company making a game FOR these Progressives and their “tastes”) and all the cost? Nothing more than a ruffle on the head by these ideologues.

Now IF you take all the risk and it is all your money, who gets to dictate what is in the game? The correct answer is “You do”,. and more correct to say “You do but if you are clever you will make a game that will appeal to a large number of people and make the most profit and engage your audience the most.”

But these fucking idiots are wanting others to make games at their own expense and risk and without any guarantee of ANY market buying the games (and with great evidence to believe that the game would be a commercial failure for doing so).and they know from their own experience that there is no market.

“LISTEN AND BELIEVE!” – Leigh Alexander and Anita Sarkeesian  to the makers of Sunset


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